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R J Prescott is one of the recent and upcoming authors from The United Kingdom, who has seen success in her writing career right from the publication of her initial novels. She was born in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. Before going on to become a full time author, Prescott went on to study at the Bristol University in England and graduated in Law. When there were just four weeks left for the completion of her graduation, she fell in love with a classmate and therefore, stayed in Bristol for a few more years. After 10 years of staying Bristol, she was finally able to convince her wonderful and crazy husband, who was working as a firefighter, to move back to her hometown in Cardiff with her. Since then, she has been living in Cardiff. Prescott is blessed with a couple of equally crazy boys. A normal day in her life is spent in juggling with household chores, developing the plots and characters of her novels, and looking after the needs of her family members. This way, she is hardly left with any time for herself. But, she does not regret it as she gets all the time of the day to be with her family an does not let her writing work come in the way of her family gatherings.

Author Prescott enjoys the opportunity of lying on her sofa with a cup of hot tea in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other. She gets such relaxing times only during the family movie nights every week. Whenever such an occasion arises, Prescott becomes extremely happy and enjoys it to the fullest. She considers it to be the best part of the entire week for her family. Author R J Prescott started her writing career with the novel titled ‘The Hurricane’. She became very famous with the success of the novel and was able to make a name for herself among the most popular authors of her time. The novel was written by her based on the young adult genre, as she is very fond of reading young adult novels herself. After the immense success of her debut novel, author Prescott wrote an published the second novel called ‘The Aftermath’, which is the sequel to the first novel. Just like the previous novel, this novel too became very successful as a young adult novel, fetching a number of readers all over the world. They liked the intriguing plot of the novel as well as the unique and colorful characters. Both the novels have been nominated for prestigious awards, further increasing the popularity of author Prescott. The success allowed her to be named among the prominent authors of the young adult genre of today’s world.

The first novel written by author Prescott was titled ‘The Hurricane’, which was published by her as an e-book edition in the early months of the year 2015. The plot of the novel revolves around the lives of the main characters Emily McCarthy, Danny Driscoll, Tommy Rierdon, Cormac O’Connell, Nikki Martin, and Kieran Doherty. It depicts the passionate love and care of the primary characters for each other and can be seen very well supported by the secondary characters. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Emily McCarthy is shown to be living in the fear of a dangerous and dark past, which she had to experience earlier in her life. Besides her fearful past, she can be seen as a cheerful lady. In the later parts of the novel, it is seen that Emily is a gifted mathematician. She is seen as just a little more than a hollow and broken shell. Throughout her life, Emily McCarthy tries to make her ends meet at least for so long that she is able to finish her degree. Later, she gets involved in an unlikely friendship with an owner of a well known and old boxing gym, named Cormac O’Connell or The Hurricane.

The Hurricane is described as a cantankerous and aging man and by making developing a friendship with him, Emily McCarthy seems to be thrown in the way of the most dangerous person that she can never imagine someone to be. The body of the Hurricane is fully tattooed and cut, due to which he appears to be very dangerous. He seems to be a lethal weapon without any safety gears and is hoped by everyone to land in some kind of trouble. Being a hard man, he has never been knocked out by anyone. But when he sees Emily McCarthy, he falls very hard. The best thing that he sees in her is that she never demands anything like the other girls that he has met. By Just being around Emily McCarthy makes the Hurricane feel the urge to become a better person. Throughout the plot of the novel, it can be easily seen that the two of them are poles apart from each other. They had never meant to find each other, destiny had planned something else for them. The novel proved to be a successful and interesting novel, and was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award in the year 2015 in the category of the Best Debut Author of the year.

The second novel written by author R J Prescott was published by the Grand Central publishing house in the year 2015. It was titled ‘The Aftermath’. The plot of this novel continues to deal with the lives of the main characters Emily McCarthy and Cormac O’Connell or The Hurricane. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel, the author shows that there is nothing to lose if you do not have anything. But you possess everything you ever wanted in your life, then it becomes obvious to fight for it. The Hurricane is seen as a rising star in the world of boxing after being labelled as the most promising young boxer of the generation. With this achievement, he is taken to places that he had never imagined. But, the only thing that he wants in his life is his wife. Being in the final year of her college degree, Emily McCarthy was not able to travel with the Hurricane all around the world. So they make it work Whenever they get back together. Just when they think that they have everything thing that they ever wanted, their dangerous past resurfaces and begins to haunt them once again. Soon, the HUrricane realizes that he is not destined to have justice in his life as happily ever after. The Hurricane was not able to protect Emily once before, but now in the aftermath, he seems to be determined to make sure that it never happens to her again.

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