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Concrete Evidence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Body of Evidence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Withholding Evidence (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incriminating Evidence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Covert Evidence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Evidence (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison Evidence (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Evidence (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter Hawk (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tainted Evidence (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Owl (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Falcon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Evidence: Under Fire Books

Before the Storm: One Hot Night (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Storm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trust Me (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Look Back (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Flashpoint Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Grave Danger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Buried Hours (As: R.S. Grant) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant is a thriller, suspense, and romance writer known for her captivating stories and memorable characters. Before becoming a full-time writer, Grant worked as an archeologist for over ten years. In her stories, Grant draws from her experiences excavating in prehistoric sites in the Pacific Northwest and Native America to develop believable storylines. Today Grant is a best-selling author with many captivating novels to her name. Grant currently lives with her husband and kids in the Pacific Northwest.


Tinderbox is the first book in the Flashpoint series. This book introduces Morgan Adler, an archeologist working in Djibouti, right on the Horn of Africa. As she is clearing some way for a railroad, Morgan discovers a fossil skeleton that causes quite a wave. A local warlord is also interested in the fossil, so Morgan has to move quickly if she is to keep it. When she realizes that her life is in danger, Morgan gets in touch with a US military base in the region. She will do anything to keep her discovery from the warlord’s hands, but Morgan is sure that it will not be long before the worst happens without the army protection. In her most desperate time, Morgan meets the man who is going to save her life more than once.

Beret Pax Blanchard is a man on a mission. He has been directed to intercept Dr. Morgan before she gets to the base, as this is the only way to save her life. Just when she reaches Morgan’s side, he finds a bomb that is just about to blow. He springs into action, saving Morgan, who was so busy trying to remove the fossils in her car. This marks the beginning of a combustible partnership between Morgan and Pax. These two are forced to stick together in a harsh desert, but the fire between them threatens to consume them. While Pax has no problem protecting Morgan by day, what happens at night when all he wants is to feel her breath, touch her?

Morgan is a great heroine. She is the kind that kicks ass, has a foul mouth, and a good head over shoulders. Growing up as the General’s daughter, Morgan never felt like she was good enough. However, she put a lot of effort into her studies and was proud of her Ph.D. Pax is fully focused on his career in the military. After a short-lived marriage with another General’s daughter, the last thing he wants is a relationship. However, when Morgan enters his life, it because hard to resist the sexual tension between them. What is a man to do when he cannot keep his mind off a woman when he had sworn off relationships? Can he even entertain a relationship with another General’s daughter?

Tinderbox is an exhilarating read that takes off in the first chapter, and the pace never lets up. The story is characterized by a lovable heroine and an irresistible hero. There are many twists to the plot, and the corrupt politicians, the warlord, fighting to become king, and setting all add a lot to the story. The romance is hot, and you cannot help but cheer Morgan and Pax on. This book is right for you if you want to enjoy a well-written, suspenseful, and smart read.

Concrete Evidence

Concrete Evidence comes first in the Evidence series. The series stars Erica Kesling, an underwater archeologist with a dark past. Erica was falsely accused of stealing artifacts from a shipwreck. Determined to clear her name, Erica conceals her identity and takes up a job where she can access the person buying the stolen antiques. She is getting closer to the truth when an Intern disrupts her. Lee Scott is a sexy and charismatic man. While Erica thinks of Lee as an intern, the truth is that this man is working in the company for totally different reasons. Can this determined lady focus on her mission with such a sexy man so close by?

Lee is working to uncover a lead conspirator in what appears to be an artifact smuggling scheme. He is a hacker who is very good at his job, and his prime suspect is Erica. Lee will do anything, even seduce Erica, to win her. The plan is to make Erica reveal her secrets. As these two characters work on their agendas, they are unable to hide the attraction between them. When Erica’s search for the truth lands her in trouble, Lee has to choose between saving her and staying loyal to his master. Can their budding relationship work despite all that is working against them?

Things move very fast in this story, so you will never have a dull moment. The heroine is lovable, and a hero is just the right match for her. You will feel like kicking Erica a few times, but when you read about her history, it becomes easy to see where she is coming from. Lee also has his shortcomings, but it is amazing how he shows up right when Erica needs her. It cannot be easy mixing romance and this amount of action, yet the author does it so effortlessly. When the story is not simple, the book reads well, and you will never be confused at the events going at different times. So, will Lee discover that Erica is not the person he thinks she is?

Concrete Evidence is characterized by strong characters, a great storyline, and unexpected twists that are sure to keep you on edge. The romance between the characters feels so real, and you cannot help but cheer these two on as they fight against the world. It is remarkable that Erica can fight and look after herself when the occasion calls for it. The storyline remains riveting, and the ending will leave you reaching for the next installment in the series. If you love a good romance story with non-stop action, deception, and betrayal, you will find this book irresistible.

