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R.J. Lewis is a Canadian USA Today, New York Times bestselling author of the “Borden,” “Loving Lawson,” and “Ignite” series among many others. She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and has loved reading and writing ever since she was a child. At the age of 22, she made a new year’s resolution to publish a novel before the year was out. In the second last week of December 2014, she published “Ignite” and has been writing ever since. She is particularly interested in stories about unconventional romance and character growth which is what she likes to write about. Lewis had always loved traveling and traveled a lot before she settled down in Perth Australia. Six years later, she moved again returning to Canada and settling down in Vancouver where she lives with her husband, two children, a loyal cat and an adorable Chihuahua. Besides reading and traveling, she loves trying out new foods, seeing new places, meeting new people and spending time with her family.

Lewis began writing when she was ten and had a duo-tang folder that she filled with empty pages for her stories. Ontario had harsh and long winters and hence she had to find a way to entertain herself and the only thing she could do in the house was watch TV. Since she could not get out to go watch her films because of the terrible weather, she began writing her own versions of the films she loved. It was while she was writing her film versions that she came to the realization that she had a very active imagination. Lewis also loved that she could escape into an exciting world she had created. It took her more than a year to write and publish her debut novel as she still had to deal with studying and putting her children to bed. She had been suffering from writers’ block for nearly four years since she had given birth to her firstborn. However, R.J. had a story that had been marinating in her head for more than seven years. It was the story of two children that live in an underprivileged neighborhood and have no one in the world except each other. She made a new year’s resolution to get published and had the novel out within twelve months.

R.J. Lewis has been most influenced by Jane Austen who she first read as a twelve-year-old. Austen’s first novel “Persuasion” did something to her as she loved the missed opportunity and the concept of change and growth. She loved that the flame burned just as bright between Captain Wentworth and the heroine who had been forced apart since he did not have the influence or money to marry her. Wentworth was written in such a manner that Lewis got invested in how he treated the heroine in particular and the story arc in general. In writing her novels, she still writes on similar themes. For instance, in the Ignite series, Lewis writes of the change and growth of her heroine. The character found herself turning into someone she did not want to become and R.J. posits the message that she can still change into something more positive. Lewis seems to say that life is more like a game of dominoes with each choice resulting in unforeseen consequences and that everyone is a product of such choices. In the Carter series, she focuses on the heroine coming to the realization that she needed to become more independent and love herself more instead of chasing love and commitment from a man who may never give her that.

R.J. Lewis’s debut novel “Ignite” is the story of Sara Nolan and Jaxon Barlow that grew up as close friends then became more than friends. It had been a relationship full of beautiful and passionate love that only grew stronger as the years passed. Sarah was contented in having a boyfriend that gave her trust, romance and protection her from all bad things. Jaxon had given her all his heart and she never expected that she would one day ruin everything they had. Sarah had destroyed her relationship and then fallen into a dark place as she turned her previously beautiful relationship into a chaos of violence and deceit. She never loved the fact that she was inflicting so much pain on Jaxon and so decided to walk away vowing to never return. But when she goes back home after several years, the last thing she expected was that Jaxon would be there too. Sarah never expected that he would have changed so much as he is more of a stranger with a dangerous agenda and a callous and harsh manner. Reminded of the guilt and past feelings, she tries to avoid Jaxon but she cannot help but try to get him out of the darkness that once ruled her life too.

“Burn” the second novel of the Ignite series tells us more about who Remy is and Sara’s upbringing. Remy has been obsessed with Sara since forever and now takes her captive but he is saying it is because Jaxon’s club killing his brother. Knowing Jaxon, he is going to fight for his girl which makes for a tension-filled moment when he confronts Remy. Jaxon was in a moment of weakness and Remy takes advantage of it and loves that he finally gets to release the years of pent up hate for the man that had snatched the woman he had always loved. To prevent an escalation between Jaxon’s and Remy’s clubs, Jaxon tells her that he cannot continue with the relationship leaving her feeling abandoned and betrayed. However, Remy steps in and does his best to make her feel wanted. He can be fun and hilarious when he wants to and tells Sara all the good things she needs to hear. It is clear that both Jaxon and Remy loved her but in their different ways. Sara is forced to come to terms with the MC lifestyle and as new relationships unfold heartache was sure to follow.

“Ashes,” the third novel of the Ignite series is the compelling story of Remy and Liv. Liv is the child of a kingpin and was expected to carry on the family line. Her father had picked out her husband a terrible man with a knife fetish and a sadist streak. It does not get any better as the dress for her wedding is atrocious though her father does not care, saying a wedding day was nothing special – just another day of business. But minutes from walking down the aisle, Liv is kidnapped, bound in her wedding dress and whisked away by a mysterious man named Remy. There are some endearing and emotional moments between Liv and Remy and we also get to learn about the brutal childhood that Remy had to endure.

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