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Darkness Fair (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Rachel A. Marks is an award-winning author who was born and raised in Los Angeles in The United States. She writes in the young adult, science fiction, romance and fantasy genres. She is also a cancer survivor, a SoCal girl, a dirt-bike rider, a surfer, a keeper of faerie secrets, a chocolate lover and a huge fan of the Superman comics. She loves spending time at the coast whenever she is free. Currently, she lives in Southern California with her husband and 4 amazing children, together with two ducks, six rabbits and a cat.

Other than being a writer, Rachel A Marks is also a professional artist who has worked on several cover designs for different artists. Her art can be found on covers of countless USA Today and New York Times bestselling novels, including Second Verse, Just Myro and Shelter. In addition, she has also designed amazing illustrations for books such as How to Draw Grimm’s Dark Tales by Walter Foster. Though she was voted – Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, it is her hope that she will never have to test the theory.

Her writing career began in 2011 when she published her first novella – Winter Rose. This is a haunting and dark tale of a young girl by the name Rose and her sister who are left to take care of themselves and their ailing mother during the Winter. In order to survive, they have to fight both forces of nature, as well as the darkness of the soul that they encounter along the way. The novel was received very well across the globe and this encouraged her to continue writing more books.

In 2015, Rachel A Marks published the first book – Darkness Brutal – in her debut series, The Dark Cycle. Just like the Winter Rose, this fantasy novel was received well and even became an Amazon bestseller. Since then, she has gone ahead to write two more books in the series. This includes the Darkness Fair (2016) and Darkness Savage (2016).

Despite having only a few books to her name, Rachael has managed to establish herself as one hell of a writer. Her good work has enabled her to win several awards, including the Codex Novel Contest Award in 2011. She also won the True Grit Award at the Mount Herman Writer’s Conference and is currently a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Here’s a description of two of the best books in Rachael A. Marks’ Dark Cycle series:

Darkness Brutal (2015): If enjoy dark fantasy, then Rachael’s Darkness Brutal will certainly thrill you. At the beginning of this first book in the series, a nine-year-old boy by the name Aiden becomes an adult instantly in one dreadful night. That night, his mother did something stupid because she was desperate to protect her children. By mistake, she called up a demon who had so much power over her that she found herself unable to handle it. Consequently, the demon ended up murdering her that night. But that’s not all. It also marked Ava – Aiden’s toddler sister – with darkness before he could even save her. Since then, the demons come back every three years to try to claim her. Why? Because the demons consider this little girl as a payment for the debt her mother owes them.

Though the underworld forces are determined to take the girl, Aiden is just as equally determined to be his sister’s protector. So far, he has managed to keep his sister alive by hiding her from the mysterious creatures that are looking for her, despite the fact that they are homeless people living Los Angeles forgotten corners.

So how can Aiden, now a teen be able to protect his sibling from such powerful forces of darkness? You see, Aiden was born with some special gifts. He has the ability to see demons, and ghosts as well as smell emotions – something that has enabled his to detect people who pretend to be friendly yet, they mean to harm him or his family members. As if that is not enough, this young man also has the unique ability to understand any language right away – even those that have been forgotten for long.

Though Aiden’s abilities enable his to instinctively save Rebecca, a young girl with low-class demons, it leads to a chain of reactions from the demons that leaves him feeling as if won’t be able to save her sister anymore. This forces him to seek help from Sid who is a magician and leader of a group of teens called LA paranormal. LA paranormal is reality TV show that fights ghosts and demons. For the first time in his life, Aiden feels normal after meeting other teens just like him who have strange and unusual gifts in the group. One of the teens he meets is Kara, a young beautiful girl whom he feels strangely attracted to, though the girl believed that she is cursed.

Will Kara’s curse rub off on Aiden? Will the LA paranormal group save Ava or is her destiny predestined? Will Aiden be able to keep the darkness surrounding his sister at bay and accept his natural gifts? What about Sid? Does he have any hidden agenda behind the saintly image that he projects to the teens and general public? Continue reading this wonderful story to find out the answers to all these questions and much more.

Darkness Fair (2016): In this second book of the series. Aidan is struggling to control his newly awakened powers, which are his only hope of ever rescuing his trapped little sister, Ava. As he gets close to Kara, the unstable and cursed girl who helped him to awaken the abilities he never thought he possessed, the encounter reveals a mistake of fate that pushes him towards Rebecca regardless of what his heart really wants.

They may not know the sacrifices which will be required from them, but Aidan and his friends must now face the demonic forces head on in order to keep the increasingly growing and powerful army of darkness far away from them as possible. If not, the future of his sister and the entire human race could be lost.

Just like Darkness Brutal, Darkness Fair is a cleverly written classic tale of good and evil that is guaranteed to keep you engaged all through. They are both worth reading.

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