Rachel Grant is a USA Today bestselling author from America who is known for writing mindblowing romance, suspense, and thriller novels. She is widely popular for her two novel series, Evidence, and Flashpoint. Recently, Grant has started a new series called the Fiona Carver series. In the Evidence series, each book features a different chief protagonist that remains at the heart of the story. The same theme is seen in the Flashpoint series as well. However, Grant’s latest series features a dedicated central character in the form of Fiona Carver. Most of the lead protagonists created by her are shown as archaeologists like her. She has worked in the field of archaeology for around a decade before deciding to switch careers and now uses her experience from her former profession to come up with intriguing stories revolving around politics, war, and archaeology.

Grant’s books have worked wonders for her and have helped her to establish herself as a noteworthy author of the thriller/suspense genre. Many prominent critics have rated her novels as being as diverse and excavating as a cemetery located underneath a San Francisco-based historic art museum or surveying a Kentucky-based depressed mining town, and mapping a 17th century Dutch and Spanish fort on the Sint Maarten island in the Netherlands Antilles. In her adventures and travels, while working as an archaeological surveyor, author Grant found numerous artifacts and sites. But, she believes the true treasure that she came across in those adventures was in the form of her husband named David.

The two met while they were working together on the excavation of a 4 thousand-year-old site in Seattle that was about to be taken down to give way for a sewage treatment plant expansion. Grant often jokes about their first romantic meeting at a sewage plant and claims that she has no intention of mentioning it in a story if she ever plans to write one based on themselves. Currently, author Grant resides on one of the Pacific Northwest islands along with her loving husband and kids. She often spends time searching through her archaeological files to research her upcoming novels. Grant keeps herself busy most of the time with writing stories and manages to take out some time from her busy schedule to spend with her family. Her hard work and dedication in establishing herself as a popular author can be seen from her four nominations for the prestigious Golden Heart award and coming out as a finalist on all four occasions.

Grant hopes to win one in the near future. However, she is quite satisfied with the amount of success have received throughout the world and thinks that the love of her audience is the best reward that she can get for her work. Author Grant says that she wanted to become an author since she wrote her first novel in the sixth grade. But, her fascination for archaeology and history overtook that desire and so she had to put writing in the backseat. Choosing archaeology as a subject in college was a well-thought one as Grant believed it would allow her to pursue an exciting career as well as give her potential fodder for writing fiction later in life.

With the intention of writing still there at the back of her mind, Grant could not begin writing until her daughter was 2 years old. It was at that time that Grant and her husband decided she could give up her part-time consulting job with a small archaeological firm and focus completely on her writing. Grant chose romantic suspense as the genre better suited for and eventually came up with her debut novel, Grave Danger. After that, there was no looking and she has come up with numerous interesting stories and sold millions of copies altogether worldwide.

The Evidence series written by author Rachel Grant began in 2013. It features romantic thrillers exploring the intersection of war, archaeology, and politics. Some of the important characters created by Grant for this series include Erica Kesling, Lee Scott, Mara Garrett, Curt Dominick, Trina Sorensen, Keith Hatcher, Isabel Dawson, Jenna O’Donnell, Alec Ravissant, Brad Fraser, Cressida Porter, Undine Gray, Ian Boyd, Luke Sevick, Ivy MacLeod, Hazel MacLeod, Sean Logan, Nate Sifuentes, Leah Ellis, Josh Warner, Maddie Foster, etc.

The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘Concrete Evidence’. It was self-published by the author in 2013. This novel introduces Erica Kesling as an underwater archaeologist, who has lost everything she had and is now determined to take revenge for all the wrongs done to her. Erica is faced with the accusation of stealing antiquities from a 500-year-old shipwreck. She knows she has not stolen anything and sets out to clear her name. By carefully concealing her past, Erica succeeds in getting a job that gets her close to the person who bought the missing artifacts. And as she is about to complete her goal, Erica gets distracted by a charismatic, sexy intern who knocks at the door of her heart and makes her filled with the desire of having him.

However, Lee Scott is also not what he appears to be. He is looking to catch the lead conspirator involved in an international smuggling trade of artifacts. Lee thinks Erica is that conspirator and keeps a tab on all her activities. He even makes up his mind to seduce her and make her trust him blindly so as to unravel her secrets. While both are desperate to win in their respective missions, they end up sharing an attraction that neither of them is able to deny. When Erica’s life falls in danger, Lee puts his own life on the line to save the woman he has come to fall in love with.

The second installment of the series is known as ‘Body of Evidence’. It was also published in 2013 by Grant herself. This book shows US attorney Curt Dominick and archaeologist Mara Garrett in central roles. When Mara travels to North Korea for retrieving the GIs’ remains that were lost in combat, she gets arrested and faces charges of spying and a subsequent death sentence. Mara puts all her hopes in Curt Dominick to save her. The ambitious, sexy, and powerful US attorney had prosecuted her uncle, who was an ex-vice president of America. As Curt begins the rescue mission, he learns that someone is determined to destroy Mara, even take her life. But, he is also determined to get her safely to Washington, D.C. Curt is ready for whatever it takes to save the lady he has developed feelings for. Seeing him work with so much dedication for saving her life, Mara also ends up giving her heart to him. As they proceed further to save each other’s lives in the foreign country, they come across a conspiracy that not only threatens their lives but also puts the security of their nation at risk. Now, Mara and Curt have two missions at hand and are determined to succeed in both missions at all costs.

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