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Publication Order of Psychic Visions Books

Psychic Visions series are set of novels written by Canadian bestselling author Dale Mayer. The first and the second books in the series Tuesday’s Child and Hide’n Go Seek were published in 2011 respectively, and series features over ten primary works.

Tuesday’s Child

Tuesday’s Child is the first novel in Psychic Visions series by Dale Mayer. The book introduces us to Samantha Blair, a woman who has been ridiculed and shunned all her entire life for something that she cannot control. She possesses psychic abilities and lives on the edge of the society. Against her will, however, she is capable of experiencing exactly what happened to a victim before their death, and each murder, blow ravages her mind until the victim’s death releases her back to her normal body. Samantha understands well that she must go to the authorities, but will the no-nonsense, rugged cop in charge of hunting down the killer get to believe her?

Detective Brandt is a firm believer of hard evidence, and he does not support the narrative Samantha provides him. However, Samantha’s visions provide him with the clues that he needs to catch the killer, and the more he learns about her psychic abilities, the more Samantha gets closer to the killer’s line of fire. Now Detective Brandt must save her from the danger that he cannot see or even understand which could leave him dead as well. As desire and danger collide, a passion that emerges raises the stakes in a game that Brandt and Sam will not dare to lose.

The series debut novel is an enjoyable read; it revolves a woman who sees and feels when people are being killed. She is worried of informing the police about the visions that she has been experiencing. However, when Brandt requires assistance with one of his cases, she quickly agrees to work alongside him in finding the serial killer before he strikes again and also before he can killer her. The debut novel Tuesday’s Child is an interesting read. You will love the main characters as well as some of the featured secondary characters who are introduced by the author in the later stages of the novel such as the likes of super psychic Stefan. The first novel is an excellent paranormal mystery full of suspense and intriguing twists and turns that will keep you engaged from the first page to the last.

Additionally, you will love the level of detail that Dale Mayer has put forth in this book. The author vividly shows you what happens without too many descriptions which sometimes tend to be tiresome. Sam descriptions of her visions are written in such a way that you will experience what she was experiencing.

Hide’n Go Seek

An elaborate game of Hide’n Go Seek forces one unimaginable alliance between an FBI agent and a search and rescue worker. Kali Jordan sacrifices all her working hours for the Second Chance SAR center. She is always armed with a Labrador Retriever Shiloh, and she is also blessed with what her grandmother used to refer to as “The Sight” something that frustrates her even though it helps her pinpoint out the individual who need rescue. However, her work and her dedication to her abilities come with its price.

Things take a twisted turn when someone embarks on a mission to give the survivors what they deserve to kill them. The killer believes that it is against God’s will to rescue anyone in the first place, and thus the killer embarks on a mission to make sure that he brings out the witchery that makes Kali successful in what she does- rescuing people. The no-nonsense FBI agent enters her life at this malapropos moment. From the first moment they meet, Kali feels that the FBI agent is a person she has met before, but she has no recollection of the encounter. The way in which Kali takes comfort in the FBI agent company is one reason why she does not get mad out of the way her senses rapidly go on high alert when he is around.

However, before anything can happen, Kali first needs to find the killer who is willing to do anything to bring her into her knees even if it means that she makes use of innocent victims and teach Kali one lesson that she would never forget.

Hide’n Go Seek is one novel that flows well from the first to very last. Both Grant and Kali are two likable characters. Reading the book, you will get an insight that the author spent more time developing and bring across, Kali’s character as well as Grants character. The mystery/suspense aspect of the story is well done, you will find yourself guessing on who the killer could be until the point he/she is revealed.

Maddy’s Floor

The terminally ill patients struggle to get in her ward, and once many of them miraculously live. The day many of her patients start dying, and she senses the evil behind their death, she calls her friend and also a mentor, Stefan for some assistance. They manage to work together where they investigate beyond the physical plane deep into the metaphysical world on to find terror.

Detective Drew McNeil has had family members who are in need of Maddy’s healing. However, his visits to Maddy’s facility only leave him questioning- who cares for her? The mysterious events on her floor raise Drew professional curiosity and the more time he spends with her, the more everything becomes more personal. When the deaths on Maddy’s Floor converge with one of the cold detective cases, he realizes that an old serial killer has returned and Maddy’s is the only obstacle standing in his way.

Maddy’s Floor is the third book in Psychic Visions series is an interesting read that will keep you engaged from the first page to the last. It is creepier and packed with sass, suspense, and a lovable heroine who is completely different and exciting than the previous one. The novel also features some romance, paranormal, crime, and mystery between its pages. Therefore, if you fancy romance book spiced up with some mystery, this is an ideal book for you.

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  1. Raskull: 1 year ago

    Hi, I have been following Dale Mayer’s psychic visions series and for some reason i’m a bit acquistive on where inked forever is mentioned yet on the list on this website it does not have Time Thieves on the list. Where does Time Thieves fit in at?

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      It doesn’t – it’s a standalone novel.


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