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Jamie McGuire is an American author of fiction. She is a bestselling author that paved the way for the genre of New Adult with the international success of her novel, Beautiful Disaster. Walking Disaster would follow that up and debut at number one on a variety of publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Her book Beautiful Oblivion (the first book in the Maddox Brother series) also made the New York Times list of bestsellers, actually starting out at number one.

Jamie McGuire was born and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Northern Oklahoma College as well as the University of Central Oklahoma. She also studied at the Autry Technology Center. She graduated from the center with a degree in Radiography. McGuire also made history by being the first indie author to strike a print and sales deal with the retail giant Wal-Mart. As a result, her novel Redemption was stocked on their shelves in 2015. She lives in Steamboat Springs in Colorado with her husband and their children.

Her books have done very well. Providence was her first book published and made the debut for the series in 2010. It was followed by Requiem and Eden, making the Providence Series a trilogy. This paranormal romance trilogy was made to be read by young adults, but can be read by adults too! The series features the main character, Nina Grey, and the supernatural circumstances that she finds herself caught up in after her father dies.

She has written the Beautiful series, which features Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, Something Beautiful, and the fourth book in the series, A Beautiful Funeral. She also released a novella in the series called A Beautiful Wedding. Jamie McGuire also wrote the 2015 novella Sins of the Innocent.

She has written several other novels including the apocalyptic thriller novel Red Hill (winner of the 2014 UtopYA award for the Best Dystopian Book of the Year), She also wrote standalone fictional novels; sci-fi romance Apolonia, Sweet Nothing (co-authored with Teresa Mummert), and All the Little Lights.

Providence is the first book in the series of the same name by Jamie McGuire. Nina Grey is a normal young woman that is soon going to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war. Even though she is struggling with the passing of her father, Providence, Rhode Island is about to find itself right in the middle of a war that will be waged between Earth and Hell.

Nina thinks that it’s just chance that she meets the young man Jared Ryel. He’s very attractive, and his good looks and talents are also intriguing. It’s a nice distraction from being sad and grieving all the time, at any rate. Nina starts to find out that Jared knows more than she thinks that he would– and knows more about her than even her closest friends at Brown.

Nina is struggling to shrug her feelings off, but something is strange about how much Jared knows. Nina starts to become worried when she finds that former associates of her father are tailing her in the dark. Something is definitely strange about this process and Nina is starting to suspect that maybe her father was not the person that she thought he was.

It’s starting to look like her father was actually a thief– and he stole from none other than demons. Nina begins on a quest to find the truth about what really happened, and in the process of doing so, she may find more than she ever expected. It is something that not only Hell wants, but that only she has the key for.

The questions are starting to multiply and Nina is doing everything that she can to crack this case. Will Jared risk it all in order to protect Nina– the woman that he believes that he can save? Can he hold onto a sacred secret that he swore to protect or will he divulge it to save her? Pick up Providence by Jamie McGuire to find out!

Requiem is the second novel in the Providence series by celebrated author Jamie McGuire. In this amazing sequel to the first book, Nina Grey is back. This time she’s dreaming about the dead, and it feels like a warning. Nina is still recovering from her intense previous run-in with the supernatural in the form of a huge battle between Hell and Earth. Not exactly relaxing.

Nina’s also struggling to recover from this and her father’s death. She’s doing her best to adjust and try to keep up with her life as a student going to her dream school, Brown University. It doesn’t help that she’s also actively working as an intern at her father’s company, Titan Shipping.

It isn’t easy adjusting to normal life, as Nina is now experiencing nightmares about how her father died every single night. She is trying to deal with it, but on top of that, Ryan unexpectedly departed to the Armed Forces and she feels guilty. Nina’s also having aches in her heart about the fact that Claire is across the ocean to protect Ryan and she’s not.

Nina is trying to pretend that not sleeping at night and the nightmares are the very least of her problems. However, she may be more wrong than she knows. Her health is declining at a rapid pace. Jared is worried about the state of her health and comes up with a plan. He’s going to steal Shax’s book and find the answers necessary to help Nina heal and get her health back.

Jared is fighting new enemies and trying crazy things that he never thought he would be attempting in a million years. With some assistance from some new friends, Jared is doing everything that he can to try and heal Nina. But the situation is rapidly approaching where he must choose whether he will fight a war with Hell on his own– or instead fight the battle with Heaven.

What will happen, and will Jared be able to choose which side to take on? Who will ascend to victory? You’re going to have to pick up Requiem by author Jamie McGuire to find out for yourself!

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