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Greg Bear is one of the well-established authors in the United States. Bear is famous for his science fiction works, which cover an exceedingly wide range of scientific descriptions like the artificial universes, galactic conflict, consciousness and cultural practices and accelerated evolution as well. Greg Bears latest work is based on Halo Universe. Throughout his career as an author, Greg Bear has penned down more than 44 books. Apart from being an author, Greg Bear is also widely known as the co-founders of the annual San Diego Comic Con. Apart from the science fiction genre, Greg Bear also pens down his novels based on the fantasy and speculative fiction genre. Greg Bear was born as Gregory Dale Bear on 20 August 1951, in San Diego. After the successful completion of his studies, Greg Bear was admitted to the San Diego State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

While studying at the San Diego University, Greg Bear served as a teaching assistant to writer, Elizabeth Charter for her science fiction works, that was used as a teaching aid at the University. Later on, the Greg and Elizabeth eventually became great friends. When it comes to writing, Greg Bear was seen as hard author of the science fiction genre due to his habit of laying emphasis to various scientific details. In the year 1967, Greg Bear managed to sell his first novel. In a majority of his novels, Greg Bear tried to address various issues using fictional solutions that are related to contemporary science. Greg has also loves to put great emphasis when examining guilt, punishment and crime as well. One of Greg Bears favourite theme is reality. In Greg’s most recent novel, the author has gone ahead to give detailed descriptions about a future society that is filled with nanotechnology.

At some point in his career, Greg Bear collaborated with various authors such as Gregory Benford and David Brin in penning down the prequel novels of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. Bear specifically worked on the centrepiece of the series. Due to the author’s contributions in English Literature, he has been awarded with numerous awards such as 5 Nebula Awards and Hugo Awards on several occasions. According to Greg Bear, one of the most influential authors in his life is Ray Bradbury, whom he met in the year 1967. Greg married Christine Nielson in 1975, however the pair divorced in 1983. He later on married one, Astrid Anderson, whom he married in the year 1983. The two, Greg and Astrid were blessed with two children, Erik and Alexandria. Greg and his family currently reside in Seattle, Washington DC. One of the best performing series by Greg Bear is The Way book series. The Way book series consists of three novels, which were published between the year 1984 and the year 1994.

The first book in the Way book series was titled Eon. Eon was published by Tor publishing house in 1984. The plot in Eon has been set in the scientific world and portrays The Stone, which appears to come from space but not the space that humans know about.

Quantico Logic Book Series

Quantico is the first book in the Quantic Logic series by Greg Bear. The book has been set in the near future and features a universe that has been well-drawn to its evolution. The storyline revolves around a team of FBI agents that have just freshly graduated from the FBI Academy, together with some who are more experienced as well as a renegade operative. The renegade operative has been working non-stop on a case that she is more than convinced it is of great importance. However, the only challenge is that the operative has a difficult time getting anyone to work on the case. It does not take long before things begin to change when a religious fanatic and a white supremacist who are known as the Patriarch, and have been on the most-wanted list for more than twenty years. The Patriarch gets himself killed and his compound is blown to pieces.

Eventually, it is established that the Patriarch, together with his group were working on something that involved the dispersal of powder. However, apart from the dispersal powder, there was no other evidence of bioterror that was found in the property. With that said, the author Greg Bear takes the reader to various locations such as Jerusalem, Iraq, Ohio and Silehia as well. When the tiny threads in the book are joined together, they reveal both a terrifying plot which could have a negative impact on mankind as well as a pervasive level of corruption within the United States government. With that said, Quantico is an excellent read. The author, Greg Bear clearly knows how to work his way around a plot. Furthermore, he also has a brilliant eye for the speculative near future realism.

Mariposa is the second book in the Quantico Logic book series. In Spanish Mariposa refers to Butterfly and the author uses this term as the title to invoke the chaos theory. In this fascinating near future thriller, an exceedingly powerful financier, is more than determined to take control of the United States as the country’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Talos Corporation, which is based in Texas is headed by one Axel Price. The company mainly specialises in the training of mercenaries and the production of security technology software. However, the only challenge that Axel Price faces is a number of FBI agents, with Rebecca Rose being the most notable. We met Rebecca Rose in the first instalment, Quantico.

Apart from the degenerate Axel, other dangers include an exceedingly powerful supercomputer and Jones Zero as well. The only challenge when it comes to Jones Zero is that it is exceedingly difficult to establish whether Zero is working for or against the justice side. Furthermore, Rebecca and a team of FBI agents have been used as specimens for an exceedingly powerful body and mind-altering drug, known as Mariposa. With that said, if you are looking for a book that is a mixture of both science fiction and murder mystery as well, then you should definitely read Mariposa.

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