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Publication Order of Rachel Peng Books

Rachel Peng Series by K.B. Spangler
Author K. B. Spangler pens the “Rachel Peng” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2013, when “Digital Divide” was released.

Rachel Peng was with Criminal Investigation in the army. She is one of the first cyborgs to work for the federal government, working for the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Technologies as the liaison to the Washington D. C. Metro Police Department.

These books are set in the same universe as Spangler’s “A Girl and Her Fed” webcomic series.

“Digital Divide” is the first novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2013. Rachel Peng’s former life working in Criminal Investigation wasn’t easy at all, however it was work she enjoyed doing and misses it. Now that she is the first cyborg liaison to the Washington D.C. Metro Police, usually she is either bored to death or is forced to fight off harassment from her colleagues.

When she and Detective Raul Santino, her partner, come upon a murder case with connections to Rachel and all the rest of the cyborgs, she realizes that their numerous foes aren’t just going to allow them to quietly pick up all the pieces of their lives.

Spangler gives her readers a hard to put down and captivating read, and it shows off a very deep and well-built world without ever giving too much backstory to you and the characters are well drawn and extremely likable. Fans enjoyed spending time inside of Rachel’s brain, and it is worked into the established story in such a seamless way. Rachel is a very interesting and one of a kind protagonist and the other characters are also appealing and well developed.

“Maker Space” is the second novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2014. Political cover-ups, conspiracies, and acts of terrorism. Agent Rachel Peng, being one of the first of the cyborgs to be employed by the federal government, thought she had already lived through it all. Then, without a single warning, fourteen blocks of downtown D. C. are just obliterated, having been blown away by some bombs that are unlike anything Rachel’s ever witnessed before. The evidence is a lot more troubling, with every new clue suggesting that their own people may be behind this savage attack.

Rachel and Detective Raul Santino might not think that the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for it, yet the rest of the country still does. While tensions begin to build and the city starts to burn, Rachel finds that none of her usual investigatory techniques apply to this case. And for the very first time in her long career as a cop, locating the bad guys this time might not be as important as figuring out why they wanted the people of the public to rise against their own government.

The story is filled with such turns and twists to keep you wondering who the bad guys even are, and the reveal is an interesting one since, while it is out of left field, it is still entirely spot on and makes a lot of sense. The reader and author are allowed to explore all sorts of complex territory and some contemporary issues. There’s a good dash of humor added in to ease this journey, with a ton of action with plenty of pizza and beer breaks.

“State Machine” is the third novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2015. Almost one whole year has gone by since the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Enhancement Technologies went public. Agent Rachel Peng has finally adjusted to her new life as the cyborg liaison to the Washington Metro Police. However for Peng and her team, murder is usually just the beginning.

This time around, the corpse is found in a very unlikely place. The race is on to recover one stolen piece of antiquity. It will put Rachel and her team up against one of the most powerful political figures in the whole country.

This is a thought provoking and entertaining read, and is highly relevant read to today’s tech and legal problems. Spangler delivers an entirely inventive and funny read that makes readers look forward to reading more of her work in the future. Rachel’s a strong and intelligent female that is unafraid of pitching right into the political issues or putting up her fists should they be required.

“Brute Force” is the fourth novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2015. Two years back, OACET Agent Rachel Peng aided a serial killer escape out of police custody, this same morning, he showed up in her backyard, wearing a dead friend’s face from her Army days. Within just minutes of his return, she learns that the head of OACET’s wife has just been abducted, as has Rachel’s niece.

Rachel is unable to deny that Marshall Wyatt’s aided her and the other team members of the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Technologies before, however that was on his own terms. This time, however, he claims he is here to do what she is unable to and being OACET’s liaison to the Washington DC Metro Police Department, the list of what she cannot be caught doing is a long one. If she wants to actually rescue her niece, she may just have to allow Wyatt do what he is best at.

However, if Rachel does get caught, she and her fellow Agents could lose everything.

These books are fun and entertaining reads that make you think about this crazy world that we live in and adapt alongside. The pacing in this one starts off lightning fast and never lets up for a single second. Readers found this to be the most tense book of the series to date with two people being kidnapped that Rachel has to save. Spangler has way with pulling you into the mind of one of her characters and fleshing the world out around them. Each one of these books are satisfying and interesting.

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