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Publication Order of Nowhere / Rafferty Family Books

Nowhere to Run (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nowhere to Hide (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nowhere Safe (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Can't Escape (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Game (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Rafferty Family series is a wonderful novel series of romantic suspense, thriller, crime fiction, and murder mystery stories. It is written by a USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and NY Times bestselling American novelist named Nancy Bush. The series is also popularly known as the Nowhere series because the first word of every book’s title bears the name ‘Nowhere’. Nancy Bush started writing the series in 2012 and published its first volume in the same year. So far, she has successfully written and published five volumes, each better than the previous one.

Nancy is expected to add several more titles to the series in the coming years. In every book, she has mentioned a different set of primary characters, who are shown portraying essential roles to keep the readers interested until the last page. Some of the prominent characters created by Nancy Bush for the series include Liv Dugan, September Rafferty, Jake Westerly, Stephan, Jay Danzinger, Jordana Winters, Luke Denton, Andi Wren, and a few others. In some books, the character of September Rafferty appears recurringly. She is depicted as a detective, who indulges in investigating the mysteries happening around and trying to catch the culprits in murder cases and other crimes. Every novel of this series has performed extremely well and has gone on to feature in the bestseller lists of various literary journals and magazines.

A number of prominent reviewers and critics have given rave reviews to the books. They have particularly commented on the characters portrayed in each of the novels and have said that the depth with which Nancy Bush has described them is amazingly wonderful. Even many of her fellow writers have spoken well about the books and have praised Nancy for her excellent work. All such reviews and praise have helped the series to become much more successful as a whole. As a result, Nancy Bush has succeeded in achieving more success and acquire more fame as a writer of romantic suspense stories. She has expressed her gratitude to one and all and is hopeful of receiving such support for all her future works.

The debut book of the Rafferty Family series written by author Nancy Bush is entitled ‘Nowhere to Run’. It was released in 2012 by Kensington Publishing Corp. This novel opens by introducing Liv Dugan as an employee of Zuma Software. One day, she steps out of her office to get lunch like a usual day, but when she returns she finds the place turned into a massacre. Someone had killed all her colleagues at the company. Liv thinks that she was lucky to get out alive and worries that the killer might come for her too. She suspects that the brutal shooting is somehow connected to her past. Recently, Liv Dugan received a package from her adoptive mother, who is long-dead. She wonders if the killer wants that package. Fearing for her life and being followed by the killer, Liv halts a stranger’ car, hops in it, and asks him to drive as fast as he can.

While on the road, Liv narrates her story to the stranger, who listens to each of her words carefully, At first, he seems skeptical but later begins to believe Liv Dugan’s words. With the help of this unlikely confidant, Liv tries to find the truths about her real and adoptive families. She also looks for answers about her troubled childhood. She wonders whether her past contains a secret that has forced the killer to commit such a brutal act and give her a nightmare that she never imagined. Another intriguing installment of this series is known as ‘Nowhere to Hide’. It was also published in 2012 by the Zebra publication. This book opens with the introduction of a killer, who carves out the words ‘Do Unto Others’ on the bodies of his victims. All his victims are young girls, typically brunette and beautiful.

All his previous killings have been a way to ease his rage that he has festered for many years. The one that he actually wants to kill with his knife is September Rafferty. September is commonly referred to as Nine by her close ones. When she receives an artwork in the mail, she immediately recognizes it as something she had created in the 2nd grade. The killer has sent it to her with words written in blood. September thinks that she knows who the killer is and her investigation leads her to an old classmate named Jake Westerly. She wants to believe that Jake is not the killer, but wonders if trusting him could get her killed. In the meantime, the killer vows to make all his future victims suffer like he has suffered all these years. He wants to start with September Rafferty to make it clear that he doesn’t fear the law and would go to any length to achieve his vengeance by killing the people responsible for turning him into a monster.

Nancy Bush is a reputed American writer of romance, mystery, and thriller books. She is particularly famous for writing the Jane Kelly series, Danner series, and the Nowhere series. Many of the books of these series have featured on the bestseller lists of USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and New York Times. Nancy writes her books, both independently and in collaboration with her novelist sister named Lisa Jackson, who is a bestselling author herself. The writing career of Nancy is comprised of more than thirty novels. For writing some of her books, she has also collaborated with Rosalind Noonan. Before the start of her writing career, Nancy used to work as a scriptwriter for ABC. She has worked on the production company’s daytime drama called All My Children. As of today, Nancy resides in the Pacific Northwest with her happy family and their lovely dog called The Binkster.

Nancy credits her success as a writer to her days working for ABC. She says that the pressure of delivering a new story every day helped her to focus on her writing and made her a punctual writer. Now, she doesn’t find any difficulty in meeting the deadlines of her projects. After returning to her hometown in Oregon, the first thing that she did was start writing a mystery. She had been waiting for the day for a long time and was overjoyed in being able to channel her newfound energy into creating something exciting. Recently, Nancy has acquired back the rights of a number of her earlier books. She is also looking forward to re-releasing of her Wicked series that she and her sister wrote together.

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