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Quinta Brunson
Quinta Brunson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 21, 1989 and is an American producer, actress, comedian, and writer.

Quinta has described herself as being “obsessed” with comedy from the time that she attended the Charter High School for Architecture & Design, nurturing her interest by taking an improv class. She went to Temple University and took classes at Second City in Chicago during her sophomore year. Quinta later dropped out of school shortly after in order to pursue a comedy career.

She originally gained prominence for her self-produced series called “Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date” on Instagram, which went viral and grew her digital fan base. Then she worked as a video producer for BuzzFeed Video after she first freelanced for the company. Her videos mainly focused on problems that twenty-somethings experience.

In the year 2016, she sold two different web series as a development partner with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, one was a scripted comedy titled “Broke” for YouTube Red, that she produced, wrote, and starred in. And the other was “Up for Adoption” that was produced by Verizon’s go90 video platform, that she also starred in.

It took her three years to write her memoir “She Memes Well”, because of how much she would procrastinate on it. Her other work flows out fairly easily, however the book was just a bit more tough. Figuring out what exactly it was she wanted to put out there about myself forever was quite daunting at times.

While writing the book, she put it off, either because she did not want to sit down and do it or sometimes her life was happening. She was casting a show, and got into a relationship, which was a major thing. A lot of her ideals that she had when she got the book deal when she was 27 ended up getting flipped onto their heads. She never thought she’d get married, and then got engaged.

Quinta was approached to write the book, as she was leaving her job at BuzzFeed, but she didn’t believe she actually had anything to say yet. Either a publisher or a book agent came up with the idea for it, and told her about how her journey through digital media has been an interesting one, which she realized was something she that could talk about in this book. Quinta realized that she didn’t want to just tell people what to do in their own lives, since that’s what a lot of books like hers were about.

Once she started writing it, however, she really got into it since she saw that she did have a few things she wanted to say.

She started really enjoying the book when she got into the saddest chapters of the book, because she felt like she had the most freedom during those chapters. Quinta felt like there was an expectation for the book to just be funny, which can feel like pressure since when you’re writing they’ll ask for you to punch certain chapters up.

But for a chapter about her little cousin dying because of gun violence, her publisher had no notes. It felt very freeing for her to get the chance to talk about something that is unique to her and a bunch of other people from Philadelphia.

Quinta was afraid to write a book, but was thinking of Tina Fey’s book, which was like a blueprint for her. It seemed so well curated and well done and she said exactly what she needed to say. It was very motivating for Quinta. As was Mindy Kaling’s book. Both of these books were game changers for her.

Other important books were a book by David Sedaris, which she read while going to Second City, and wound up being formative for her. Narrative books like “Catcher in the Rye”, was also a big one for her.

Her performance in “Broke” was nominated for Best Acting in a Comedy at the Streamy Awards in the year 2017. She has been featured in Essence, Vogue, People, the Hollywood Reporter, and other places for her pioneering work in comedy and was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30”.

“She Memes Well” is a non-fiction book that was released in the year 2021. From Quinta Brunson comes a funny and deeply personal essay collection that features anecdotes about attempting to make it while overcoming self-doubt and depression, you’re broke, and how exactly she has used humor to navigate her career in some strange directions.

Quinta is a master of viral internet content: without any traditional background in media, her humorous videos were the first to break through on Instagram’s platform, getting millions of views on them. From there, her wryly observant perspective attracted the attentions of BuzzFeed’s motion picture development department, leading her to produce further viral videos there about topics about millennial malaise, seeing your ex in public, and interracial dating. Now, she’s bringing her comedic abilities to the page in this book, a laugh-out-loud and earnest collection about her strange road to Internet notoriety.

She applies her trademark heart and humor to discuss what it was like to go from student loan debt-broke to “halfway recognizable (‘don’t I know you from somewhere?’) levels-of-fame. With anecdotes which range from the zany and funny, like her experience attempting to find her signature hairstyle to more grounded material on living with depression. Quinta Brunson’s voice is eminently readable and wholly authentic.

Each of these essays are humorous, relatable, and unique as you get to relive and experience all of the things that happened to Quinta along the way. Readers enjoyed getting to know Quinta, whose education was interesting and cool, and enjoyed reading about her moving to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. Certain parts were funny, yet the discussions on police violence against Black people and gun violence, were thought provoking and serious. This is a smooth, quick, and enlightening read filled with a refreshingly unique point of view that makes her just the sort of person you would want to be friends with.

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