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Publication Order of Quantum Books

Quantum by Marie Force
Author Marie Force writes the “Quantum” series of erotic romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “Virtuous” was released. The books feature elements of BDSM, therefore the books are not for the faint of heart.

The “Quantum” books are Marie’s first foray into writing erotic romance. In the books, she writes about different celebrities playing and working in Los Angeles and New York as well as other locations around the world. All while they pursue their passion for different dominant sexual relationships. Join each of the principals of the Quantum production company while they each meet their match in both love and in life.

The first three books in the series make up the story about Flynn and Natalie, while the rest of the books focus on the other characters’ stories.

“Virtuous” is the first novel in the “Quantum” series and was released in the year 2015. Natalie has sworn off sex, while Flynn is a sexual dominant. There is no way they could make any relationship work, or could they? Natalie Bryant, after she survived a traumatic event when she was fifteen and the ensuing estrangement from her family, has worked hard to reinvent herself as the happy teacher right out of college.

Currently she is enjoying her first winter with Fluff, her faithful dog by her side, in New York City. Natalie doesn’t expect for her life to change while she is going on a routine stroll through Greenwich Village on a random day in January. Fluff, however, breaks loose and charges right into a park, and Natalie has to chase after him. Along the way, she crashes right into her destiny. It is only after Fluff bites and draws some blood from the guy that knocked her down accidentally does she realize that Fluff has just bitten the biggest movie star in the entire world.

He has got no business being enthralled by this young, gorgeous, and innocent teacher. Natalie just captivates Flynn Godfrey from the instant they meet each other as she lies on the ground and he has to fight off her ferocious tiny beast of a dog. Flynn only knows that should he let Natalie get away, he is going to regret it for the rest of his life. Can he really turn his back on the lifestyle that has so defined him? Is he going to be able to deny each of the desires that drive him to introduce Natalie to the romance and love that she so deserves? Most importantly, is he going to be able to keep his truth hidden from her long enough so that he can have forever with her?

Fans found the romance Natalie and Flynn have to be very realistic. They have reasonable doubts and fears, ask the right questions, and took some understandable risks to follow their hearts.

“Valorous” is the second novel in the “Quantum” series and was released in the year 2015. After she crashed into her destiny, Natalie finds out that destiny is something of a double-edged sword when it involves the largest movie star in the whole world. Is their new love going to survive the incessant scrutiny, among the other challenges they will face?

“Victorious” is the third novel in the “Quantum” series and was released in the year 2015. Flynn pushes Natalie to her limits, is she going to fall deeper in love with him or just run away from him forever?

From Las Vegas to Hollywood, Natalie and Flynn’s whirlwind love affair have got it all: passion, relentless paparazzi, romance, steamy hot sex, and a murder that might be their undoing. Flynn is a dirty talking hero that puts everything on the line for the lady he loves. He leaves no desire unfulfilled, and will do anything he can to protect what is his.

“Rapturous” is the fourth novel in the “Quantum” series and was released in the year 2016. This novel stars Addison York and Hayden Roth. Addison York craves the boss of her best friend, Hayden Roth, but he never once has given her a single bit of encouragement, until this very night when he kissed her after he won the Oscar. Could this kiss be the start of something or just another in a long line of frustrations where Hayden is concerned?

There is something that keeps him from acting on the attraction that is simmering between the two of them, and Addie is determined to find out what it is. She stumbles on the secret that Hayden, Flynn, and all of her other close friends have been keeping from her, is she going to allow her hurt feelings to actually get in the way of true love?

“Ravenous” is the fifth novel in the “Quantum” series and was released in the year 2016. Ellie Godfrey wants a baby, and Jasper Autry wants her. Sounds simple enough, yeah?

Ellie has kissed more than her fair share of frogs. So many to the point where she fears that she is not going to be able to recognize her prince if and when he should finally come along to her. After getting tired of waiting for THE ONE, she decides to just have a baby all on her own before it becomes too late.

Jasper Autry hears all about Ellie’s plan, and is able to do nothing but to offer to “contribute” to this project. Is this something that makes him an opportunist? It doesn’t really matter. He just wants the perpetually out-of-reach Ellie, and when he sees a chance to, he seizes it. That she is the sister of Flynn, his close friend and business partner, makes him pause, however, it does not stop him from having what he really wants.

While Ellie and Jasper embark on their secret “project”, he makes it crystal clear that he is in charge for as long as they are together. At least, in the bedroom anyway. After having the hottest, steamiest sex of her entire life, Ellie realizes that she has made a deal with the actual devil.

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