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Catlorian: Savon'el (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catlorian II: Temples (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catlorian III: Kings (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catlorian IV: Fire Gap Keep (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catlorian V: Lords of Sharlend (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Kat Lewis
Nevermore..."I am the Raven" (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quoth The Raven: "...I am the Raven." (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

R.L. Pool is an American author from Texas best known for writing the Catlorian series of fantasy fiction novels that have gained much popularity. Pool spent over a two decades in the US Army, and spent much time with the government working as a metrology specialist. He has always been a very active person and in his time with the military, he was very good in archery participating in many archery tournaments. Given that the military tends to have a lot of downtime, he spent much of the time during his last tour writing his first novel “Catlorian Savon’el” that was first published in August of 2016. R.L Pool has always been a good storyteller and would tell his family and friends many stories over the years. However, after many years of promising to publish some of the stories they had heard, he finally believed it was time to try his hand at publishing and submitted his manuscript to Dorrance Publishing. His trust was not wasted as Dorrance published his first novel within a year of submitting it. They offered him advice, feedback and edited the manuscript to make his first novel a bestseller within weeks of publishing. Pool loves to do book signing and will oftentimes engage his fans at Barnes and Nobles trips throughout the US.

The Catlorian series of novels are a combination of adventure, fantasy, and young adult narratives, which makes for a very interesting mix. In scenes reminiscent of many fantasy series of novels, the Catlorian series take the quintessential hero that loses his memory and turns it on its head. In the series of novels, an entire team of adventurers is led by an unlikely hero in facing off against the greatest evil ever to threaten their way of life in centuries. At the beginning of the story in the first novel, we meet the team, which is composed of disparate characters that are doing a variety of activities in their professional and personal lives. Over the course of the series, the protagonists come together to confront their enemies, merging their narrative into one cohesive story. The setting of the novel is in Catlorian an otherworldly setting, where the lead characters make a living. Utilizing elements of mythology and fantasy, the novels may be palatable to readers of both genres, but particularly for anyone that is just getting into the fantasy genre. The quintessential aspects of conscience, valor, grit, and determination coupled with aspects of magic have been put to great use to make for some of the most entertaining of narratives.

“Catlorian Savon’el” the first novel in the series is an adrenaline-charged start to the Catlorian series of novels. The novel begins with a summons from Catlorian requesting persons of daring and skill to undertake a quest for adventure, knowledge, and profit. People from all around the country answer the call, with every person having their own motivations for answering the call that included a search for truth, revenge, and treasure. Confident in their mission and brought together by fate, the characters now have to depend on each other for the good of their world, their own survival, and success in their endeavor. In Catlorian, nothing is ever so simple or as straightforward as it seems. Given the different motivations of the group, it is not long before the team finds out that the members of their team have very dark secrets. It is an interesting story particularly with its combination of various genres, which makes it a great read for a voracious reader from any genre. When we are first introduced to the team, they are a disparate group of persons who come together to fight a growing threat to their land. A volatile mix of egos and motivations, they are led by a young half elf with no memory of his past life. At the beginning of the story, the characters are introduced separately with each character getting their own background story before the narrative culminates in a singular narrative as the threat of annihilation heightens. What makes “Catlorian Savon’el” so intriguing is its mix of relatable characters it combination of aspects of Western lore and fantasy in making a very innovative narrative.

The “Catlorian Li” series of novel is the delightful follow-up to Catlorian Savon’el the first novel in the Catlorian Series by R.L. Pool. After the events of the first novel where the inhabitants of Savon’el managed to deal with the threat of annihilation, Avon’el is once again made whole. But things are never so simple as the battle of Ta’el looms in the horizon, with both sides of the conflict making their moves. The games have been heightened with powerful artifacts put into use and innocents enslaved. The artifacts are the most powerful weapons in the war and are sought by all agents of the evil one for their devastating effects on the enemy. Women and men of conscience, valor, and strength now have to put themselves and their lives at risk to protect the innocents from the evil agents. The evil master Lord Banshe’e has gotten his hands on some powerful artifacts and it is up to the men of conscience to take them away from him. One of the leading protagonists in the story is Morgan DeVileforte, a man with integrity and skill with a determination to ensure that the innocents are protected regardless of the consequences to himself. Together with a group of adventurers, he needs to track and bring vengeance and justice to an evil man who takes them across the face of Catlor. Dekion DeLough the great Lord Commander goes on a merciful quest taking alongside him a rogue daku known as Lilith the Sorceress. Lilith is determined to destroy any forces that would annihilate her species and cause harm to those that cannot defend themselves. In her quest, she needs to find and keep two powerful artifacts from evil hands that would use them to harm innocents. The team is joined by a range of characters including rangers, mercenaries, clerics, and mages all determined to deliver, protect, and free innocents captured by the evil Ta’el. The series follows the exploits of the women and men of valor in their quest to thwart the evil Lord Banshe’e and his campaign of vengeance against the world.

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  1. Rickie Pool: 7 years ago

    First, thanks for the post. As the series continues, there will be more clues as to the final confrontation and I won’t give any plot secrets out here. Unfortunately, the gender of Morgan DeVilleforte has been mistaken as she is an Elvin mercenary much revered by the mercenary culture and sought after for training. You will find her and others in the series who will either resonate with your own thoughts and passions, or will make you hate them for their bias and indifference. Book II, “Catlorian II: Temples” as you know is now in print and “Catlorian III: Kings” is in the process. It should come out in the late September-October timeframe. “Catlorian IV: Fire Gap Keep” sends several of the characters back to the northeast after an artifact that may bring our antagonist to his knees. However…


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