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Rachel Blaufeld is a bestselling author of Sports Romance, Coming of age, new adult, and romantic suspense novels. Blaufeld loves to refer to herself as a licensed inventor, blogger, entrepreneur, and social worker who loves to write romance fiction.

She is also a fearless woman who is unafraid of sharing her opinions and is a renowned blogger on “BacknGrooveMom” her blog. It is there that she blogs about inventing products and her adventures as a parent to teenagers.
In 2014, she published “Electrified” her first fiction novel which would become an Amazon bestselling title. She has since developed a reputation for writing spunky, insightful, articulate, and generous author who creates redeeming even if broken characters.

In October 2010, Rachel Blaufeld thought she needed to invent a product since she had the idea for several years and needed to make it real.

It was at this time that he began blogging about her invention process. This would evolve from a personal journal into a blog about raising a family and running a business.

Since she has a background in clinical social work and marketing, she decided to merge the two to become a sounding board to being a business person, wife and partner, and mother to tweens.

As a true hybrid between a business savvy and parenting blog, Blaufeld’s posts have been regularly featured in “CorpNet.Com,” “StartUpNation,” and “Modern Mom.”

After she published a series on “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “E.L. James,” she was invited to give her opinion by the producers of the “Katie Couric Show.”
When she went on the show and was encouraged to share her thoughts, she said that she had always wanted to become an author. Things would start moving from there as she began writing the manuscript for her debut which she published in 2014.

Rachel Blaufeld currently makes her home just a few hundred meters from the Pennsylvania house that she called her home as a child. When she is not writing her novels she can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee at coffee shops where she plots many of her ideas.

She is also obsessed with basketball, anti-heroes, icing-filled doughnuts, and mighty fine epilogues. She will sometimes be found tweeting about hoops while her kid plays outside or wearing earplugs around the house since one of the sons is a drummer and tends to play at the most inopportune moments.

“Electrified” by Rachel Blaufeld is the story of Carson Graham and Sienna Flower. Her long leashes and curves taunt and tease her admirers from her billboard where the Las Vegas Strip meets the desert.
Sienna is the most beautiful stripper in town, known for her indecent and sultry moves and virginal eyes. She is a unique and heady combination and a mystery to many who go to see her as she captivates audiences at the Electric Tunnel each night.

But no one has ever seen beyond the heavily guarded and sensual enigma on the stripper stage. No one, except Asher Peterson her boss and closest friend who had helped turn her from a frightened young girl into who she is today.
Together, had made Sienna Flower the sexual illusion and they are determined to do anything to protect the brand. For this reason, Sienna is convinced that she needs to remain alone and unattached.

But like everyone in Vegas, she is playing a role and hiding something. She had been raised as an obedient girl who accepts her fate but she cannot accept everything blindly when things go horribly wrong.

She had left her hometown and headed to Paris to become a star at the Electric Tunnel. She cannot be anything else but Sienna until she meets Carson Graham, the mysterious and dark former FBI agent turned private detective.

Rachel Blaufeld’s “Smoldered” is the story of self-made man Asher Peterson who is the proprietor of the hottest adult entertainment spot in the Electric Tunnel.

Formidable and brazen in motorcycle boots and designer T-shirts, he is always unflappable whether he is whipping through the roads on his motor or making his rounds about his establishment.

While he portrays a flamboyant man on the outside with no care, inside he is a shattered man who has never known unconditional love from a woman. Behind the gritty personality, he hides the effects of emotionally stunted young adulthood years.
He is fully convinced that he has left the past in the past but he just cannot shake the need to provide a good life and safety to emotionally damaged women who work for his establishment.

Nonetheless, he guards his heart against everyone except for Sienna Flower his business partner, friend, and headliner. But then he meets Natalie Parker his childhood friend while he was checking out the services of a rival strip club.
Confronting a woman that he knew as a girl leaves him shaken, particularly since he found her in a precarious position. Parker is a grown woman who has developed a hardened heart and reminds him of his past. But she stirs in him the need to protect her from anyone that would hurt her.

“Tinged” by Rachel Blaufeld tells the story of Lynx, a woman who had fled to Miami from the Vegas Underground. Desperate to learn the many dark secrets from her past, she ultimately goes rogue in what seems like a very dangerous world.
On the other hand, Michael Anthony Wind had left behind his family legacy and pretty boy upbringing to become a bouncer at the Electric Tunnel. He has made a success of himself and the only thing he does not have is a woman to share it with.
When she is ultimately located, she is so broken that no one knows if she could be brought back to her former self. Mike is a strong man but is he strong enough to bring her back from the brink?

This work is more of an unfiltered and sexier side of the author as she takes her readers on an emotional journey as Big Mike and Loved Lynx collide in a visceral and striking manner.

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