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Rachel Brady is a bestselling American author of mystery books and also works as a biomedical engineer for NASA. She is a graduate of Ohio State University, and Wright State University Brady began writing career as an escape from science. She is the author of Emily Locke Mysteries series and has served as the Vice President (VC) of the Southwest Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. Rachel became published author in 2009 when Final Approach was published.

Rachel Brady interests include acoustic guitar, health and fitness, and books of all genres. She is a resident of Houston, Texas and lives with her final.

Final Approach

Years ago, Emily Locke life took a complete turn when her husband and her infant daughter were lost in a horrible road accident. She had almost rebuilt her mental health status when a disrespectful detective now turned a Private Investigator resurfaces to ask for help he only thinks that she can provide- a survey at a Texas Skydiving establishment thousands of miles. Emily understands better than to work with Richard Cole again, but she cannot refuse when she learns that it is about a missing boy.

While at Gulf Coast Skydiving, unwanted similarities between Emily’s troubled past and Richard’s case make it difficult for her to stay to the objective of their mission. Soon she is convinced that is in some way connected to whoever kidnapped Casey Lyons, and his safe return highly depends on her capability to figure out how they are connected. Someone at the quiet little airstrip knows exactly what happened to the little boy and the clues even suggest that the same person could be having info about the vanishing of Emily’s daughter.

Final Approach is the first novel in a series of books featuring Emily Locke, a skydiver, amateur investigator who has lost what she holds most dear in the life. The theme is somehow sad considering that you will encounter kids disappearing, the same to what happened to Emily daughter. The plot takes shape as you progress on, while the characters are well defined, each character with his or her agenda, actions and thus creating twists and turns which all collectively adds some flavor to the story. There is plenty of dialogue which is funny at the time and will keep you entertained along the way.

Without spoiling the fun, the author Rachel Brady exposes the reader to some bit of skydiving and showcases how the daredevils will react and act in their own environment. Also, the author also adds flashbacks, which are crucial to ensure that the reader understands why some characters have adopted certain traits. For instance, you get to figure out that Emily had a child and a husband from her journal she regularly read. Emily Lock is a loveable character; she has an authentic voice that is both humane and endearing. She is not the superhero character you will find in many novels, but that does not prevent her from making a heroic stand. The author Rachel Brady does a great job by introducing other characters that add sweetness to the story and keeps the readers guessing whether they are good people Emily can confide in or maybe avoid like a plague.

Dead Lift

Dead Lift is the second novel in Emily Locke series by Rachel Brady. In this second installment, Emily Locke, the single mom is building a new life for herself and most importantly for her daughter. Hoping to spend most of her time at home together with her daughter she has put her professional job and decides to work part time for her friend private investigator, Richard Cole. It is a nice niche balance between family and work until the day that Emily discovers that she has been working for an attorney who defended her husband killer. This shocking discovery almost destroys her friendship with Richard, but Emily does not abandon her client, Claire Gaston who awaits trial for the murder of a local surgeon. The thought losing her beloved children to her cruel ex-husband terrifies Claire more than the possibility of spending life behind bars. Sympathetic to Claire’s fears and not convinced that she is guilty, Emily decides to stick to the case despite her increasing concerns about Richard and the suspicious attorney who hired him. A mysterious note sends her into a daring covert scheme at a famous ladies health club. Uninterested in fashion trends or beauty whatsoever, Emily fakes compliance with Houston trophy of wives and elite debutantes in a bizarre fitness subculture where people and thing are not what they seem.

The second book Dead Lift is a fantastic read thanks to Rachel Brady. However, in the second installment, Emily Locke is not the heart and soul of this great read and the ongoing mystery, but rather her friend Jeannie, a famous shopper. While Emily may appear tossing outfits together as if she is getting dressed in the dark, her friend Jeannie loves spending most of her time at spas, and getting pampered as if each day is her last, and it is Jeannie’s beauty and her perfected outfit that aid them through the doors of an only members health club. Even though the mystery is intriguing itself, it is the character appeal to the fullest with the mother and daughter relationship providing this well-woven story more warmth than a fuzzy blanket.

Additionally what you will love most about Emily as a character is her compassionate and courageous nature. She is fighting to find her place in her precious daughter life and at the same time grieving the death of her husband who was brutally murdered as revealed in the previous novel of the series. Her motivations are sincere and believable, and she is single-minded in pursuit of the truth. However, most of her character was established in book one. All in all, Emily character is consistent and feels natural; on the other hand, her best friend offers her support and adds some warmth with all the pull/push of this longstanding friendship. The subject of cyber vulnerabilities and identity thief is interesting. The second novel is a well-woven mystery with a solid plot that sends you through a maze of suspects to finally reveal the killer.

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