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Publication Order of Raider Warlords of the Vandar Books

The “Raider Warlords of the Vandar” are a series of bestselling science fiction novels by romance and science fiction novelist Tana Stone.

The author is a huge lover of independent heroines and sexy aliens as she grew up on the likes of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” Her favorite hero has always been Thor even though she also loves Jason Momoa’s rendition of Aquaman.
She penned “Possessed,” the debut novel of the “Raider Warlords of the Vandar” series of novels in 2020. The series of novels now has more than half a dozen works with more in the works.

Tana Stone currently makes her home in the state of North Carolina where she lives with her husband, their two kids, and two neurotic cats. She sometimes wishes to teleport to fantastic places in her many fantasy series.
When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found reading obsessively, traveling, diving, and paddle boarding. She also engages with her readers and fans through her social media and particularly her private Facebook group.

Tana Stone’s novels in “The Raider Warlords of the Vandar” are a series of science fiction works with barbarian warrior vibes to them. The series of novels introduce the nomad horde called the Vandar, which are described as humanoid alien warriors who live in space.
The Vandar are Viking-like warriors that have been fighting the Zagrath Empire for centuries. For the Vandar, anyone who associates or stands with their enemies is immediately branded their enemy too.

In the debut novel of the series, Astrid is a navigator whose ship is caught in the land of the Vandar due to a navigational error. Instead of putting her to death the ruthless leader of the Vandar decides to make her a prisoner on his ship.
In the second novel of the series Raas Kaaelek is angry at his brother for not punishing Astrid’s crew and boards the ship to exact punishment. But when he gets onto the ship he finds Tara all alone resulting in some delicious moments.
In the third novel of the series, Rachel takes her chance in the chaos of war between the Vandar and the Zagrath and escapes to a horde ship where she meets an even more ruthless lord.

In “Possessed” the first novel of the “Raider Warlords of the Vandar” series of novels is the story of Astrid and Raas Kratos. She had sacrificed herself to save her sister’s ship but is now owned by a raider warlord. As the navigator of the ship, Astrid should have known not to lead the ship into Vandar territory.

For many years, they had heard rumors of Vandar raiders across the Galaxy from where they lived. They are reputed to be ruthless and terrifying warriors that had terrorized the Zagrath empire and smashed everyone that stood against them.
Not many people had ever seen the Vandar or the bloodthirsty warrior kings who led them to war. As such when the ruthless aliens had come aboard their ship intent on killing the crew and destroying everything, there was only one thing she could do.
Astrid gave herself to the menacing and dark warlord so that he would allow her sister’s ship to leave Vandar territory. But she will now need to travel with his deadly crew of raiders and share his bed.

Still, the sight of the battle-scarred and very huge alien terrifies her. However, as she adjusts to her new life on the strange alien ship, she discovers that the warrior is interested in more than her body.
He wants to possess her soul and is willing to make her a new deal if she agrees to his proposal.

The second novel of the “Raider Warlords of the Vandar” is “Plundered.” This is the story of Tara the sister to Astrid and the brother of Raas Kratos and commander of the Vandar horde Raas Kaalek.

Her sister had given herself to the raider warlord so that she could save Tara’s life but now she is hunting the man down so that she can get her sister back. She has never forgiven herself for letting the warlord drag her off her ship and she has been searching for him and his horse of warships ever since she had been let go.

The Vandars are known for being merciless and cruel and hence when her ship comes under attack from the warlords of another alien race she expects to be blown out of the sky. But she finds herself taken captive but is determined to never submit to his demands even if she is now his property.

However, his fiery eyes and hard body ignite in her a desire like nothing she ever felt before. Despite being his captive, she still wants to locate and save her sister. The Vandar alien might not have her but she believes he knows who does. If she can give him what he craves maybe he will help her in her quest to find Astrid.

However, she is not so sure she is willing to let her plunder her heart when he ultimately controls her body.

“Pillaged” is the third novel of the “Raider Warlords of the Vandar” series of novels by Tara Stone. In this work, we are introduced to Rachel, a woman that believed things could not have been worse when she was ordered to get married to the disgusting general of the Zagrath alien race.

However, she had been taken by Vandar raiders who happen to be the Zagrath’s deadliest enemies. With their tails and battle kilts, they are known for not taking prisoners and their fierceness.

But then she is taken captive by Raas Toraan, the menacing Vandar warlord who insists on treating her like an honored guest. Taking the bride of the general is one thing but to exact the most appropriate blow he needs to make Rachel his.
When he claims her, marks begin appearing on her skin which just confirms that she is indeed his true mate. However, he has no intention of forcing her and instead wants to make a deal with her.

He proposes that she willingly becomes his mate and she will get freedom from an arranged and loveless marriage which is something she always wanted. He stokes both her desire and fear and she just cannot say no to him.

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