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Queens of Montana Books In Order

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Publication Order of Queens of Montana Books

The Cowgirl Code (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Classy Cowgirl (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowgirl Undercover (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowgirl on the Run (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cowgirl Who Loved Horses (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Queens of Montana” series by prolific author Vanessa Gray Bartal are western romances that each stand alone, but are all cowgirl’s getting romanced in the state of Montana. The fact that the novels stand alone help those readers who do not wish to read in order or read every novel in the series. Somehow, the main characters will have feelings for each other, and try to pursue those feelings to see if they are real and will lead to something more or what.

“The Cowgirl Code” is the first novel in the “Queens of Montana” series by Vanessa Gray Bartal that was released in 2011. A city slicker named Will Ashley thinks that tutoring four girls on a Montana ranch that is in the middle of nowhere is his dream job. The job is not what he planned on exactly, neither is the feisty short ranch foreman who gets his attention right off the bat. She likes Will back, and he is the only non-cowboy that she has ever met. Anne has her own job to do and it does allow for falling in love with the children’s tutor, no matter how good looking he is. He wants to chase her and show up at every opportunity, but she wants to hold him at an arm’s length all of the time. She wonders if she can trust him with something that she has told no one else.

Fans of the novel found this to be quite the cute little romance, and found that they wanted to read the rest of the novels in the series. It pulls you and makes you keep on reading until you are done, and when you should put it down, you wonder what is going to come next. Readers fell in love with the characters in the novel. For some, this was the latest in a long line of wonderful book by Bartal. She does a great job of bringing characters to life.

“One Classy Cowgirl” is the second novel in the “Queens of Montana” series by Vanessa Gray Bartal that was released in the year 2011. Libby Chapman wants to get off of her ranch and has devised the perfect way to do just that. Her sister’s ex-boyfriend, named Dobbie, returns after two years away. Libby does not like him. He is determined to keep her there so that they can explore the things that are there between the two of them. That being said, she is still trying to get away. Dobbie and Libby are able to rescue the family when they hit financial hard times. They want to see if their attraction is real, and the short lived partnership may just prove to them whether or not it is. Although Dobbie may be heartbroken by another Montana Queen.

Fans of the novel found that once again, Bartal creates some interesting and great characters that are fun to read about. It is well written, with some funny moments in it. Fans read the novel as fast as they got it and wanted more about these characters. Some did not want the book to end at all. Once again, fans find that they cannot wait to read more from this author. This novel made some fans of Bartal’s work. This is an excellent romance novel that grabs the reader and pulls them in. Even if you are not someone who reads cowboy or ranching fiction, you will enjoy this novel.

“Cowgirl Undercover” is the third novel in the “Queens of Montana” series by Vanessa Gray Bartal that was released in 2011. Kitty Chapman is a girl who has never fit in, not even in her own family or on their ranch in Montana. The one friend that she has is sent away under odd circumstances, but Kitty wants to know what happened to her friend. It will include getting involved in what is going on her neighbor’s ranch, something that is going to prove to be quite dangerous. A mysterious stranger comes back from Kitty’s past, where she thought she had left them; it leaves her wondering about something. She wonders if the men with guns are more frightening or the feelings that she has for the charming stranger. It is about to be up to Kitty to shut the armed militia down, all by herself. To do so, Kitty must stop herself from falling in love with a man who may be the key player in this plot.

Fans of the novel found that they tried the book because they liked other works by Bartal and were converted into fans of these books as well. As they were not fans of cowboy romance books. The novel is relaxing, enjoyable and is fun to read. Characters in the novel are well developed and the romance is a gripping one that keeps readers interested the whole way through. Another winning novel from an author who seems to write nothing but winners.

“Cowgirl on the Run” is the fourth novel in the “Queens of Montana” series by Vanessa Gray Bartal that was released in 2011. Maggie Chapman is the youngest of four daughters on a Montana ranch, that is located out in the middle of nowhere. And the fact that the ranch is remote has isolated Maggie from all the harsh realities that exist out in the real world. It has always been easy for her. Even falling in love with the guy next door. Her whole world is turned upside down by some madman. He wants her and will do whatever it takes to get her. It makes Maggie leave the ranch and her family. She is alone and afraid after she relocates to New York City. It is here that she meets Nick Marino, who decides to protect her no matter what. Nick works as a cop and is a young man. She must soon face a tough choice, either stay in the big city to start something new or go back to the protection that she had in Montana, a place that at least she knows.

Fans of the novel were fascinated by the events of the novel and found that they had to keep on reading to find out what happened next to everyone. It was easy to sympathize with Maggie, for readers, as she was such a well written character, just like a lot of the women in Bartal’s work.

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