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Publication Order of Prowlers Books

Christopher Golden is an award-winning author, who is widely known for the bestselling novels such as Wildwood Road, The Myth Hunters, The Ferryman, The Boys are Back in Town, Poison Ink, Soulless and many others. Golden has also authored several books for young adults and teenagers such as Poison Ink, Soulless, and Body of Evidence, a thriller series. The New York Public Library selected the thriller book series, Body of Evidence as one of the best book series. Some of the upcoming thriller novels by Christopher Golden include a brand new book series, which Golden has penned down alongside Tim Lebbon. The new book series is titled The Secret Life of Jack London. Ever since he was young, Christopher Golden has always been an ardent fan of the team up, which has seen him work together with other writers on comics, books, and scripts as well.

Furthermore, in addition to some of his recent works, Christopher Golden has also co-written the plentifully illustrated comic novel known as the Baltimore and The Tin Soldier with one Mike Mignola. With one Thomas Sniegoski, Golden is the author of numerous novels, together with several other mini-series such as The Sisterhood and Talent, which is still in the development stage of feature films. Golden also worked alongside the well-established author, Amber Benson and managed to come up with the animated book series, the Ghosts of Albion. Apart from being a writer, Christopher Golden is also an editor, which has in turn given him a chance of working on some short story anthologies such as The British Invasion and The New Dead and many others. Christopher Golden has also written several comic books, screenplays and also the online animated book series, the Ghosts of Albion.

Christopher Golden is also popularly known for a majority of his in media tasks including video games, comics and novels in the worlds of Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men and many others. Christopher Golden still resides in Massachusetts, a locale where he was born and raised. Golden’s debut novel was translated into more than fourteen languages.

Prowlers Book Series

Prowlers is the first book in the Prowlers book series by Christopher Golden. In this highly entertaining book series, the author has managed to recreate the werewolf mythology in an exceedingly fresh and brand new mold. Apart from the absence of magic in this book, a curse is also absent. The werewolves have evolved and cannot be differentiated from real people as they blend exceedingly well. From the very first page, the reader is hooked to the story to the very last page. When it comes to character creation, Christopher Golden has proved that he possesses the magic touch. The story is not only real but also exceedingly emotional as well. Once the reader begins reading the story, there is an instantaneous connection to the story. In Prowlers, the author Christopher Golden introduces the readers to Jack, Molly, Kate, and Courtney, who are some of the main characters in this book series.

Some of these main characters not only suffer heartaches, but also loss, anger. They even get to experience love. Apart from the main characters, the antagonists have also been well developed as well. These characters are not only manipulative, but they are also evil and loathsome as well. Some of the bad guys in this book include Jasmine, Tanzer, and Carver. One of the most outstanding concepts in this book series is the concept of the Ghostlands. The author, Christopher Golden has also done an excellent job of intricately wounding the specters into the storyline. Apart from pain, there is also anger and frustration in the actions, words, and appearance of some of these characters. In Prowlers, the author introduces the readers to Jack Dwyer, who is the protagonist. Jack is nineteen years old, whose life has reached a point, where it is exceedingly predictable. While he was still young, Jack’s mother passed away in a grisly road accident, while his sister, on the other hand, escaped with minor injuries.

After the death of their mother, Jack and his sister Courtney became the sole proprietors of the Irish Rose Pub, which happens to be one of the biggest pub and restaurant, in their exceedingly small town. Jack and Courtney have worked exceedingly hard to ensure that they transformed the Irish Rose Pub into one of the most successful pubs in their small town. After completing his high school education, Jack was not able to attend college, because he had other responsibilities. Despite the fact that Jack did not attend college, he still has lots of friends and is exceedingly content with his life. Furthermore, Jack has even managed to land a date with the exceedingly sassy, Kate, who happens to be Molly’s friend. Molly, on the other hand, is dating Jack’s best friend, Artie.

Life has been exceedingly good. However, things take a turn for the worse, when their double date, turned tragic. After the date, Molly and Jack are dropped off at their respective homes. Immediately after the two are dropped, things turn tragic, as Artie and Kate are found dead. The two are not only brutally murdered, but their bodies are mutilated as well beyond recognition. The cops are not sure of what to make of this, and Jack and Molly, are having a hard time coming to terms with what had just happened. It does not take long before Artie resurfaces, but this time around, he is not a human being but rather as a spirit of the ghost lands. The Ghostlands is a place where the spirits stay until they are ready to move into the afterlife. Artie has come back to warn Jack about the Prowlers.

Jack becomes afraid because he now can see ghosts. Furthermore, he is also afraid that he is now able to see ghosts, who are roaming the streets of Boston, and he becomes compelled to ensure that justice prevails. Laws of Nature is the second book in the Prowlers book series. Jack Dwyer is the protagonist in this book. Jack has just managed to defeat a pack of Prowlers, who had been looking for prey in the streets of Boston.

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