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Publication Order of Purgatory Books

The Wolf Within (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marked by the Vampire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charming the Beast (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deal With The Devil (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Purgatory Series

The American author of romance and mystery novels Cynthia Eden has been writing for a long time now, having reached a bestseller status both nationally and internationally. With a passion for horror films as well, she is also known to incorporate a large amount of paranormal elements into her work too. Starting out all the way back in 2005, she has come a long way since then, having produced over eighty books, including both novels and novellas. This has all lead to her becoming one of the most prolific authors of her time, establishing a lasting name for herself throughout the entire literary industry as a whole. Over the time this has also come to include a number of series and franchise too, all of which have gone on to receive their own popularity. Included within this extensive oeuvre is that of her ‘Purgatory’ series of novels, which have all received a huge amount of attention. Focusing on the dark and shadowy world of vampires and werewolves, the series transports the reader to whole other place and time. Using an undercurrent of eroticism and passion, it really gives the reader what they’ve come looking for, whilst taking the story and the craft up to a whole new level. All set in the same world, they do work as stand-alone novels, but they do reward long-term returning fans of the series with overall arcs and narratives. Fun and tantalizing with just a hint of danger, these really manage to deliver everything that the author set to do and more, with there being plenty more room to continue expanding indefinitely.

In regards to the duration of the series as a whole itself, it has lasted for a total of four books so far and counting. With the first one, ‘The Wolf Within’, coming out in 2012, followed by ‘Marked by the Vampire’ in 2014, ‘Charming the Beast’ that same year, and the final, ‘Deal With The Devil’, in 2015. There’s also ‘The Beasts Inside’ series as well, which collects all four titles together, with it being published in 2016. This all adds up to a conclusive and highly fulfilling series, one that will carry on attracting scores of readers worldwide for many years to come.

The Wolf Within

Initially released through the ‘Curtis Brown Digital’ publishing outlet, this would originally come out on the 15th of November in 2012. Marking the first title in the ongoing ‘Purgatory’ series of novels, it goes about establishing the core premise of the series and who the characters are. There’s also a lot of foreshadowing too, as it immerses itself in darkness with a hint of seduction, allowing the reader to lose themselves within it.

A fun and action packed opening to an exciting and exhilarating series, this makes the most of the premise from the very start. Setting up the premise itself, it also manages to establish much of the action, allowing it ground itself in the rules of the world that Eden lays out as an author. With the tension building over the course of the novel as well, it definitely manages to introduce the audience to the world itself too. Providing a clear cut romance too, it really works at offering a self-contained story as well, one that readers can really invest themselves in.

FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire is a man with one mission in life, to seek out the werewolves and vampires that plague society. With most of the populace blissfully unaware of their presence, he seeks to protect the innocent from the many dangers that they pose. That’s when all of a sudden he himself is bitten by a werewolf, as he himself becomes the very thing that he once hunted essentially becoming the monster. Looking to continue working with the Para Unit of the FBI, it is up to Dr. Holly Young to keep him sane and stable throughout his transition. Will they be able to keep the passion that’s building between them both at bay though? What secrets is Holly herself hiding? Can he contain the wolf within?

Marked by the Vampire

First released in 2014 on the 5th of June, this was published not long after the first, this being the second in the ‘Purgatory’ series of novels. Picking up from where the last left off, it provides another full story of its own, all set in the same world as before, with its own stand-alone narrative. Featuring another character, this would later be followed up in 2014 with the novel ‘Charming the Beast’, along ‘Deal With The Devil’ in 2015 soon after.

Focusing on FBI Agent Shane August this time, this sees him as a very powerful vampire himself, as he is sent in to prison undercover. Looking to infiltrate a plan laid out by the monsters, he aims to prevent them from joining forces and doing harm to the whole of humanity. Dr. Olivia Maddox hopes to discover why it is that certain paranormals decide to do good, which is why she decides to to show interest in Shane. That’s when the monsters themselves are involved in a jailbreak, and it is up to Shane to stop, whilst also working to protect Olivia in the process. Will he manage to save the day? Can he keep Olivia out of harm’s way and what will happen between them? Just who has been marked by the vampire?

The Purgatory Series

This is a series that really manages to deliver on its initial premise, as Cynthia Eden truly is a master of her craft. Taking the reader on a journey essentially with each and every novel, this also works as world-building, clearly displaying the full breadth of Eden’s imagination as an author. Creating characters that really last in the minds of the readers too, it knows exactly where it’s going at all times too. The level of passion put forwards is also at an all time high too, creating a dark seductive quality that really lingers throughout the entire series. With a legacy that will stand the test of time for years to follow, this really is a series that manages to incorporate the best of all worlds.

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