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Publication Order of Rachel Knight Books

Guilt by Association (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
If I'm Dead (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guilt by Degrees (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Ambition (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble in Paradise (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Competition (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Legal and criminal interplay of Los Angeles paints a stark and sometimes chilling backdrop Rachel must operate in. Often maverick in approach with a humor needed to survive such an often times excruciating process and profession our savvy heroine handles it all with a water off a ducks back attitude. Especially in the edge of your seat pacing and discoveries which drive her from decision point to decision point to discover what is really going on. Building second by second through level after level of surprise, anxiety, excitement and of course anticipation.

But how would you handle the often surprising world of Los Angeles criminals and crime? If you are tagging along with Rachel the whirlwind promises to be both riotous and entertaining.


The character of a person is defined in how they handle challenges, and when you are in a position to set things right you feel the swings in turning events even more. Enter one Rachel Knight. It’s her job to make sure the truth always comes out and the innocent victims receive the justice they deserve even in the world of murders and mystery and people who seek to control gains by such evil circumstances.

That isn’t the total of it. How does one get to this position and handle this process? Of course you rely on key partners, and a savvy intellect. Without the drive to succeed it all amounts to nothing. Compounding the environment alone Rachel must present sometimes the most impossible circumstances to unbelieving juries with the opposition fighting her discoveries and progress every step of the way.

As her career advances so does her coping skills. Including her skills of being absolutely entertaining. How else would she rise through the ranks to become the top prosecutor in Los Angeles’ uppermost elite division. Even at the point position of criminal justice she often is subject to near miss crimes even as heinous as murder. But that doesn’t stop her continuous onslaught of top cases which need utmost attention. Even if she is shaken to the bone. Reputations are on the line. Lives in the balance. And the rats are scurrying as the light comes on. And this just a Tuesday.

With all this pointed at her on any given day, Rachel must rely on her intuitive expertise in the finest details of Los Angeles criminal underworld and court system operations to save the day and her sanity. She always does with humor of a comic. Action you can feel drives her stories from page to page along the world of protection, power, and the violence that is in place to protect it to those who you won’t want to see with it. Driven to the best in her career and life not only life and death decisions from the court room are on her schedule but also sometimes the risking of her life just to find the higher truth on a personal level.

Somehow with riotous laughter.


When you are a Deputy DA in Los Angeles sometimes you ask yourself with all seriousness just exactly what happens next in the natural order of business, and personal affairs, if I’m dead? Which is exactly the name of an early story featuring Rachel Knight early in her career. Everyone must start somewhere. We will start with a look at If I’m Dead: A Rachel Knight Story by Marcia Clark.

Imagine Los Angeles at night. Ghosts of the past and future are fighting form within lonely headlights and weary street lights to decide the fate of the bustling city. And all those who call it home, work, and responsibility. Haunting in nature you can imagine deeper. You see an SUV on an isolated stretch of beach. It’s a Dodge, no, a Ford Explorer. Upon further inspection you find out that this lonely machine sitting in the moonlight like Stonehenge in the aftermath of a Pagan ritual is owned by one Melissa Gibbons. But who is Melissa Gibbons?

The next of kin is immediately found. Her husband. Her husband who asserts that Melissa has just abandoned him and all her responsibilities in his home. What do you do? If you look at the scene as it is this makes perfect sense but if you are Deputy District Attorney of LA with the experience, savvy, and almost sixth sense from seeing this type of thing before you have your own ideas. Ideas that point to murder.

But how to convince a jury that by all observations has bought the husband’s story? An heiress who is notably dissatisfied in recent days and her husband who has a habit, in fact he may have many all over town. Why wouldn’t she just leave? It’s up to Rachel and her most steady mind Detective Keller to find the truth piece by piece no matter how dark the sinister rabbit hole goes.


Next we’ll cross-examine another early work. This time we meet up and catch up with Rachel Knight as her ambition, savvy, and even riotous wise-cracking humor, has paid off. In Guilt By Association (A Rachel Knight Novel) Marcia Clark lets the truth and evidence speak for itself.

They say the higher the peak the steeper the fall which is where this tenacious driving plot starts. Intelligence that is more fierce than every obstacle yet thrown into Rachel’s path is severely tested on a very personal level. Not only does Rachel have need to rely on whip-smart detectives to do her new demanding job but also on colleagues like Jake. There is only one problem today. Jake is found at a very “extreme” crime scene he shouldn’t have been at. And Jake shouldn’t have been dead.

Rachel has never faced such impossible circumstances. On top of this she is given her most crushing case yet which involves a young women who belongs to the who’s who of Los Angles a victim of assault. And her family demands revenge and doesn’t really care upon who revenge is exacted.

Find out how it continues because this is just the setting of the stage.

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