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A Dangerous Crossing (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Inheritance (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Island of Secrets (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rachel Rhys is the nom de plume of an author of fiction. Rachel Rhys specializes in novels that scare readers and are solidly set in the genre of historical fiction psychological suspense and thriller with a touch of. She resides in North London with her family and her pet dog.

Her debut novel was titled A Dangerous Crossing and it was released in 2017. The origin of this book is actually quite an interesting story, as Rhys was inspired to write it after discovering an authentic diary while helping her mother to move. The diary was authored by a servant girl who recorded her thoughts and experiences in detail while writing it. It was written in the late 1930’s while on a cruise liner going from England all the way to Australia.

In A Dangerous Crossing, the year is 1939 and Europe is on the verge of war. Lily Shepherd is a young girl, but she’s getting on an ocean liner cruise ship in Essex, England to go to Australia and is ready for a new life. The passage at first seems to be a way to leave behind her past and when she steps on board, in the beginning, the experience is wondrous.

There are cocktails, dress balls, and music being played. The ship is like its own little world, a city that exists outside of the norm. The ship also stops at exotic places along the way like Naples and Ceylon and Cairo, places that Lily only ever dreamed she would be able to see. Even though she is going to Sydney on a passage that is government-assisted to be a servant girl, she also makes friends with people from all walks of life and different social statuses and occupations, something that wouldn’t ordinarily occur for her.

Lily even develops a crush on a man that she knows she could never have a future with. It doesn’t hurt to dream, though. Perhaps he might even have feelings for her too, but you never know. But what starts out as a dream slowly starts to transform into something else. The longer that the ship sails on, the more that it is starting to feel slightly claustrophobic. Soon Lily starts to feel like they’re all packed in on each other and it seems like there are passengers wherever you go and they don’t have anywhere to go other than the ship.

Still, the voyage goes on and the Orantes continues to make its way to Australia. Even though Lily is enjoying the trip, or was, she’s starting to find out that other people on board may be hiding secrets as well. For instance, Eliza and Max, a wealthy couple, Edward, Maria, or George– all of her new friends might be on the run from the past.

The excitement and elegant impression that Lily first had the ship quickly fades and the bloom is off the rose. Worse, the crowded conditions are the ship is quickly becoming intolerable instead of a novelty. Will tragedy befall the ship or its passengers before they ever dock in Australia? A bad feeling is in the air. By the time the Orantes arrives at its destination, war has broken out, passengers have died, and Lily’s life will be forever changed. What will happen? Pick up A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys to find out for yourself!

Fatal Inheritance is the second novel released by Rachel Rhys. This book is also set in the past, and the year is 1949, with the setting being the French Riviera. When an English housewife named Eve is bored of her life, she unexpectedly finds a respite from the dullness by going to the south of France. She is traveling there for the purpose of claiming a mysterious inheritance that has been left to her. She expects that there will be no problems, but that’s where she would be wrong.

Soon enough, individuals come out of the woodwork to challenge her right to the inheritance. Not only that, they seem to want her out of the way so they can claim the inheritance for themselves. Just a year earlier, Eve was asking her husband if he thought it was strange that some man she had never known had left her an inheritance out of the blue. Even though it was weird, it was still a moment of excitement in a loveless marriage that existed inside a gloomy house in the London suburbs.

When Eve gets that letter from a solicitor out of nowhere informing her of the news, she was taken aback. The letter tells her that a man has left her an inheritance, but to find out more about it, the housewife would have to travel to France to the wonderful setting of the French Riviera.

Eve gamely makes the journey. She cannot believe her ears when she is informed that her inheritance is an incredible pink villa that has a view of the Mediterranean sea. It is a dazzling paradise compared to the dreary skies and streets of London. Out of the blue, Eve finds herself in what appears to be an amazing life. In the French Riviera, she talks and mingles at parties with movie stars and writers and famous people. It’s a far cry from her boring former life!

The Riviera is beautiful, and perhaps that explains why rivals to the inheritance suddenly start to appear, intent on challenging her windfall. Could this be related to a story that was already in motion when Eve stepped into the frame? Whatever the reasons are, Eve needs to dig up some information before things turn even more dangerous than they are already.

To find out, Eve must find out the real reasons behind why she received the villa, who the mystery man was, and figure it out fast before she winds up dead and her villa is taken. Can she protect her life and her new home? Will she go back to her husband and life in London? Find out in this compelling second novel from dynamic author Rachel Rhys!

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