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Quarterback’s Heart Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Quarterback's Heart Books

Intercepted by Love: Part One: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intercepted by Love: Part Two: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intercepted by Love: Part Three: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intercepted by Love: Part Four: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intercepted by Love: Part Five: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intercepted by Love: Part Six: A Football Romance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rachelle Ayala is an author of fictional romance novels. Her books feature characters that go through a struggle but usually are able to find a happy ending. She enjoys writing novels that emphasize the ability of hope as well as love to transform our lives entirely.

Ayala really loves writing romance stories, and readers love reading them– as her bestselling status as an author can confirm! In addition to writing fictional plot lines with characters who have fiery passion inside them or secret crushes on the people who may as well be forbidden fruit. She has written books that serve as workbooks or guides to writing.

If you’re interested in checking out some of her nonfiction books, check out Rachelle Ayala’s Romance in a Month instructional book and a book on getting to know your character. Her romantic suspense novels may have tough situations for the main characters at the start, but Ayala has a soft heart and enjoys writing stories where the desire that the person has is satisfied. No one likes a sad ending, particularly Rachelle.

She has won several awards for her fictional novels. Knowing Vera was her third book in the Chance for Love series and it won Ayala the Angie Ovation Award in 2015. She also won the Readers’ Favorite Gold Award that year for the novel a Father for Christmas.

She is the prolific creator and writer of so many series. Ayala has written the Sapphire Falls Universe novels, the Have a Hart series, Chance for Love, Bad Boys for Hire, Remington series, and the Quarterback’s Heart series.

The Quarterback’s Heart series by Rachelle Ayala kicked off with the debut novel, which is titled Intercepted by Love. It keeps with the theme, and the following books keep that title and are identified by Part One, Part Two, Part Three, etc. The series features the main character of Cade Prescott, a quarterback that plays professional football, and what happens when he meets an attractive young woman.

Intercepted by Love: Part One is the debut novel in The Quarterback’s Heart fictional series of novels by acclaimed romance author Rachelle Ayala. Cade Prescott always wanted to play professional football, and after years of hard work, he finally got his wish. His team was thrilled to get to the Super Bowl; however, Cade was a key part of the play that lost the Super Bowl for them all.

The media went wild with it and the Super Bowl was fresh in everyone’s mind, so Cade went to escape it all by going to a university town in the middle of nowhere and actually changing his appearance. The press on the loss and his part in it is just too much. Who wouldn’t want to forget about being you for a while?

He has no plans on meeting anyone while he’s there. Least of all a quiet young woman named Andie Wales. Wales is a research librarian who really enjoys her job, and her first love was not a young man but looking up information on the history of ancient kings who proved to be ‘bad boys’. She could name you a ton out of history but would have a tough time naming you any modern day movie stars or bad boys from the present day.

Neither of them expect their two dogs to run into each other and end up trying to make puppies with each other! Andie is concerned and immediately tries to get her dog to a vet, but she is also distracted by the undeniable good looks and charm of Cade. She has no idea that he’s actually a huge superstar in professional sports that is pulling in multiple figures every year.

Cade doesn’t even want to tell her because he is smitten by the young and gorgeous research librarian. Andie might just be the one woman that can get him to settle down; in fact, he would do just about anything, because he thinks that he is falling in love with her. When his past starts to appear out of nowhere and finally catch up, Cade might just have to make the toughest decision of his life.

Can Cade and Andie get together, or will the player go back to the only life that he knows– playing as the quarterback in pro football? What will Cade pick in the end? Opposites don’t always attract, but in this case they do. Read this exciting first book and find out what happens between them for yourself! Maybe these two are just meant to be.

Intercepted by Love: Part Two is the thrilling sequel in the Intercepted by Love series. Andie Wales is a research librarian that had no idea that a pro football player was going to come to the sleepy town where she lives and works. She has a quiet life working and doing her research, and she was doing just fine until Cade the quarterback came into town.

Cade has never been much of a relationship guy, but he fell for this one hard. Andie seemed just about as close to perfect as you could get. But when mistakes of the past finally caught up to him, it was Andie that urged this player to do the right thing and return to California to do it– even though she is facing a private crisis in her personal life herself.

Andie’s father is sick and the medical bills just keep coming in. She soon realizes that she’s going to have to get another job in order to make ends meet. The chance to do research comes her way– a lucrative gig working for a scriptwriter. Intrigued, she goes to Los Angeles on a plane to start the job. Who should she see at the airport but Cade, the handsome quarterback that stole her heart?

They get to talking and before she knows it, this librarian turned screenwriter has agreed to crash with her former flame. She justifies it by telling herself that she needs to save as much cash as possible to help pay her father’s medical bills. She does make Cade promise she’ll be staying as just friends. But can they keep that promise when the flames of their love are still burning? Read this book to find out!

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