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Rachel Vincent is one of the most prolific writers to have hit the fiction scène. Ever since her debut in 2007 with The Shifter Series, she has amassed great fan following all over the world. Her fluid writing style and ability to engross the readers have enabled her to make it to the famed New York Times bestselling author list. She specializes in writing stories which are influenced by the paranormal /parallel world and is known for her portrayal of strong female characters.

Oldest of the five siblings, Rachel Vincent lives in Oklahoma with her husband, two teens and cats. She has done her BA in English and was a former English Teacher. By her own admission she writes about the themes that scare her most. She has her own website and blog which is updated regularly so that fans are aware about her latest work. She is active on the social media and connects with her fans on a regular basis.

Writing Career

Rachel Vincent made her debut with the hugely popular The Shifters series in 2007. This was followed by a succession of 3 series of Novels and several anthologies.

The Shifter Series – 2007

The Shifter series is based on the life of a werecat, Faythe Sanders, and there are 6 books in total. The series captures the life, trials and tribulations of Faythe as she goes about her struggle to make a place for herself in her pride led by her father. Faythe is portrayed as a strong character who firmly believes in her values which often land her in trouble. Although possessing a great personality and fiery temperament she fights to be seen as a strong leader rather than just a mode of reproduction for her clan.

Stray- 2007

Stray is the first novel in the Shifter series. This is where we are introduced to the world of werecats and the protagonist, Faythe Sanders. Although aware of her werecat status, Faythe itches to live a normal life as a young girl her age and not be burdened by the responsibility thrust towards her by her clan which is mainly marriage and child bearing. This book focuses on tabby kidnapping. Tabbies are rare female werecats who are extremely valuable to the community. Fathye meets her ex fiance, Marc Ramos , who informs her of the kidnappings and unwittingly, following a series of events, Faythe lands up getting kidnapped herself.

Rogue – 2008

Rogue is the second book in the Shifter series. In this book Faythe is entrusted the responsibility of protecting her pride. Although she and Marc get back together she is still hesitant to marry him as she thinks her life would be over if she did. Meanwhile Faythe discovers that her human ex boyfriend, Andrew, is seeking to kill her as he has become a werecat, due to her.

The Soul Screamer Series

The second series written by Rachel Vincent is the Soul Screamer. Soul Screamer focuses of the life of an young girl, Kaylee Cavanaugh, who has a strange super power. She gets the premonition when anyone nearby is about to die. This series was Young Adult genre debut for Rachel Vincent. The series follows Kaylee’s journey as she discovers about her powers, involving paranormal creatures. There was aEbook prequel called Reaper and prequel novella, A soul to Lose were published for this series.

My Soul to Take- 2009

In this book we are introduced to Kaylee Cavanaugh and how she discovers her Bean Sidhe nature. As she struggles to understand this power within her, there are a series of deaths with no apparent reason. Soon she meets a guy Nash Hudson who like her has their power and they together with his older brother who is a reaper and a bean sidhe try to piece together the mystery of the deaths.

My Soul to Take- 2010

In the second book , Kayle and Nash, help the latter’s brother, Tod, to protect his girlfriend Addison. Addision sells her soul for fame and fortune but fails to read the fine print of the contract. She is now doomed to being tortured in the Netherworld unless Kayle and Nash save her soul.

The Unbound Series

The Unbound series chronicle the lives of 3 main protagonists in a triology. This is an Adult series which revolve around the darker versions of our worlds where the abiding by the promises can oaths can be fatal.

Blood Bound- 2011

This book revolves around Olivia Warren, a paranormal tracker must use her power to find the missing child of her friend. As she sets out on that path she must fight her own insecurities and past in order to get to the truth. She reluctantly joins hands with her former lover Cameron Caballero, who wants to find out her past and help her.

Shadow Bound- 2012

In the second book, although the main premise is the same the focus shifts to another protagonist, Kori Daniels. Kori is a shadow –walker with the ability to waltz from one shadow to another. Kori wants to break free of the Tower Syndicate but before that she must accomplish a mission for her boss, which is the price for the freedom of her and her sister Kenley. She is given the job of recruiting or killing Ian Holt, who has the infamous ability to manipulate the dark world. She recruits Ian but he has an ulterior motive to join the crime syndicate. Thrown in together to complete their respective missions Kori and Ian are forced to choose their goals above their love.

Lion’s Share- 2015

Lions Share takes forward the story of Jace Hammond’s character from The Shifter series. In this novel Jace falls in love with a rookie enforcer Abby Wade while hunting together for a rogue werecat. Abby has secrets of her own which threaten to destroy both of them.

Hunt- 2014

Hunt is a short story from the Shifters chronicles. It has Abby as the main protagonist. After surviving capture and torture as a kid, Abby is now grown up. Her Training with Faythe Sanders, the first female Alpha has led her to believe in her abilities to protect herself. When one of her college roommate gets abducted from a campsite, Abby knows how exactly to get her back.

The Stars Never Rise- 2015

This Novel depicts the lives of Nina and her gang. In their rebuilt town of New Temperance, sins are viewed as crimes by the brutal church who lords over the town with its army of black-robed exorcists.
Nina discovers that her sister Melanie is hiding a dangerous secret which if exposed can put their lives in peril. As the Church gets wind of this, Nina and her sister are on the run to save themselves and expose the startling truth.


The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance- 2008

This book features Rachel Vincent’s “The Mid-Day Mangler Meets his match”. In this story everyone is a vampire and a teenager must use her vestigial fangs to fight and save her little sister from a serial killer.

Immortal: Love Stories with Bite- 2009

It features, “Binge” , which is follows the story of a leanansidhe who is capable of inspiring the musician she loves to conquer dizzying heights of fame and fortune. The only hitch however is that she must resist the strong urge to drain him and his talent.

Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love- 2010

Rachel Vincent’s, “Fearless”, featured in this publication. Fearless is based on the characters from Soul Screamers series and chonicles the life of Nash before he met Kayle. The female protagonist here is Sabine Campbell who is a Mara- a living nightmare who feeds off the bad dreams of people around her. She meets Nash and eventually falls in love with him.

Chicks Kick Butt- 2011

In this Anthology, Rachel Vincent’s Hunt which is a short story from the Shifter series stable is published.

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions- 2011

It features Niederwald by Rachel Vincent. This short story is about a road trip to Niederwald, a small town located in Texas. As is the name of the town there is actually a very thin line between the real world and Netherworld in this place. Based on the Soul Screamers concept this story is in between My Soul to Steal and If I Die from the Soul Screamer series. It revolves around Sabine and Emma’s road trip and their encounter with the Supernatural species called Harpies

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