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Dead Dick (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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If anyone asks, R. Scott Bolton will tell them that it was Godzilla who first (you should excuse the expression) fired up his interest in writing. When in the 5th grade, Bolton wrote a series of short stories featuring the radioactive monster and subsequently turned them in as creative writing assignments. Ms. Molitz, his teacher, claimed to enjoy them and encouraged him to continue. So, actually, the blame for any future R. Scott Bolton writing projects falls squarely between the giant, city-stomping dinosaur and the inspirational Ms. Molitz.

Since that time, Bolton has taken on all kinds of writing assignments. He has written film reviews, music reviews and dozens of interviews for local newspapers. He continued writing short stories although Godzilla no longer appeared in them.

In 2001, he published his first book, KILLED BY DEATH. It would be the first novel featuring one of Bolton’s continuing characters, H.B. Fist, a sort of cross between Flash Gordon and Harry Harrison’s Slipper Jim DiGriz. 2004 saw publication of OVERNIGHT SENSATION, the second H.B. Fist adventure.

And then Hollywood called. For the next few years, Bolton flirted with writing for the movies, dedicating much of his time to the creation of an action/adventure series that was eventually made without him. Feeling that this type of work stole too much of his soul, Bolton went back to writing novels.
It was about this time that Bolton caught the radio bug. Originally appearing on local station KVTA as the co-host of NOBODY ASKED ME, a call-in radio show, and on The Tom Spence Show as Scott the Video Guy, Bolton went on to build his own internet radio/podcast studio. now features five weekly radio shows with topics on everything from show business to cocktails to magic to fishing.

In 2013, Bolton discovered the National Novel Writing Month website and took the challenge to write a complete novel in 30 days. The result was NEATH, a novel about a haunted house based in Bolton’s home town of Ventura. So enamored was he by the challenge, Bolton has since written a new novel every November since.
In 2018, H.B. Fist finally returned with the publication of BURNER. BURNER boasted some of the best reviews of the H.B. Fist series and encouraged Bolton to work even harder to get his books out to readers. In October 2018, NEATH will finally be released to book stores with Bolton’s other NaNoWriMo books to follow.

Bolton is currently at work on the latest H.B. Fist adventure, STONE DEAD FOREVER, in which the futuristic H.B. Fist enters a world with no technology. Also in the works is THE BOWLING BAG IN THE BACKSEAT, Bolton’s planned November Novel Writing Month book, which is a mystery in the vein of Donald E. Westlake.

Bolton lives in Ventura with his wife Shelley, his son Josh and their beloved dogs, Leo, Zoey and Pretzel. He loves hearing from readers (and listeners of RoughEdgeFM) and encourages them to write him at

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