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What We've Lost is Nothing (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fugitive Denim (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Visible Bruises (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Women We Buried, Women We Burned (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Rachel Louise Snyder

Rachel Louise Snyder is an American author who is well-known for her work in both writing and public radio commenting. Her first book, ‘Fugitive Denim’, was published by WW Norton in 2007. The book was so influential that an excerpt from it was aired on This American Life, where it went on to win an Overseas Press Club Award. Her second book, a novel entitled What We’ve Lost is Nothing, was released in January of 2014 by Scribner.

A highly-accomplished writer and professor, she has been recognized for her work in both fields. Her debut book, Fugitive Denim, was well-received by critics, and was even featured on This American Life, where it won an Overseas Press Club Award. Her novel, What We’ve Lost is Nothing, saw publication in January 2014. The book is based in Oak Park, Illinois, and marked another powerful and moving story from this talented author.

Well-known as an American author and as a professor, Snyder has earned a great deal of recognition for her work. Her debut book was Fugitive Denim, which was released by WW Norton in 2007. The book was so successful that an excerpt from it was aired on This American Life, where it went on to win an Overseas Press Club Award.

Early and Personal Life

Rachel Louise Snyder was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a renowned author who has ventured to various places around the world. She moved to London in 1999 and lived there for two years. After that, she went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and resided there for six years. In 2009, she relocated to Washington, DC.

Having explored over 50 countries, Snyder has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with her readers. In her writing, she focuses on issues of violence, gender, and the effects of conflict on people, which she has witnessed first hand in different places. At present, she is an assistant professor in the MFA creative writing program at American University

Writing Career

Rachel Louise Snyder has been an acclaimed author since 2009 when she published her first book, Fugitive Denim. This book was a moving story of people in the borderless world of global trade. It was well-received, and since then Rachel has written two more books. In 2014, Rachel released What We’ve Lost Is Nothing. Her most recent book is No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us, which was published in 2019.

Rachel’s books have all been widely acclaimed and well-received. She has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, and she has been interviewed by many radio stations. Rachel’s books have been reviewed by major publications, and she has been praised for her thoughtful and sensitive approach to difficult topics. Rachel has also been nominated for various awards, including the 2010 ‘Zeitfunk Award.’ Rachel’s work has been widely praised for its insight and empathic approach to the topics she covers.

Fugitive Denim

Rachel Louise Snyder’s debut non-fiction book, Fugitive Denim, was released on December 3, 2007 by W. W. Norton Company. This book was the author’s first published work, and was released to critical acclaim. It has since become a bestseller, and has been praised by readers and critics alike.

This book tells the story of the people who make and sell clothes by exploring the multi-billion-dollar industry. Rachel Louise Snyder takes readers on a journey to far-flung places like Azerbaijan,d Cambodia, and Italy to meet cotton pickers, seamstresses, denim makers, and fashion designers. By focusing on individual people, Snyder as a journalist offers an accessible and compelling look into the complex and often absurd world of the clothing industry. Through humorous narratives with tact and sensitivity, she examines issues of justice in the twenty-first century.

Offering an insightful exploration of the clothing industry, Rachel Louise Snyder takes readers on an engaging journey around the world to meet the people who make and sell clothes. Through her humorous and sensitive narrative, Snyder offers an accessible look into the complex and often absurd world of clothing. She skilfully examines issues of justice in the twenty-first century while introducing readers to the people behind the clothes. An enjoyable read, this book is sure to leave readers with a more in-depth knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Fugitive Denim is an incredibly well-written book, offering readers a captivating look into the clothing industry. Snyder’s writing style is both informative and engaging, bringing to life the people and places that are behind the clothes we wear. She expertly recounts the stories of garment workers and fashion designers alike, while capturing their individual struggles and triumphs. Each story is compelling and full of small, stirring observations that make this book more than just a read about textile laws and globalized fashion — it is truly a moving story about people.

What We’ve Lost is Nothing

The highly acclaimed novel, ‘What We’ve Lost is Nothing’, was written by Rachel Louise Snyder and published on January 21, 2014 by Scribner. This stand-alone fiction book was well-received upon its release, quickly becoming a best-seller. It has since been critically acclaimed for its thought-provoking story and masterful writing.

Oak Park is a suburb of Chicago, home to both wealthy homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and neighborhoods still recovering from urban decline. Ilios Lane, situated in the centre of the community, is a cul-de-sac where Mary Elizabeth McPherson and her friend Sofia skip school and experiment with ecstasy. The community soon experiences a series of home invasions, and tensions rise as suspicions threaten to tear the neighbourhood apart. In What We’ve Lost is Nothing, author Snyder captures the atmosphere of a community on edge, exploring the relationship between cities and suburbs, hidden prejudices and the power of tolerance.

An intriguing read, ‘What We’ve Lost is Nothing’ by Snyder is a captivating story set in the suburban area of Oak Park, Chicago. Through the experiences of Mary Elizabeth McPherson and her friend Sofia, readers are taken on a journey through a neighbourhood struggling to maintain its identity despite a series of home invasions. Snyder’s ability to bring to life the atmosphere of the community, as well as the power of tolerance, is remarkable and refreshing. It’s is a thought-provoking read that will leave readers with a newfound appreciation for the complexities of urban and suburban life.

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