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Publication Order of Pru Marlowe Books

Dogs Don't Lie (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cats Can't Shoot (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Parrots Prove Deadly (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Panthers Play for Keeps (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kittens Can Kill (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Bunnies Go Bad (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fear on Four Paws (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Pru Marlowe is an interesting pet noir mystery book series written by Clea Simon, who is an outstanding female bestselling author of mystery and thriller novels. The amazing book series, which is about a female protagonist by the name Pru Marlowe, who has animal psychic abilities contains five major book titles that were published between the years 2011 and 2015 with the newest 6th addition set to be released on 1st March this year.

The self-appointed detective teams up with her feathered and furred friends in solving various mysterious crimes and murders happening around the small town she resides in. The murders appear easy and straight forward at first, but her nosy nature leads her into uncovering various clues that end up putting her life in danger when she ends up uncovering the truth that had been covered up by the masterminds. This is a must read book series for book lovers with a knack for animal based stories and thrillers as the author never disappoints.

A description of some of the book characters found in the Pru Marlowe book series

Pru Marlowe

Pru Marlowe, who is the leading protagonist in the “Pru Marlowe” book series is a young female with animal psychic abilities that help her in hearing animal thoughts as well as communicating with them. The self-appointed behaviorist and animal trainer gradually undergoes an immense transformation from the amateur, novice trainer, she is to an expert in solving crime and translating animal language over time. Apart from her investigative nature, Pru is also described as a nosy introvert who prefers the company of animals over that of human beings.


Lily, who is also known by the name Tetris, is a lovable rescue dog with a dark past that constantly haunts her. She is framed for her owner’s murder in the novel “Dogs Don’t Lie” leaving her at the mercy of her accusers. The sweet pitbull finds it difficult to explain herself to Pru hence making it difficult to prove her innocence.


Wallis is Pru Marlowe’s trusted 13-pound feline companion who is quite narcissistic in nature. The highly opinionated cat makes it a little difficult for Pru to clearly understand due to her constant desire to withdraw her opinions while keeping them to herself. Apart from that, the slothful and self-centered typical feline’s amazing investigative skills make her a useful crime-solving partner for Marlowe.

Novels in the Pru Marlowe book series

“Dogs Don’t Lie”

Dogs Don’t Lie which is an incredibly charming character-driven mystery novel is the debut story in the Pru Marlowe book series. The story introduces us to a girl by the name Pru who had moved to the big city of New York to do her schooling only to abandon her dreams on the way due to a number of reasons. While working hard to get the much-required certification she ends up working herself sick instead resulting in a mysterious sickness which turns out to be both a blessing and curse to her. The mysterious illness gives her the ability to communicate with animals around her making Pru doubt her sanity.

She ends up making the painful decision of abandoning her education and the big city altogether as the animal voices she hears in her head there are too overwhelming for her and instead chooses to return home to the quiet life of the small town of Beauville. She later gets to inherit her childhood home when her mother passes away. After some period of denial and isolation, Pru decides to accept and embrace her gift while turning it into a lucrative business that deals with training and babysitting animal pets. She gets to meet an interesting local client by the name Charles, who later becomes her favorite client, although the professional relationship doesn’t last long. She stumbles on Lily, who is Charles’s rescue dog with a troubled past standing over his owner’s body in a pool of blood.

The murder is perfectly staged in a way that points at Lily as the perpetrator. What makes Pru to take up the case is when she realizes that everybody is quick to blame Lily for the death although her instincts and gut suggest the opposite. She believes that the traumatized pitbull has nothing to do with his master’s death and tries to hear and translate her thoughts in order to find out what really happened. It is almost impossible for Lily to give a clear picture to Pru due to her condition, leaving Pru Marlowe with no other choice but to do her job the hard way.

She listens to some of the animals and picks up beneficial clues to the case while learning about some of the town’s secrets that happen to make chilling incidents like murder look like child play. Pru struggles to clear Lily’s name while saving him from the inevitable execution as well as finding the killer before she becomes the new suspect or the killer’s next victim as he or she evidently doesn’t want to be found. However, this does not prove to do any good for her as she is unable to explain or tell anybody about her psychic abilities nor does she know how to effectively control her prowess.

“Kittens Can Kill”

Kittens Can Kill is a pet noir centered on the life of a kitten. Pru Marlowe the unofficial animal behaviorist gets a call from a client who wishes her to help him get his new kitten settled in his home. She arrives at the home only to find that it was more of a distress call than work making her regret why she hadn’t even asked for prior payment before she agreed to take the job. She finds the cuddly, sweet creature playing beside the dead owner making her wonder if the dead actually keep pets too.

The dead person is none other than David Canaday, who is a prominent lawyer in Beauville. It is at first insinuated that the cause of death is a heart attack, although her daughters can’t seem to agree on that particular point. Each of them has their own theory making her question whether there is foul play involved. The daughters further fight over their father, his large estate and the kitten making it very clear that bad blood runs in the family. The situation escalates further when David’s law firm partner reads out the will.

Tired of the drama Pru takes the kitten back home to Wallis only to realize that he is not thrilled and all might not be well. The kitten becomes the only witness to the murder and Pru Marlowe tries to find out what really happened. She teams up with her police boyfriend lover and cat sidekick to solve the mystery before somebody else gets hurt.

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