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Pure/ Dark Ones Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pure/ Dark Ones Books

Pure/Dark Ones Series

The American author Aja James has fast become world renowned thanks to her unique brand of paranormal and fantasy romance novels. Infusing her books with a strong sense of eroticism, she really conjures up a strong collection of visuals and imagery throughout her work. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she really understands her genre both inside and out. Delivering the material in an entertaining and compelling manner, she’s a gifted writer who definitely has a lot to say. Creating several series as well, she continually makes sure that her readers are always coming back for more as well.

A series that she’s really well known for her is her ‘Pure/Dark Ones’ series of books, that sees otherworldly entities dealing with romance and passion. Each book features its own romance, focusing on two new characters, and they’re all set in same world with the same set of rules. This means that there’s a lot of ongoing world-building, and often characters will be referenced in other books in the franchise.

Pure Healing

Originally published in 2012 on the 4th of May, this would initially come out on the Kindle, and it would go about setting up the Pure/Dark Ones series. Introducing both the characters and the world for the first time, it manages to create a style and tone quite unlike any other. With its own self-contained fantasy romance, it’s an effectively told story, speaking directly to the reader in an intelligent manner.

The central characters have their own romance here, involving fantasy characters, as it really creates a rich and vibrant world. There is some non-consensual and graphic situations to be warned of though, which need to be known before reading the book. Told in a sensitive and gripping manner, the overall story itself is well handled, allowing the reader to fully invest themselves in the narrative.

This is set within a world whereby having sexual intercourse outside of the relationships prescribed means a slow and painful death over the course of thirty day. Being someone’s Eternal Mate entails both people must only be with each other, and it is here that Rain, The Healer, and Valerius, The Protector, must deal with their attraction for one another. She has a desire to soothe both his pain and his inner torment, all whilst being with him, the both of them together. All the while, Valerius is dealing with the violence from his own past, and, as the Phoenix Rite draws ever closer, it appears that they must look at whether their own histories will dictate their love. Will they both overcome the torment and horror of the past? Can they become an item? What will become of their pure healing?

Dark Longing

First coming out in 2018 on 18th of January, this would be the second book in the ongoing ‘Pure/Dark Ones’ series of novels. Following on from the previous book, it’s another self-contained fantasy romance, as it features another couple set in the same world. Moving in a somewhat different direction, it has plenty of twists and turns, keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout.

There’s a lot of fantasy tropes and ideas that are turned on their head here, as it makes the most of its exciting and fantastical premise. Set apart from other books of a similar nature, it really manages to tell an entertaining story, while also make it touching and sensitive. The characters feel wholly real in the way they’re portrayed, allowing them to essentially come alive off of the page.

Telling a story of the Dark Ones this time, this sees Inanna the vampire warrior, and Gabriel the forbidden human reunited once more. Inanna is regarded as being the Angel of Death amongst her own kind, as she is one of the last remaining True Bloods currently out there. Then there’s Gabriel and instantly he’s awoken by her touch, as his soul has been searching for hers throughout the eons. Now they both must overcome the odds and find a place together, as history threatens to repeat itself once again. Will they be able to join together and live their lives harmoniously once more? Can they find a new course together? What will become of their dark longing?

Dark Desires

Initially coming out in 2018 on the 5th of April, this would be the third book in the ‘Pure/Dark Ones’ series. Providing another romance once more, this would follow on in a similar vein as before, while providing something new of its own along the way. Using the same fantasy romance world and premise, it definitely manages to establish its own style and tone, making for some exciting and enthralling action.

The characters are once again fully realized, as Aja James does what she does best and tell a compelling story. It’s a little darker to what came before, allowing something different to emerge, whilst also featuring a strong adventure at its heart. With characters that resonate once again too, it paves the way for the fourth, as more would follow on not long after its release.

Working as an assassin for the Dark One, Ryu Takamura has never missed a target of his, that is until now. Then there’s Ava Monroe, who is a highly talented and skilled geneticist, as she puts together the pieces that hold the key to the future of vampire race. Now she must face the future, as she comes together with Ryu, with their attraction for one another growing, as he’d do anything to protect her. That’s when demons from Ryu’s past rise up threatening to subsume them both, as the must overcome the obstacles in their way. Will they be able to join together and find each other? Can they overcome the many obstacles in their way? What will happen to their dark desires?

The Pure/Dark Ones Series

Delivered with a strong undercurrent of eroticism throughout, this engaging set of stories really manages to hold its own. Standing out from the rest within its genre, the books are entertaining, making for a unique and different approach to the form. Aja James is definitely within her element here, and it’s a must not only for fans of the author, but fans of the genre overall as well.

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