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Raeesah Ambarker
Raeesah Ambarker, who is more commonly known as Rae, which she is lovingly referred to by her readers, is a writer from Africa that always dreamed about becoming a published author.

Her favorite genres are fantasy and romance. She hopes to one day finally write the fantasy novel that she has been brainstorming for years now. For now, though, she has got romance ideas galore.

When Rae is not busy with writing her own novels, she is reading one of the numerous books on her huge TBR pile.

“The Goal” is a short story in the “James Trilogy” and was uploaded to Wattpad page. In order to break free from the stereotypical box which high school had placed her in, Charlie has to team with Liam, the new soccer player on the team that her father coaches.

Girls fall at Liam’s feet, just not Charlie. She fell onto his lap. Although technically, she missed and fell to the ground since she had been tipsy. He wants her to leave, while she wants him to smile, but they are both exactly what the other one requires. Charlie’s got the independent and wild outlook on life that Liam craves; whereas he’s got the indifferent attitude that she needs in order to rebel against the status quo. They have got a common goal: to be free from what holds them both back.

By pairing a moody soccer player with a bubbly cheerleader, the only possible outcome is a bunch of teen spirit.

This story won the 2020 Fiction Awards. It was also #1 in Cheerleader and #1 in TeenFiction.

“The Distance Between” is a short story in the “James Trilogy” and was uploaded to the author’s Wattpad page. Between When a social outcast who has been harboring secrets meets this stone cold soccer player with this intense stare, sparks start flying. Only question is whether or not they will allow distance to come between either of them.

Eden Orlov has got zero experience in the social department and is just fine with it. She’s got zero intentions of living life to the absolute fullest and is satisfied with experiencing things through her books. Which all diminishes the moment the scowling Christian James barges right into her life, and demands that she take life by the horns. They are both holding back, however little by little, their connection chews at the distance between them both, bringing the pair closer together.

Christian and Eden get twisted in this adventure that she has only ever read about: falling in love.

This story hit #1 in Trending and #1 in College Romance.

“Law of Attraction” is the first novel in the “Universal Laws” series and was released in 2022. Raeesah tells the story about these two individuals certain that they hate one another yet are forced to view things in a whole new light once new problems arise.

Nyx really can’t quite escape her eternal night, the exact same darkness she was named after. Nyx is a witty, smart mouthed, and take no shit woman that is studying sports management. This woman keeps everybody at arms length, and always pushes people’s buttons as a form of self preservation, for some pretty valid reasons. Angry at the entire world, her hatred is ravenous for none other than Beckham Hunt, who is captain of an ice hockey team.

Beckham loathes Nyx Taylor, that much he’s absolutely sure of. No one boils his blood nearly as much as she does and when she gets hired to assist his team during their championship season, he realizes there’s more to her than meets the eye. She had always been the villain in his story, despite the two of them being close in the past, which changed because of something that happened which threw everything off of its axis. However, all of a sudden, she is the plot twist that he never saw coming.

Each scowl, insult, and glare piles up, put under some tremendous pressure by their mutual hatred. But, peeking through their fury-clouded vision, they find that the center of their relationship is blazing. Beckham and Nyx, like two rival stars gravitating towards one another, are powerless when the law of attraction forces them both to just accept that passion does not always mean hatred, but possibly something more.

Rae delivers a novel that is well written with a fiery spice to it, and features some heavy emotions, joy, and some heartache. Beckham and Nyx have mind boggling chemistry right from the start and you can just feel it coming off the page. They are very flawed characters yet also immensely lovable lead characters. Fans of the book love just how much everyone comes to adore each other by the conclusion, and, except for the villains, they love every single character in this story.

The novel deals with some graphic themes, but does have a very happy ever after, and helps give the novel a lot more depth than it would have had otherwise. It also utilizes the found family trope incredibly well, something that made readers like the book even more for. Join Beckham and Nyx in their adventure of a swoon worthy, steamy, enemies-to-lovers, angsty, sports romance. Fans find themselves keeping Beckham and Nyx forever in their heart, as they go through so much pain in order to find their happily ever after, but it’s so worth it for them.

Readers loved the friendships and the protective and sisterly love that they have for one another. This book may revolve around its romance and it does pick up at the end, it is very much a slow burn at the start, the whole time gradually building in its intensity.

The writing here is fantastic, since it gets you happy, sad, angry, confused, hurt, and laughing. Rae puts all these emotions on the page and makes you feel them over the course of the entire novel. And the smut was steamy and hot, the best that it can get.

Rae never misses with her writing. She writes her stories in a way that leaves you wanting more as the story progresses, dropping these little puzzle pieces along the way and leaves you wondering and guessing.

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