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Publication Order of Quilted Mysteries/Theo and Tony Abernathy Mystery Books

Murder By Serpents (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Artifact (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Music (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Vegetable (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Sunlight (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Gravity (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Kindness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Have you read quilted mystery series by Barbara Graham? If you have not had the opportunity of reading any book authored by Barbara Graham, it is high time you ordered one from the Amazon or any other online store. Having written several books, Barbara is one of few authors who rarely disappoint. In the series quilted mystery, Barbara uses characters such as Tony Abernathy and his wife Theo to talk about criminal investigations. Quilted mystery is a simple series such that you do not have to read the first book before you can get what Barbara to put across in the other books.

About the author

Brought up in the Texas Panhandle, except when her father worked with the US Navy, Barbara had a privilege of living in Pearl Harbor and San Diego among other places. While pursuing her higher education in Denver, one of her college professors convinced her that writing was not something she was to pursue in her life. This made her to relocate to New Orleans and later to East Tennessee. During this time, Barbara worked with the Travel industry to take care of herself. After marrying the love of her life, Barbara decided to move to Wyoming where she lives up to date. All those years, Barbara believed that she was a great writer as she spent most of her time creating unpublished and unreadable novels as someone would say. Today, we want to look at one of her best series, quilted mystery.

Murder by Serpents: the mystery guilt by Barbara Graham

Murder by Serpents: the mystery guilt is the first book in this series. The moment you at the cover and title of this book, the first thing that comes to your mind are slim and slithering creatures trying to attack someone from a dark and obscure places, which is not the case. Although we have a few snakes, they are very predictable right from the introduction of the book and they are not scary, as you would expect from them in real life situations. The mystery of the book lies in relationship between the characters used by Barbara and problems resolutions.

An unknown person shoots, Tony Abernathy, a former cop in Chicago, USA. His wife, Theo is a simple homemaker as well as an avid quilter. After the incident, Theo appears fearful about her husband’s safety. The family had just moved into a house inherited by Theo who opted to open a quilt shop that later on turned into a central place where they could share this news and gossip. Everyone in the slumbering becomes fearful following the death of snake handling preacher. Many people wondered how the snakes got out their boxes into the preachers car, who would have wanted to hurt him and what he was doing at the restaurant during such odd hours of night. As the mysteries story unfolds, residents begin to discover undisclosed information about the dead man. It is even shocking to realize that he was not the person they thought. The fictitious story revolves around Tennessee, showing high levels of ignorance, depravity fuel by income from drug trafficking. The book has several subplots that will excite you. For instance, several people go missing and residents discover bodies all over work places. Just as the title of the book states, the author does not resolve any of the problems but instead leaves readers wondering what is likely to happen at end of the story. The one positive thing that you will note once you have the opportunity of reading the book is that it has directions for the mystery guilt found in different chapters of the book. The guidelines are probably among those things that have made it to join the endless list of top selling fictitious books. You can grab a copy from any of the online stores to find out the mystery behind the book.

Murder-by-artifact: The Murder quilt (wheeler cozy mastery)

Murder-by-artifact: The Murder quilt (wheeler cozy mastery) is the second book in QUILTED MYSTERY SERIES. The plot, character and setting of the book makes great for any avid reader.

Park County Sheriff, Tony Abernathy resolves to investigate an unpopular case about the stabbing of Queen Doreen, a wife to Tennessee Mayor Calvin-Cash dollar. After the incident, the unknown killer placed her body under Murder quilt stained with blood. Tony struggles with letters from different places including Cincinnati containing newspaper and notes accounts of vanishing many years ago. Although Tony feels like those items can help him in one way or another, he has no idea whatsoever, why someone would send him such things especially during such a time. However, what makes everyone who attends queen’s funeral is when Doreen arrives at the ceremony with a smiling face and a so what kind of attitude. The victim of the murder is her twin half sister.

On the other side, Theo, Tony’s wife who owns a Quilt shop comes across skeletal remains of someone at the back of one of her friend’s house. Tony receives a message from a dying-man about the presence of a serial killer. As Tony tries to find out more about homicide as well as other cases of murder in town, the biggest complaints received by his office include theft of garden gnomes. The smoky mountains cozy applies quilts as well as quilters when it comes to solving cases of crimes. The storyline of the book has a fast pace right from the on-set as we see Tony leaning on one thing that leads him to another as he expected. Once you buy the book, there is no doubt that you will enjoy this entertaining-mystery and the quilt-Night on the mountains.

In conclusion, Barbara Graham is simply one of the greatest writers the world has ever had. In the quilted mystery series, Barbara talks mysterious deaths. Some of the characters featured in this series include Tony Abernathy, investigator and Theo his wife. The plot, choice of words and setting used by Barbara makes her novels worth reading.

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