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By: Arthur C. Clarke, Gentry Lee
Rendezvous with Rama (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rama II (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Garden of Rama (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rama Revealed (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bright Messengers (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Full Moon Night (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tranquility Wars (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Arthur C. Clarke is an English author of fictional novels. He is known for being one of the top defining figures in the twentieth-century science fiction writing genre.

His most famous work may well be his novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. The book was turned into a feature-length film that became quite famous and was created by Clarke and director Stanley Kubrick. Clarke also appeared in many other mediums, making appearances in documentaries and specials, and even has three acting credits to his name.

Born in Minehead in Somerset, England, on December 16, 1917, Clarke’s work continues to be read this day. He lived in England for the first part of his life, even serving in the Second World War as a radio operator. Clarke graduated from King’s College in London, earning First Class Honours in the subjects of Physics and Mathematics.

In 1956, he craved a change of scenery and moved to Ceylon. Clarke has served as Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society as well as belonged to scientific groups such as the Royal Astronomical Society and the Academy of Astronautics. Arthur C. Clarke has also won many awards for his writing. These include the 1961 Kalinga Prize, the Bradford Washburn Award, the AAAS-Westinghouse prize for science writing, and several Nebula and Hugo Awards. He was named Grand Master of SFW of America in 1986 and was awarded the CBE three years later.

Clarke has written several novels, over fifty in total. His first novel was published in 1951 and is titled A Prelude to Space (although it is also known by its alternate title, Master of Space).

Arthur C. Clarke is the author of the Rama series, which deals with humans as they react to the detection of a foreign object in space.

Rendezvous with Rama is the first novel in the series. It won Clarke the John W. Campbell Award and was released in 1972. He wrote the following novels in the Rama series along with established author Gentry Lee. The third book is titled The Garden of Rama. It was released in 1991. Rama Revealed would be the final book in the series, coming out in 1993.

Rendezvous with Rama is the first novel in the Rama science fiction series by renowned author Arthur C. Clarke. The thing named Rama is not a person or even a planet; it’s a celestial object. The astronomers studying it have named it Rama. In the beginning, they only have limited information about the object.

What they do know is this: the object is very large. It weighs over ten trillion tons. Even though it’s moving quickly through the solar system at a speed so fast that it is nearly inconceivable. But when a space probe sent out to collect data sends back information on the object, it confirms that Rama is not a natural object such as a meteor or asteroid.

Rama appears to be, for lack of a better word, a spacecraft. That would explain why it’s so large in mass and weighs so much. The astronomers are at first thrilled and then equal parts nervous. This could be a discovery that brings the human race to the next level… or into a playing field unlike any other that they have ever known– and are likely ill-prepared for.

The discovery of the spaceship has left the astronomers with more questions than they have answers. No one has any idea what the Ramans are or who they believe themselves to be. No one knows where the Ramans have come from, or how many are on board that huge spaceship. Rama is full of mysteries, and with no answers, the humans will have to find out exactly what they are dealing with when they make the first contact.

When the final rendezvous comes, will they be prepared? Or will the fate of the human race take a turn for the worse once that Raman airlock door opens? Read the classic first novel in Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama series to find out!

Rama II is the second novel in the Rama series. It was written by Arthur C. Clarke along with Gentry Lee. This exciting sequel picks up in the Rama world. Only this time it is nearly seventy years since the official events occurred in what is being called the Rendezvous with Rama.

It was a huge source of excitement when astronomers first detected the object moving in space that they dubbed Rama. The mysterious object had actually turned out to be a huge alien spacecraft that had been moving through the solar system quickly. It was the thrilling first proof for humans that intelligent life other than humanity existed in the universe.

Now it seems that history is repeating itself as a second Raman spaceship has come into the Milky Way galaxy and in range of Earth’s solar system. It is the 23rd century, and astronomers have detected data that suggests that yet another ship is coming towards the planet. Only this time is slightly different from the first time as astronomers have an idea that the ship was coming and are getting ready for it.

As the planet is expecting the second Raman vessel at any moment, a group of the most intelligent and brilliant minds on Earth has been assembled. Their goal is to rendezvous with the ship and hopefully, have everything go well enough that they get the chance to solve some of the mysteries that had been offered up by Rama.

The crew has been trained, debriefed, and armed with all of the existent information about the Raman’s culture and their technology. But when the crew finally makes contact, they may find that they are woefully unprepared for what they encounter while on board the second ship. With conflicts arising and the away journey slowly but surely falling apart, the crew must do what they can to solve their mission– or in the end, abandon it just to survive.

The Rama II might just have some secrets that are too deadly to ever bring back– if you even survive them at all. Will the human crew be able to stick together and achieve their goal of a successful rendezvous, or are they in for the fight of their lives against unknown cosmic forces? Check out the thrilling second novel in the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke, Rama II, to find out!

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