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R.S Guthrie is an American-based author of thriller and mystery novels. Guthrie is widely known for the James Pruett and Detective Bobby Mac book series. Ever since his college years, R.S Guthrie has always been a writer. Apart from writing short stories, R.S Guthrie has also penned numerous unfished stories include one that had 140 characters only. Guthrie has also written numerous song lyrics. However, he has since stopped playing musical instruments and admits that his singing is not that great.

Best R.S Guthrie Books

Blood Land is an amazing and richly crafted narrative. It is also an exceedingly picturesque and moving experience. The author, R.S Guthrie has managed to weave together a story of family, intrigue, greed, murder and redemption in an exceedingly small town known as Wind River, Wyoming. In Blood Land, the author, R.S Guthrie introduces the readers to Sheriff James Pruitt who is summoned to shooting only to find out that Beth, his wife had been killed in her parents’ house. Upon investigating, he is told the shooter is none other than Beth’s blood brother. Thus, Sheriff Pruitt decides to track down Beth’s brother and locates him at one of the local bars. All this time, Sheriff Pruitt has nothing else in his mind apart from avenging the death of his wife. As he arrests Beth’s brother, Ty for murder, he tries as hard as he can to remain composed. As the interrogation begins, Ty confesses that he is the killer. However, things are not straightforward, as anyone would expect.

Pruitt is more than determined to find out why his wife was killed, while at the same time fighting his own fears as well. Pruitt is beyond any doubt one of those characters who will make the reader feel as if he or she knows him. The reader can also feel Pruitt’s emotional upheaval, which he constantly struggles with. He is a character whom you will have great empathy for especially when the reader gets to learn about his service in Vietnam, his union to Beth, his battle with alcoholism, his relationship with his young daughter and the internal struggles that he faces day in and out. The portrayal of Pruitt’s character has been penned down with great realism and emotion as well, as Pruitt exposes the inner battles that he faces. Ty, on the other hand, is a character who is going to capture your attention, when you get to see him the way the residents of Wind River get to see him, which appears to be quite different from the person that he is.

The reader will also be aware of the struggles and challenges that his family face as the readers get to learn that the greed and land are considered to be of more importance that blood and family. All the characters in the story have the ability to pull the reader into the story since they are unique in their ways and sometimes have an exceedingly unique perspective. The author, R.S Guthrie has penned down the dialogue with great depth, compassion, and urgency. Guthrie has managed to paint an exceedingly stunning picture of the exquisiteness of the Wyoming landscape together with struggles of the locals and the deadly consequences that they encounter in the land that they love dearly. With that said, Blood Land is a beautifully written and richly composed book that is recommended to any mystery lover or reader.

Money Land is the sequel to Blood Land that was previously titled Dark Prairies. Guthrie referred to the book as his tour de force, and any reader can clearly see that Guthrie poured his heart, soul, and sweat into the book. It is an exceedingly ambitious novel, which combined successfully a murder mystery with a tragedy. In Money Land, R.S Guthrie has addressed various issues such as family estrangement, alcoholism, racism, big money, unconstrained greed and government corruption. He has successfully portrayed a character that boasts of the independent Wyoming spirit. Guthrie also managed to evoke the old Western movies and the poorly understood war of the Johnson County. Money Land begins three years later, with Sheriff Pruett, the protagonist still coming to terms with the sudden death of his wife.

Pruett has been sober and clean for so long. He has also been trying to mend his relationship with Mendy, his young daughter. With that said, the author can develop exceedingly deep and realistic characters who are multi-dimensional. There are different aspects of the books hero that will enrage the readers, while there are different sides of the villains that will unquestionably make the reader cry. If you are a fan of crossover fiction straddling with horror and mystery, then you should look no further that the MacAulay book series. Black Beast is the first book in the MacAulay book series. The characters in Black Beast are likable, while the premise of the story is brilliant.

In Black Beast, R.S Guthrie introduces the readers to one Bob Mac, a Denver Detective. Bob Mac is a detective who boasts of a Celtic ancestry. Before he became a detective, Bob Mac served in the United States Marine Corps for more than eight years. The years that Bob Mac has served in the Denver Force have unquestionably left a mark in Bob Mac’s life. When two exceedingly young drug dealers, are killed in the town’s local park, the authorities rule that the two were killed by a bear. This is mainly because it was pieces of their body parts, which was found. However, Bob Mac believes that the two were not killed by a bear and decided to look into the issue.

With that said, R.S Guthrie has penned the book using a first person perspective, thus allowing the readers to delve into Mac’s thought process. Because Mac is an exceedingly thoughtful person with armchair wisdom, the assessment of his psych is unquestionably one of the books highest points. Scattered throughout the novel are third person scenes as well, thereby the reader ends up having much more information than Bobby Mac. The author, R.S Guthrie walks through this line a majority of the time. Overall, the writing is excellent and descriptive as well, thereby compelling the reader forward.

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