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Publication Order of Paradox Books

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Rachel Bach
Rachel Bach, otherwise known as Racheal Aaron, is a paranormal romance writer known for her unique sci-fic stories. Bach always dreamt of becoming a supervillain and a writer when growing up. When super villainy proved to be too difficult a dream to achieve, Bach decided to stick to writing, and everything seems to be going great for her. The talented author studied History at the University of Lancaster before later taking her post-graduate education certificate from the Institution of Education in London. Bach currently lives in Athens with her husband, their young child, and her obese dog.

Fortune’s Pawn
Fortune’s Pawn is the first book in the Paradox series. The book stars Devi Morris, an ambitious mercenary with big dreams. To help perform her jobs, Devi has a high-tech space armor named Lady Gray and weapons (phoebe, Mia, and Sasha). Devi loves her weapons enough to give them names, and they are the only things she would put above her ambitions. One of Devi’s dream is to become a Devastator and join her planet’s leading armored unit. Becoming a member of this group takes time, but Devi is looking for the quickest way in. When a chance to work as a security guard with the Glorious Fool, a trade freighter spaceship with a bad reputation, presents itself, Devi jumps on the opportunity.

Thanks to its reputation, working for one year in this small trade ship is equated to five years working elsewhere. Devi knows that if she survives one year of work in this ship, she will be many steps closer to joining the Devastators. However, the dangers onboard the Glorious Fool turn to be greater than Devi anticipated. The spaceship’s well-connected captain keeps on finding trouble only to send Devi to deal with it. Devi’s partner Cotter and his huge ego don’t offer much help, and she is starting to believe that she went a bit overboard with her ambitions this time around.

There are other weird characters in this story that you will enjoy meeting. First is the ship’s cook, a man Devi thinks is hot but cannot shake the feeling of danger whenever she is around him. You will also get to meet a few aliens, the captain’s mute daughter, and Hyrek. Devi loves combat, and her assertiveness and guts match her role as an armored soldier. Aside from the fact that she will start a fight at the least provocation, Devi also drinks a little too much and sleeps around unapologetically. However, even with her flaws, the protagonist is easy to love. At the heart of this science-fiction story is a multi-faceted mystery that will slowly develop but will not be answered in this book.

Fortune’s Pawn is an exciting space opera with enough adventure and some element of romance. It is a fun read characterized by intriguing characters, a fast pace, and a unique storyline.You will enjoy every part of this suspenseful book, and the ending will leave you in search of the next book in the series. The urban fantasy element gives this story quite an edge, while Devi’s kickass attitude is a welcome break from the ordinary. Bach’s fast-paced writing style does a lot to build the tension in this book, so you will keep turning the pages, curious to see what happens next. If you are a Star Wars fan, it is highly likely that you will also love this book.

Honor’s Knight
Honor’s Knight is the second book in the Paradox series. In this sequel, Devi Morris will find herself in a lot of problems. After the attack that leaves her one partner less and a few memories short, Devi decides to keep a low profile and just do her job. However, it seems that does not leave her everywhere she goes. Devi can not only see things no one else can, but that black stain left on her hand continues to grow. It doesn’t help that she is still entangled with the cook she is supposed to hate. How will Devi get out of all the troubles in her life? Is she still as confident about her skills as she was when accepting this job?

Another deadly crisis reveals more truths than Devi bargained for. It doesn’t take long for Devi to discover that things could worsen than just being shot at. Also, she discovers that her enemies can, at times, be the only people she can trust. This second book comes with more action as Devi will be outgunned and outnumbered most of the time. Fortunately, her body helps the fight enemies that are way stronger than her. If you read the first book, you will be happy that some of the mysteries left unresolved are solved here. However, it is still hard to tell who the good and bad guys are.
Devi continues to shine in this series even though she cannot recall most of the events that happened in the first book. The fight scene is epic, and while there is not much when it comes to romance, Devi continues to be the kickass mercenary she was from the beginning. In this book new characters are introduced, and you cannot help but wonder how their stories will pan out in the last book in this trilogy. While there is a lot to love in this story, you may not enjoy it as much if you have not read the first book in this series. A lot on the back story is needed to understand what is going on, and it is easier to read the first book before diving into this one.

Honor’s Knight is yet another exciting space drama. The story takes the reader through different exotic planets and the paradoxian territory. Twists and turns are plenty along the way, and it is satisfying to see how the puzzles are fitting back together. While this starts as a sci-fi adventure, things get deep at some point. It is easy to get emotionally invested in the characters and wonder where fate will lead them in the subsequent book.

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