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Rachel Scott Adventure Books In Order

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Publication Order of Rachel Scott Books

Asylum Harbor (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burn Out (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look For Me (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
CutRun (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceptive Measures (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look For Me is a prequel novella that takes place prior to the novel Asylum Harbor

The Rachel Scott Adventure series is a series of suspense, mystery, and adventure books written one of the well known authors from The United States named Traci Hohenstein. This series is comprised of a total of 4 novels and 1 novel, which were released between the years 2011 and 2015. The central character of all the novels in this series is Rachel Scott. Author Traci says that she got the idea to develop the character of Rachel Scott after she read about the story of Natalee Holloway. She used to always wonder what happened to the people like Natalee Holloway, who disappear with any trace. This made author Traci realize that there should be a person who runs an investigation company dealing with the cases of missing person and helping to find them. Eventually, she went on to sketch Rachel Scott’s character as well as described her searching company called Florida OmniSearch. In the series, it is depicted that Rachel starts the company after her own daughter went missing from her front yard and not to be found anywhere. With the help of her company, Rachel tries to help all those needy ones who try to search their missing loved ones. While doing so, she also attempts to collect clues that would help her find her missing daughter.

The debut book of the Rachel Scott series was published under the title of ‘Asylum Harbor’. It was released by the Thomas & Mercer publication in the year 2011. At the beginning of this book, author Traci has introduced a gorgeous high school senior student named Amber Knowles. She is also the daughter of the governor of Florida named John Knowles. Everything seems to be going well in the life of Amber Knowles until she goes on a cruise trip to Bahamas and disappears from there. There is no trace or and not even a single clue to find out where she went. The crew on board the cruise ship known as SeaStar forms a search team and carries out an extensive search, but she is not found anywhere. When the distressing news is received Governor Knowls, he immediately calls Rachel Scott to help him find his daughter. After hearing about the disappearance of the teenage daughter of the Governor, Rachel Scott, the head of the Florida Omni Search company, realizes that the disappearance of the child is the worst fear of every parent. She has herself experienced such a fear and knows it very well how it feels to lose a daughter.

Around 5 years ago, her three year old daughter named Mallory went missing while playing in the front yard of her house. As for the case of the disappearance of Amber Knowls, Rachel Scott takes the help of a special agent from FBI named Drake Reynolds. The two go on to discover about an organized crime ring that is associated with the cruise line. However, there is still no trace of Amber Knowls. Later, Rachel Scott comes to know that the last person who had seen Amber Knowls on the cruise was an undercover DEA agent. But, he too seems to have vanished without any trace. In the end, Rachel Scott gets stuck with the difficult task of finding three missing persons, namely Amber Knowls, the DEA Agent, and her own daughter Mallory. The plot of this book was inspired from a real story of the disappearance of a girl named Natalee Holloway in the year 2005. Through this novel, author Traci Hohenstein has tried to delve deep into the suspense and mysteries related to the investigations of missing persons and the detection of organized crimes linked to the disappearances. The novel introduced Rachel Scott and her search team for the first time and compelled all the readers to follow her and the Florida OmniSearch’s investigations over the course of the next books in the series.

The first book of the series was followed by another compelling novel titled ‘Burn Out’. It was released in the year 2012, once again by the Thomas and Mercer publishers. In this book, author Traci has introduced the chief characters apart from Rachel Scott and Drake Reynolds in the form of Lt. Samantha Collins and her husband named Ken Collins. At the start of the story, Samantha Collins, who works as a firefighter and referred to as Sam by her near and dear ones, is shown getting vanished after dealing with the breakout of fire at a warehouse. This incident takes place one week before she was to appear in court and testify at the drug charges trial of her estranged husband, Ken Collins. After she disappears, there is no trace of her, except a firefighter helmet left behind at the place from where she vanished. On hearing about the disappearance of her daughter, Samantha Collins’s mother asks Rachel Scott to help her find her missing daughter. Rachel had founded her search company since the day her 3 year old daughter went missing. Since then, she has worked with a number of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States in order to help people locate the missing members of their family. When Rachel Scott takes up the case of searching for missing Samantha Collins, she did not expect that the case would take her on an unexpected journey through the whole of America. Rachel begins to investigate the Samantha’s case by looking into her past life.

One of the evidences she comes across makes her learn a lot about the marijuana smuggling operation that Samantha’s husband Ken Collins was involved in during the time when he was a police officer. With the help of a former DEA officer named Mike Mancini and a Miami Sun reporter named Stacy Case, Rachel Scott goes on to uncover important clues that reveal everything about Ken Collins and the organizational drug lords who were out to take revenge from Samantha Collins because of whom her husband and the drug ring were busted. While desperately searching for Samantha Collins and dealing with the terrible situations that she comes across in the process, Rachel also finds some important clues about her daughter, Mallory. Now, she wonders whether she will able to find Sam before it is too late and get to know what had happened to her daughter. Throughout her search process, Rachel Scott does not lose hope and continues work tirelessly to find the missing persons. She gets backed and motivated by her friends at all times.

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