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Queen Bee Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Queen Bee Mysteries Books

Queen Bee Mysteries is book series written by best-selling American author, Hannah Reed. The cozy mystery series features the protagonist Story Fisher, who owns and runs a grocery shop named Wild Clover in her hometown Wisconsin. She is dedicated to selling local merchandise which includes honey and other farm items she produces from her backyard beehives.

Story Fischer is hooked on bees the moment she visits her first apiary. She begins studying how to raise honeybees from experienced beekeepers and also from how-to books. She then starts with one hive; she prepares the hive box during the winter, and she introduces her first Queen Bee Mysteries and worker to her hive box on April and harvests her first batch of honey in September.

Story Fischer, the principal character of the book series finds that raising honeybee is fun, rewarding, and educational and more and more kids become beekeepers. This is because, the bees can thrive in any setting, be it urban or rural settings.

Details of the queen bee series

The Queen Bee Mysteries series contains a total of 5 books. Hannah Reed began publication of the book series in 2010. The first book in the series is named Buzz Off, and its publication was done in 2010. Mind Your Own Beeswax, the sequel to the first novel in the Queen Bee Mysteries series was published in 2011.

The 5th installation of the book series Queen Bee Mysteries Mystery was released in 2014. The series is currently ongoing, and the fans of the Queen Bee Mysteries should expect more captivating drama from the author anytime soon.

The first book in the series is Buzz off, and it is when Story’s mentor Manny is found stung to death, Fischer must look through the clues and the list of the suspects including her ex-husband to establish the motives behind the death of her mentor.

The second book is Mind Your Own Beeswax, and Story Fischer Business is thriving and with her new boyfriend. Things turn out sticky as she finds a dead body near the hives.

The third book in the same series is Plan Bee. It is Harmony Festival in Story’s local towns, and all seems to be well except for the dead body in the parade. Who could be the killer this time? Is there a possibility that is the man courting Story’s mother?

Early books

The first two early books in the series Queen Bee Mystery include; Buzz Off (2010) and Mind Your Own Beeswax (2011).

Buzz Off

This is the first book in the Queen Bee Mystery series. It is in September the National Honey Month in Moraine in Wisconsin. Fischer is ready to harvest her honey for the first time as a beekeeper. She has undergone extensive training from her beekeeper mentor Manny and also read many books detailing beekeeping. Her passion for beekeeping was aroused after her first visit to the apiary. She has also finalized her divorce, and she is now a free woman. Her market for honey is thriving as the well as her Wild Clover Business she owns.

However things are about to turn for the worst as Story Fischer mentor, Manny is found stung to death at his apiary. Fischer tries to explain to the stirred up and panicked locals that her mentor Manny was killed by wasps and not the honey bees. Time passes, and another body is found floating in the Oconomowoc River. This time, all the evidence points out to Clay who happens to be Story Fischer ex-lover.

The local townsfolk are stirred up against Story Fischer honeybees; they are also up against a handsome cop who is later revealed to be Story Fischer’s former high school lover. The story is determined to stop at nothing but to reveal that her honeybees had nothing to do with the death of her mentor. She will suspect anyone including her ex-lover on her journey to seek the truth.

Mind Your Own Beeswax

This is the second book in the Queen Bee Mystery series by Author Hannah Reed and it is good as the first one. Story Fischer is lucky in her local business and even her newly found boyfriend, Hunter Wallace.

While she is busy looking for the hive, her townsfolk in Moraine, Wisconsin are busy searching for a woman with a checkered past, and her return is about to send the whole town buzzing.

The story finds herself in a sticky situation when she finds a dead body in the woods. This time round she can’t seem to mind her own beeswax and she is might get stung if she doesn’t.

This novel features the protagonist, Story Fischer as one of the Spunkiest heroines that many mysteries lovers readers will fall in love. She loves her hometown, likes being close to her grandmother and she does not even mind being around her mom and her sister Holly. This time round she is in love again. Her boyfriend, Wallace Hunter, is a deputy sheriff and also a former friend from high school.

These two novels are just the tip of the iceberg. The author Hannah Reed has written a thrilling series that keeps the mystery fans entertained and wanting to read more and more.

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