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Rachel Lynch
Rachel Lynch is a mystery writer born and raised in Cumbria. Lynch enjoyed hiking on the fells and visiting the lakes throughout her childhood. She later moved to London to take up a teaching position and marry the man she loved, who happens to be an Army officer. The next thirteen years were spent following her husband wherever his job took him. After working as a sports therapist and personal trainer for a while, Lynch’s love for writing pushed her to concentrate fully on creating mystery stories. Her debut series, the DI Kelly Porte, is doing great with the author adding several books every year.

Dark Game
Dark Game is the debut nove in the DI Kelly Porter series. The book stars DI Kelly Porter, a dedicated detective who used to work with the MET at MIT. After a scandal forces Kelly out of the MET, she returns to the Lake District to take up another position. Having grown up in this small town, Kelly expects her job to be easy compared to what she was used to, chasing criminals in the streets of London. Nothing could have prepared this detective for what she encounters in her beautiful home town. While the town looks sleepy and touristy, there is a dangerous underworld that is threatening to put a stain on its clean reputation.
Kelly’s first case involves ten-year-old Lottie Davies, a girl who is abducted, abused, and later brutally murdered. This case shakes this town to its core, and the local community is curious to know what the detectives unravel. Kelly is also following up on the case of a robbery after the death of Colin Day, a local businessman and an illegal immigrant. While the cases seem unrelated, Kelly discovers a web connecting these and other criminal activities that have gone unreported. The more Kelly threatens the crime network, the more her life is threatened by those who would do anything to bury the truth.

Since Kelly just moved to Lake District, she has been living with her mom, and things at home have not been easy. First, Kelly doesn’t get along with her sister Nikki who has always been their mom’s favorite. She can also sense that her mom is keeping something from her. While Kelly is not perfect, it is easy to love her. What is not to love about a protagonist who is dedicated to her work and is willing to go to extra lengths to ensure that justice is done? The whole story is just as intriguing, and it is exciting how the author sets the stage for the final showdown.

Dark Game is a gritty, twisted, and dark police procedural with multiple threads. It is a good introduction to the series, and if the action, plot-development, and narration are anything to go by, the series can only get better. The author allows the reader into Kelly Porter’s personal and professional life, so it is easy to understand some of the decisions she makes. There is a lot of focus on the issues affecting the contemporary world, and these range from prostitution and human trafficking to criminal gangs and money laundering. The setting is quite breathtaking, and it is shocking that such a beautiful town can harbor so much evil. If you are a fan of detective stories, you will love this book.

Deep Fear
Deep Fear is the second book in the DI Kelly Porter series. Kelly returns but with a new case that will push her more than she thought possible. When the naked body of a woman is discovered in a graveyard, detective Kelly is called to investigate. The dead woman had been mutilated and a note left inside her body.

The scene is disturbing, to say the least, and the elderly man who discovers the body is beyond shocked. Kelly is determined to catch the killer, but with very scanty leads, it is clear that this is going to be a hard case to solve. When more bodies start showing up, it becomes obvious that Kelly is dealing with a serial killer eliminating people for the wrongs they have committed.

Stopping these senseless killings is top on Kelly’s list. Fortunately, there is the new DC Shawcross to help her piece the puzzle and work to catch the killer before more lives are lost. As the pressure at work is building, Kelly still has to come home to her sister and mother. Things between Kelly and Nikki are getting worse, and their mother’s health continues to deteriorate. Fortunately, Kelly’s colleagues are very supportive. Kelly will have to tread carefully as she pieces details about the disturbed and dangerous individual who is determined to play God. Fortunately, she thinks fast and acts even quicker when the killer starts getting careless.

Just like Dark Game, this book is exciting. The story is fast-paced from the beginning, and the tension doesn’t ease up until the last page. Once again, it is great interacting with DI Kelly and getting to know her better. You can feel her helplessness where her mother’s sickness is concerned, and her sister doesn’t make things easier either. It is evident that Kelly is a tough cookie and will do anything to ensure her job is completed and every criminal who crosses her path put behind bars. The Lake District setting gives this story quite an edge, and it is amazing how the author brings to life this beautiful part of the UK. You will enjoy the build-up in the case and celebrate as the detective piece one piece of the puzzle after another.

Deep Fear is an exhilarating read that will throw you deep in the investigative world as one badass detective and her new colleague work to catch a serial killer. The plot is pretty solid, the narration flawless, and the chase to the finish line exhilarating. If you are in the mood for a well-written police procedural, this book is perfect. The book is slightly over 380 pages, and you can enjoy it all in one or two sittings.

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  1. Andy Devenish: 1 year ago

    Just loved listing to the books whilst I drive to and from work, it’s great work and interesting in what happens next to DI Porter.

  2. Ro: 1 year ago

    Hi Rachel,
    I’m so hooked on your books about DI Kelly, that I’m staying up until
    2.00 – 3.00 reading them. They are so well written that you get caught up in the families.
    Please keep writing. I’m off now to order some more. Stay safe Ro

  3. Sharon: 2 years ago

    Great books. Love the baby news!

  4. Michael Curtis: 2 years ago

    I have read the first 8 D.I. Kelly Porter books and I have also purchased book 9.Are there going to be any more?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      It’s a popular series so very likely 🙂

      • Tracy Cobb: 11 months ago

        Just moved to Cumbria and found Bitter Edge in a charity shop.loving it’s descriptions of all the places I hike and love.Do they have to be read in order? Will definitely be looking for more.


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