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An American author of crime and thriller novels, the writer R.O. Barton, or Randy Barton, is a highly successful and influential writer who has been quietly making waves within the industry for some time now, as his career quickly builds momentum off the back of his first two novels in his ever popular Tucker series. Setting up the character of Tucker as their leading protagonist, they follow his career as a gun-toting proponent of justice and doing whatever is needed to set things right. Creating a highly visceral and fast paced style, many have flocked to his work due to his adrenaline fueled narratives and quick witted yet realistic use of dialogue.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the area of Luzon which is in the Philippines, the writer to be Randy Barton was always interested in both reading and writing from an early age, Nurturing this passion from the outset, he’d immerse himself in the crime and thriller genre, taking inspiration from his surrounding environment, building upon this and setting up a framework with which to work from. Always passionate about a great mystery as well, this would also help to provide him with the material he would require as well, giving his novels the narrative required to work.

Establishing his style and tone, he was able to create a voice that was entirely unique to him and unlike any other out there, setting up what was to become his career. Honing his craft over the years to follow, he would manage to build upon this establishing himself and gaining the tools required to maintain his material throughout. Managing a succession of other jobs as well, he would also gain the experience needed to help inspire him and set himself up as an author of much repute in the industry.

A clear lover of animals as well, he has some dogs called Cotton and Chewie which he looks after out on his rural property where he spends most of his time constantly on the lookout for new ideas. He also has a parrot called Hank which he looks after on his property as well, where he lives with the rest of his family, which is the place he writes in as well. Living here has also helped to inspire him, as he manages to build upon his ideas, drawing out concepts into fully fledged novels for his now ever eager audience.

Residing in Tennessee in a stone house which he built himself to overlook the nearby Baron Fork Creek, he still lives and writes there to this very day. With his son Emmett helping to design some of his book covers as well, he continues to put out his novels for an ever increasing worldwide audience that is constantly growing. As this appears to be something that isn’t stopping anytime soon, he will carry on writing into the foreseeable future, with plenty more novels set to be released soon.

Writing Career

The first book in his infamous Tucker series was titled ‘The Other Side of Bad’, which was released in 2013 and it was set to make a strong impact on the industry. Using a highly visceral and visual style, R.O. Barton brought an almost cinematic quality to the genre, whilst also not being afraid to investigate some of the deeper more semi-philosophical aspects of it as well. It was this particular combination that would create the Tucker series making it the effective and engaging franchise that it currently is to this day.

Not only that, but he also uses a witty and fun tone, which can be seen through his characters who are easy to relate to for his readers, along with their use of dialogue. With a good ear for speech and the real way which people talk to one another, Barton is able to create fully three-dimensional characters that really come to life on the page. This looks set to continue for some time yet, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, with a lot more books planned on the horizon for this particular character.

The Other Side of Bad

Originally published in 2013 on the 11th of March through Createspace, this was the first in the series of Tucker novels, setting up the premise as a whole. Brought out as an e-book as well as a paperback, it establishes the premise well, creating a strong idea of what to expect from the forthcoming novels as a whole. Also managing to build a sense of the style and the tone, it builds a level of suspense that is sustained throughout, never faltering once, whilst simultaneously allowing the characters to shine through.

Set in Nashville, or the Music City, Tucker is dealing with his violent dark past and the death of his childhood sweetheart; something which he’s never quite come to terms with. It is then that he’s hired by a wealthy billionaire who wants that apparently ‘accidental’ death of his late wife investigated, an investigation which will force Tucker to relive his past. Not only that, but he must also find out who wants to kill him and why, as a series of repeat attempt assassinations are currently being made on his life. For what reason was the wife killed? Who is trying to kill him and why? What will happen as Tucker journeys to the other side of bad?

Valley of Redemption

The second novel in the Tucker series of books it manages to recapture much of the essence of the original title, recreating what made it work as it follows on directly. Initially published on twelfth of May, 2015, it also had a Kindle edition brought out, providing another mission the gun-toting protagonist of Tucker to once again embark on. Dealing with all sorts of nefarious elements, he puts his life on the line in the pursuit of truth and justice, as he seeks to uncover the reality behind the mystery.

Finally Tucker can now deal with the assignment previously given to him after narrowly avoiding death at the hands of a merciless killer; deal with the death of the wealthy businessman’s wife. That’s when he comes across a conspiracy involving a deadly Houston gang, along with a variety of Columbian hit-men and dirty cops, with multiple murders along the way. Then there’s the monstrous drug lord known only as ‘The Gringo’ who controls a variety of gangs all across the border from Louisiana to California. Will he finally find out what happened to the wife? Can he stay alive long enough to find out? What will happen to Tucker as he heads on into the the Valley of Redemption?

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