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Quilting Cozy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Quilting Cozy Books

Tie Died (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running Stitches (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sea Bound (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patchwork Connections (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stitched Together (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon Over the Mountain (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rescue Quilt (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing Memories (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tattered & Torn (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Left Holding the Bag (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath Missouri Stars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Frayed Edges (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Quilting Cozy Series

The American author Carol Dean Jones has been writing for many years now, putting out mystery novels at a regular pace. Writing a number of much beloved cozy mysteries, her stories are warm and inviting, making for an entertaining collection of mysteries. There’s a lot running throughout her books as she makes the most of each of her compelling premises, taking them in a unique and interesting direction. This makes for a somewhat different and engaging set of books, as she manages to keep the readers guessing all the way.

Her ‘Quilting Cozy’ mystery series starting in 2013 would exemplify this, making for an extremely engaging set of novels. Running for approximately ten titles, it would be a long-running series focusing on the character of on Sarah Miller, as she spends her time in her retirement community with her friends. Together they work as amateur sleuths solving numerous mysteries, all the while finding their way within the world.

It’s a series with a lot humor and heart, and has managed to find countless reader from around the world. Taking place in Cunningham Village Retirement Community, it centers itself around a series of mishaps that happen to take place there. Solving the mysteries together, the local people form a bond that manages to grow continually as the series progresses.

Tie Died

Brought out by Carol Dean Jones herself through her own publishing imprint, this would first be released back in 2013. Published on the 6th of March, this was a fun and engaging story with a lot to offer, really taking the ideas up a level. Knowing the reader, Jones has a lot to offer, as she would set up the ‘Quilting Cozy’ series with expert precision throughout.

Mourning the loss of both her husband and young grandson, Sarah Miller is a sixty-seven year old leaving with boxes from the place that had previously been home for forty-two years. Moving on from the painful memories, she finds a new home in a retirement community, along with numerous new hobbies and past-times. That’s when one of her new friends is inexplicably murdered, and now her and her friend Sophie are determined to capture the killer and bring them to justice. Will they be able to find out who did it, why did they do it, and just who is exactly is behind the victim that became tie died?

With themes of quilting running throughout, it’s clear that this is an area that Carol Dean Jones is passionate about. Diving deep into the subject matter, she really makes the most of it, allowing the world and the characters to fully come to life. It’s a story with plenty of intrigue running throughout too, as the reader is constantly kept guessing every single step of the way.

Running Stitches

First published in 2013 this was released on the 29th of May by none other than Carol Dean Jones herself once again. As a sequel to the first, it’s the ‘Quilting Cozy’ collection of novels, as it continues with another self-contained mystery story. While mystery itself is stand-alone, it continues many of the arcs from before, along with the ongoing story of Sarah Miller.

Settling in to the Cunningham Village community way of life, Sarah Miller has made a new life for herself as sixty-eight years of age. Learning to quilt, her initial reluctance to move there has shifted now that she’s made a new set of friends, as life is now good. It is then that a young girl goes missing, as Sarah along with her friend Sophie decide to help find her and bring her back. Will they be able to do it though, can they find her in time, and is it already too late as they find themselves all running stitches?

There’s a lot to really enjoy now that the series is underway and found its stride, as it really does have a lot to offer. The story itself is engaging, as it really pushes to concept to its fullest, allowing it to develop even more as time goes on. With entertaining characters too, it’s a story that definitely allows itself to come alive, getting the most of its engaging world.

Sea Bound

Initially published in 2013, this was released not long after the second one, with it coming out a few months later on the 10th of October. Once more released by Carol Dean Jones herself, it’s another engaging mystery set deep within the world of quilting. It would also pave the way for the fourth book, ‘Patchwork Connections,’ to come out in 2014, and the fifth book, ‘Stitched Together,’ that very same year.

Now with Charles by her side, Sarah Miller is getting out and meeting lots of new people, as her life seems to be better than ever. Travelling to the Caribbean islands, she spends her time on a cruise, sailing from port to port with her many friends there. Then a man goes missing and the FBI comes on-board leading to a strange an mysterious set of circumstances taking place. Can they find out what’s behind it all, will Charles be able to help this time round, and what will become of them as they find themselves all sea bound?

Taking the readers on a journey, this really expands upon the world of Sarah Miller, as it brings her to life ostensibly once more. The story itself is extremely fun, as it doesn’t hold back in doing what it sets out to, which is to well and truly entertain the reader. With a quilting mystery at the heart of it, there’s also some new characters, as the locations are exotic and exciting throughout.

The Quilting Cozy Series

There’s a lot to really enjoy about this series, as it’s clearly written with a strong sense of passion that’s gripping throughout. Carol Dean Jones definitely cares about her characters, spending a lot of time over each and every single piece of detail. This makes it an absolute joy to read, with readers coming back to it time and time again, as it definitely lives up to its name of ‘cozy.’ With well written characters and compelling plot-lines, it’s a series that will continue to be beloved by scores of readers from all over.

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