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Ophelia After All (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Don't Have a Shot (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Me Trying (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Our Shadows Have Claws: 15 Latin American Monster Stories(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Study Break(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Racquel Marie
An American author, Racquel Marie is a writer with a lot to say and offer in the area of Young Adult teen romances. Making her voice heard through the sheer power of her writing, she really is an author with a unique and interesting perspective. Reaching readers from all over the world, her writing has made it onto the bookshelves of many, as she’s become a household name far and wide. Commercially and critically successful, her writing resonates as she immerses her audience in her vivid worlds and environment.

With her innovative approach to storytelling she’s come far, pushing at the boundaries of what the genre can really achieve. Making it work for her on her own terms, she has set the template for something different, with her own idiosyncratic style of writing. Establishing engaging characters as well, she sets herself apart through her authenticity, honesty, and wit, putting her in an entirely different league. Knowing her audience well at this point too, she writes in a clear and articulate manner, instantly getting to the point from the outset.

Many of her stories focus on LGBTQ Latine characters, bringing them and their world to life upon the page. Drawing from her own background, she seeks to represent a different and unique perspective in her novels and fiction. Writing both full novels and shorter stories, she’s also contributed to anthology collections writing alongside other writers. These short-stories include ‘Our Shadows Have Claws’ and ‘Study Break,’ and she has plenty more stories to come yet.
Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Southern California with a strong passion for storytelling that was nurtured by her family and friends, Racquel Marie would hone her skills from an early age. Developing this craft over time, she would come to find her own voice and style, allowing her to say what she wanted to say. Focusing on writing, she would continue to build upon this interest, throughout her education, on into her adult career.

Attending the University of California, she would receive a BA in English, as well as well as gaining a minor in sexuality and gender studies. Taking much of her inspiration from her own life, she would apply her learning to her work, all the while looking for her next huge idea. Currently still writing and working to this very day, she has plenty more titles planned on the horizon, as she continues into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career
It was in 2022 that Racquel Marie would publish her first novel, with it being a Young Adult title called ‘Ophelia After All.’ Taking place in an American high-school, it would be an engaging debut on multiple levels, providing an entirely stand-alone romance story. Later she would write her second novel titled ‘You Don’t Have a Shot’ in 2023, which would also be a Young Adult romance novel.

Largely not focusing on any series as such, Racquel Marie would center her stories around the American high-school experience. Many of her stories would also feature a positive LGBTQ narrative, and they would appeal to audiences both nationally and internationally. Maintaining a brand offline and on, she continues to write with more and more discovering her work and writing every day.

Ophelia After All
First published in 2022 on the 8th of February, this would be the literary debut for Racquel Marie as an author. Introducing both her and her style as a writer for the first time, it would be an entirely stand-alone Young Adult novel with a self-contained narrative. Published through the ‘Feiwel and Friends’ publishing imprint, it would be a high-school set novel grounded firmly in reality.

Interested in Cuban food, her friends, rose-gardening, and boys, high-school student Ophelia Rojas is has numerous crushes on her mind. Lately she’s been thinking of the quiet and cute Talia Sanchez, as her perception of herself begins to change and shift following the loss of her ex-boyfriend prior to prom. Soon high-school will be coming to an end, and everything will change, as Ophelia, her love-life, and her sexuality shift and change. Where will her journey take her next, who will she find in her travels, and what will finally become of Ophelia after all?

It’s a positive and interesting story that has a lot to offer, really delivering on its core concept, before taking it to the next level. The central protagonist of Ophelia is an engaging one, making for an entertaining narrative that really brings its world to life. Constantly turning the page, the audience is fully invested in her outcome, continually wanting to find out what comes next.
You Don’t Have a Shot
Originally brought out in 2023 on the 9th of May, this would first be published through the ‘Feiwel and Friends’ outlet once again. Another stand-alone Young Adult novel, it would feature a self-contained romance set in high-school, this time taking place around the game of Soccer. It’s completely stand-alone and instantly accessible, making it easy to read for readers from all over the world.

Focusing on her love of Soccer, Valentina ‘Vale’ Castillo-Green is fully invested in her passion for the game, and that’s when a fight during play-offs threatens to ruin everything. Looking to escape her childhood Soccer camp, she wants to relax away from it all, and that’s when she learns her arch-rival Leticia Ortiz is trying out for college in front of scouts. Returning to help her team, Vale soon reluctantly turns to Leticia for assistance as the two of them soon discover something more between them. Can they overcome their initial fight though, will they be able to succeed in their plan, and what will happen after they both initially say ‘you don’t have a shot?’

The book is once again another fun and entertaining story with witty and engaging characters that feel fully rounded. A definite must not only for fans of the author, but of the genre as a whole, it has plenty to enjoy, making it more than engaging for its audience. Written in a compelling manner too, it’s easy to pick up, yet equally difficult to put down, making for an addictive and interesting story.

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