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Rae B. Lake loves to call herself an optimist, daydreamer, animal activist, nurse, momma, bookworm, wife, and nature enthusiast.

Aside from all that, she is known as a bestselling author of the “Wings of Diablo MC” series of novels. She published “Frozen Perfection” her debut novel in 2017 to much commercial and critical success.

Since then, she has become a prolific author with more than fifty works to her name across several series, single-standing novels, short story collections, novellas, and contributions to series.

Lake has lived most of her life in New York City, where she lives with her family and writes her novels.

Given that Rae is not yet a professional author, she still works a day job as a community nurse.

When she is not working or writing her novels she can usually be found listening to music, taking a walk, and reading all manner of romance books.

Rae has asserted that writing fiction is something that she has wanted to do for the longest time and hence it was not surprising when she started writing.

She loves writing motorcycle club romance novels because she has always loved the edgy nature of the genre that most other subgenres just could not get away with.

Lake likes the passion, the grit, and most of all the no filter that most of her characters enjoy.

As for authors that have been an inspiration it has to be Nicholas Sparks. She loves the author not because he has the most intense tropes or for his prolific work ethic but the fact that he writes stories beyond the magical.

Every time she reads his works she finds herself tearing up.

Rae B. Lake’s novel “Wire” is an interesting story of Wire and Keeley.

Wire is a member of the Wings of Diablo MC Club where he works as a pain manager. This means that he is responsible for getting information any way he can for his club and any of the brothers that need it.
He is known to be a ruthless and cold man who is an expert with barbed wire, serrated blades, and blow torches. He has been known to take to a gunfight without a care, and not flinch when his victims screamed when he tore flesh from their bodies.

Chaos was his meditation until he met Keeley and one wrong victim, one small piece of information later and he cannot forget her. He had turned up at Keeley’s front yard brandishing a gun and with a profuse bleed from his face.

If was at that precise moment she had realized that her world would be upended, she would never have let him in. She had a few months back decided to leave home and leave all the wars and violence but now finds herself in a world she never wanted.

She wants to run but her legs will not move since she has never been more excited by anyone than she is by Dillon. No one has ever made her scream in pleasure or protected her as he does.
He lives a hard life but despite all the danger, there is no place she would rather be than by his side.

“Archer” by Rae B. Lake is a compelling romance read that tells the story of Archer and Daria. Archer is a member of the “Wings of Diablo MC Club” where he serves as a master marksman.

He can take out any target he is asked to and is a magician with all manner of firearms from the sexy M2010, the simple and small Glock, the big bad shotgun to the powerful Magnum.

The calculated and stoic man never misses his target and his life revolved around his work. But then he met a woman who seared into his soul at the wrong time and wrong place.

On the other hand, is Daria woman that was a loner that never wanted to burden anyone around her or get anyone upset. As such, she tries to avoid the action when her friends convince her to go to a party.
But she cannot stay away from it all as she gets hit on by an ugly man missing some teeth, gets shot in the chest, and ruins her favorite shirt.

It was a bad day overall, and the only positive to the entire experience is that he was set up with a counselor named Archer, who worked for the hospital.

Daria finds that the man has these beautiful but haunted eyes which make her believe that he can learn to trust people again.

No one can make her body surrender like he does or gets her pulse racing like Archer. Even with so many secrets she cannot help but submit to him.

“Clean” by Rae B. Lake is the story of Maven and Clean.

The latter is a member of the Wings of Diablo MC Club where he is the information officer. It is not a job that he loves and in fact, he would rather hook up with club women and party all day if it were up to him.

Unfortunately, a leader of the Bolivian Drug Cartel named Alejandro Villanueva has been issuing all manner of threats and he was needed to find information.

On the verge of war, the club called upon him to gather as much information about their enemy as he could. Even though he does not like his job, he is loyal to his brothers and gets to work.
It is while he is on these jaunts that he meets a badass woman with the body of an Amazon and red black hair accompanied by a very sharp tongue.

Maven is a woman that has been around gangsters and bikers her whole life. But she had left that life when she had her twins only for some selfish turd to appear on her doorsteps and make her break all the promises she had made to herself.

Barry is an immature and selfish man with a very messy life but she had never had someone so loyal. But despite all her connections in the MC world beating Villanueva will be an almost impossible task.
She just hopes that she can convince Barry and his MC Club to not go to war with the Cartel or else they would lose everything.

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