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Raine Miller is a Bestselling author that writes romance novels.


Raine Miller is an indie published author that has been reading romance since she was a child. The author’s first life-changing encounter with the genre of romance came when she read her first Barbara Cartland book.

Raine was thirteen at the time, the perfect age for her fertile imagination to begin dreaming about a future in publishing. As an author, Raine Miller took what she learned from Barbara Cartland’s work and expanded it, adding enough Sex and edge to make Ms. Cartland gasp.

Raine loves writing about alpha heroes with dark secrets, soft hearts, and complex sexual desires. She knows that many of her creations are clichéd but the author doesn’t believe the alpha hero and his vulnerable heroine will ever go out of literary style.

Before Raine set hearts and minds ablaze with her words, she was a teacher. And for all the satisfaction she elicited from the career, she admits that she never felt more alive than when she finally quit her day job to start writing full time.

Raine has a husband, children and a pair of Italian Greyhounds. The family has always been supportive of her literary efforts, though Raine has expressed gratitude that her sons have never shown an interest in reading any one of her books.

+Literary Career

Raine Miller writes erotic romance novels. She admits that the genre isn’t as easy to work with as ordinary romance. Raine knows that her readers are primarily women looking for lust-filled novels into which they can escape.

However, Raine does not set out to write porn. Her intention is to create believable stories interspersed with elements of sex. The sex is an important component of Raine’s books but she never forgets to surround it with a compelling story.

Finding that perfect balance between erotic content and proper storytelling and character development is challenging, but Raine generally rises up to meet that challenge.

Raine Miller’s journey into authorship wasn’t planned. The author was a first-grade teacher before the call of publishing success beckoned to her. It all began when she went on medical leave as a result of a surgical procedure she had to undergo.

The recovery process was long. Raine spent many months at home with nothing to do. At first, she read. Then she found that as entertaining as her choice of books were, it wasn’t enough.

So she began writing. The first time was just an experiment. But once she began, she couldn’t stop. Raine Miller eventually went back to work but that did not stop her from writing every single day.

The first book Raine ever wrote was ‘The Muse’. Raine chose to sit on it for years, instead deciding to publish her contemporary romance novels. She later admitted that ‘The Muse’, a historical romance novel, was at the center of many of the books she had written and that her more contemporary characters were actually descendants of the characters she had introduced in ‘The Muse’.

‘The Muse’ was eventually released as a prequel. Even though Raine first found success with contemporary erotic romance, her passion has always been with historical romance. And once she finally cemented her place in the indie publishing field, she immediately leaped into the genre.

Raine has enjoyed unexpected success in the indie publishing field. The author has not attributed her popularity to any particular secret. The one thing she did when she was first starting out was to send advance copies of her first books to bloggers.

She realized that many a reader got their recommendations for books to read from bloggers and Raine knew that if she could just convert the bloggers in question into fans, then their network of followers was sure to jump aboard her train.

The author was right in her calculations. Raine Miller’s books have been translated into languages like German and Spanish, a feat she never dreamed of achieving; though, Raine has admitted that the process of preparing her books for foreign markets is very difficult.

As far as the writing process is concerned, Raine is a plotter. She endeavors to meticulously plan out her plots and storylines before she starts writing. And Raine writes in order.

Most of the author’s writing gets done in a space with a window. Raine’s likes looking out at nature and at the sky. The view helps her think and imagine. Though, sometimes even the view might fail to keep her focused on her work.

With two sons and a pair of dogs, Raine’s household can get pretty hectic. Sometimes, the sound of dogs running about can make concentration impossible. Other times, Raine gets distracted by either a good book or an enticing television show.

But Raine is very disciplined and, regardless of what is happening, she always ensures that she writes every single day.


Brynne Bennett believes she’s living the good life, and for good reason. Bennett is an art student at the University of London, and she has seen some success as a part-time model.

Bennett’s life changes when she meets Ethan Blackstone. The successful businessman is accustomed to getting what he wants, and it only takes him one glance at Bennett’s nude portrait to decide that he wants her.

Bennett finds her world crashing when she struggles and fails to resist her suitor’s captivating nature. Bennett knows that there are demons in her past but she isn’t the only one carrying secrets

This book, the first in the Blackstone Affair series, has been compared to the works of more popular authors like E.L. James and Sylvia Day. The book more or less replicates the standard set by its predecessors by telling the story of an obsessive millionaire who grows infatuated with an insecure heroine.

+All In

Ethan Blackstone betrayed Brynne Bennett’s trust and for that, she left him. But Ethan cannot live without the American beauty, even in light of the secrets they hid from one another and which ultimately tore them apart.

Ethan is determined to get her back, especially as political threats descend upon her.

This book picks up where the first one left off. Ethan is heartbroken and enraged after losing Bennett. The story told here delves into Ethan’s head and shows the possessive thoughts he must overcome to win his love back.

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