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Publication Order of Rachel Yoder: Always Trouble Somewhere Books

Back to School (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of Control (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
School's Out (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Beginnings (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Happy Heart (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Plain Foolishness (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jumping to Conclusions (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Growing Up (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rachel Yoder is the main character in a series of Christian fiction children’s books written by American best-selling author Wanda E. Brunstetter. Yoder is an Amish teenage girl who is curious and also fun loving. Reading her adventures highly help the kids to learn about the Amish lifestyle- don’t use electricity, wear plain clothes and use a horse and buggy for transportation instead of a car. The author began the publication of Rachel Yoder series in 2007 when the first novel in the Series School’s Out was published. The series consists of eight books, Growing Up concluding the series in 2009.

Brunstetter is an award winning author of romance novels and Christian children books who has led millions of readers globally to admire Amish way of life. She is the author of over 90 books, and more than 10 million books of her books have been sold. Furthermore, most of her books have been featured on best sellers lists including USA Today, CBD, Publishers Weekly, New York Times and many others. She is considered as one of the founders of Amish fiction genre, and most of her work has been covered by national publications such as USA Today, Time Magazine, Country Woman, Good Housekeeping and Newsweek. Most of the author’s books have been translated into foreign languages.

The author’s interest in Amish culture sparked when she met her beloved husband, Richard who was raised in a Mennonite church and whose family has Pennsylvania Dutch roots. Her meeting with her Mennonite sister in laws made Wanda yearns for a simpler life. In her travels, she and her husband became good friends with many Amish families across America and her desire to explore their culture tremendously increased when she realized that her great grandparents belonged to the Anabaptist faith.

All of the author’s books are based on personal research that is intended to portray the Amish way of life accurately. Many of her novels are trusted and well read by the Amish who acknowledge her for giving the readers a broad understanding of the Amish people as well as their customs. The author’s main attraction to the Amish people is their desire to live a devoted life to work hard, maintain close family ties and to honor God. Whenever she makes a visit to her Amish friends, Wanda finds herself attracted to the sincerity, peaceful lifestyle and the close family ties compared to the chaos, and the busy schedules of many modern Englishers.

Schools Out

School’s Out and so is Rachael, with trouble following her wherever she goes. Rachael Yoder is a nine-year-old a high spirited Amish girl who gets in lots of trouble in amid the rocky hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. When she is not bringing frogs into the church or getting locked in the cellar, she is busy setting fireflies free and also trying out new skateboards in all the wrong places you can think of.

The first series installment is an enjoyable read; the characters are well crafted. Rachael is a very likable character, she wants a skateboard for her birthday, and she also wants to be able to wear pants and also drive a convertible, she a typical young girl who lives a unique life.

Back to School

This is the second book in Rachael Yoder series by Wanda E. Brunstetter. In this second series installment, Rachael is back in school in Lancaster County, and once again, that is where trouble follows her once more. However except that this time the problem is spelled O-R-L-I-E, yes that is the name of the new boy in school with a nasty cowlick and has a bad attitude when it comes to Rachael. From the school lunches to the playgrounds, these two Amish kids always off on the wrong foot. With all the constant mockery and teasing from Orlie, will Rachael survive this or will she succumb to it? Can something good come from this madness and mayhem? Both girls and boys will love reading about Rachael’s adventures.

Out of Control

In the third series installment, we again meet Rachael and her family and Amish friend’s buggy with her lack of patience. However, can her grandpa’s wise word relating patience get through to Rachael? The third novel in the series is a great read, Rachael is a determined nine years old always trying to do everything on her own even though she needs help from someone else, and that her brother always tells her what to do, however, Rachael does not listen to him either. This book will keep your kid hooked from the first page to the last; there is much excitement to it. There are lots of usage of Amish words, and in front pages of the book, there is an Amish dictionary to get familiarized and understand the meaning of the Amish words used in the book.

New Beginnings

It is spring time and the ten years old Rachael Yoder, the girl full of mischief is now filled with hope that good things are coming on her way. However, she learns that her good friend is relocating to another place. What will she do without her best friend? However, when a new girl, Audra shows up at Rachael’s Amish schoolhouse, Rachael soon finds herself with a sore nose, stinky sandwich, a bad attitude, and mud spattered dress. Even as things switch from bad to worse, Rachael finds herself grumpier and grumpier and if she does not soon find a way to forgive other people she will be in danger of losing not just one friend, but many others. Is there a way that Rachael can make to make a whole new beginning?

In this novel, friendship seems to be the primary focus of the book. After Mary, Rachael’s friend moves away, a new girl by the name Audra moves in town. Rachael does not like this new girl because she treats her in some evil ways. Also, ever since her friend Mary moved away, Rachael has always been in a bad mood. However, in the end, Audra and Rachael became friends, and Rachael apologizes to everyone for her bad behavior.

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