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Kings of B'more (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Here for It; Or, How to Save Your Soul in America (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reclaiming Her Time: The Power of Maxine Waters (With: Helena Andrews-Dyer) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Congratulations, the Best is Over! (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

About R. Eric Thomas

American writer R. Eric Thomas holds an esteemed position in the literary world as a bestselling author, an inventive playwright, and a talented screenwriter. He has penned several books, like his notable work ‘Here for It.’ This book won such acclaim that it was recommended as a must-read on NBC’s Today show by Jenna Bush Hager. He not only enjoys writing solo but also collaborates with other authors, producing compelling work such as ‘Reclaiming Her Time,’ co-authored with fellow writer Helena Andrews-Dyer.

Thomas also showcases his versatility as a writer with his foray into the young adult genre, showcasing in his novel ‘Kings of B’more’. This work was so well-received that it was honored by the American Library Association Stonewall in 2023. His creativity and fluid storytelling extend even further to create engaging narrative essays. The essay collection ‘Congratulations, the Best Is Over!’ serves as yet another example of his literary prowess.

This extraordinary writer balances both fiction and non-fiction effortlessly. Thomas captures the readers’ attention with his ability to infuse entertainment and enlightenment into his narratives, making them not just informative but also captivating. His works exhibit a strong sense of narrative drive, engaging readers deeply and leaving them yearning for more. Quite simply, the talents of R. Eric Thomas extend across genres, making him a compelling choice for any reader’s bookshelf.

Thomas possesses an extraordinary talent for blending the serious and the entertaining seamlessly in his writing. His uncanny ability to tackle impactful themes with light-hearted and appealing narratives sets him apart. By sprinkling humor and wit throughout his works, he crafts a reading experience that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Thus, his writing, while delivering significant messages, continues to be incredibly captivating and enjoyable for his readers.

Early and Personal Life

R. Eric Thomas, a well-known American author, was born in the heart of Baltimore in 1982. From an early age, his passion for reading and writing was evident, paving the way for his future literary career. Guided by his curious mind and creative spirit, he interpreted the world around him in stories, gradually developing a unique voice that has resonated with readers worldwide.

Besides his celebrated writing career, Thomas shares his life with his spouse, David Johnston Norse, a dedicated Presbyterian minister. They found their hearts intertwined and decided to embark on their lifelong journey together, exchanging marital vows in 2016. This union has undoubtedly enriched Thomas’ life experiences, adding another layer of depth to his writings.

Despite his significant success, Thomas has always been candid about his struggles with mental health, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of an artist’s life. His battle with depression while writing ‘Here for It’ was openly discussed in an interview with The Advocate, showing his brave approach to discussing mental health issues.

Overcoming his challenges, he has continued to inspire readers with his literary dedication, ensuring that his personal growth mirrors the progression of his authorial expertise.

Writing Career

Renowned American writer R. Eric Thomas carved his unique niche with the daily humor column ‘Eric Reads the News’ on Elle magazine for four years, besides hosting The Moth events in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. His creative talents extended to the TV world too, contributing to popular shows like ‘Dickinson’ and ‘Better Things’.

In February 2020, his essay collection ‘Here for It’ raised the bar, becoming a National Bestseller with numerous accolades. His collaborative effort with Helena Andrews-Dyer, ‘Reclaiming Her Time’ also earned critical acclaim. His YA novel, ‘Kings of B’more,’ stands testament to his versatility as a writer.

Honoring his literary prowess, he won the coveted 2022 Lambda Literary Award.

Here for It

The essay collection ‘Here for It; Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: Essays’ is a remarkable work penned by acclaimed author R. Eric Thomas. The book was officially published on February 18, 2020. The distinguished publisher Ballantine Books proudly holds the credit for bringing this compelling piece of literature to the public.

This collection of essays delves into Thomas’ experiences of feeling out of place in different environments and his journey of defining what it means to be an “other”. He candidly discusses aspects of his life, from the contrast of his childhood environments to his struggle reconciling personal identity pieces, experiencing an unplanned internet fame, and witnessing the 2016 election.

As he questions the worthiness of the future amidst unsettling changes, he reimagines the concept of ‘normal’ and the transformation that happens when one places themselves at the center of their narrative. The book offers relatable insights for those who have grappled with self-acceptance and felt marginalized, promising an unexpected future.

Kings of B’more

The Young Adult romance novel, ‘Kings of B’more,’ is another outstanding contribution from the acclaimed author, R. Eric Thomas. This captivating book was unveiled on May 31, 2022. The publishing house Kokila ensured that this compelling narrative reached a wide array of readers, further solidifying Thomas’ presence.

The story follows high school junior Harrison, who is apprehensive about the future and thankful for facing it with his best friend Linus. However, Linus reveals he’s moving out of state, devastating Harrison. To honor their burgeoning relationship, Harrison plans a ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’-inspired final day filled with significant experiences, keeping ahead of their tracking parents.

Amidst the adventures, including their first Pride, the hardest challenge for Harrison is parting from Linus.

Congratulations, the Best is Over!

The appealing short-story and essay collection ‘Congratulations, the Best is Over!’ is another testament to the literary genius of R. Eric Thomas. The book found its way to public shelves on August 8, 2023, inviting more readers to delve into Thomas’ insightful narratives. The publisher, Ballantine Books, oversaw the release of this successful anthology.

Here R. Eric Thomas presents a collection of funny and thoughtful essays reflecting his journey towards embracing his true self. This journey includes moving back to his changed hometown of Baltimore and addressing old memories.

From a mix-up at his twenty-year high school reunion to an unexpected gay frog infestation at home, Thomas chronicles his experience grappling with a past life amidst a new one. His tales, filled with wit and optimism, emphasize that despite life’s unexpected turns, we can find our way back home.

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