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More Than Human (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Infinite Resource (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lightspeed Magazine, February 2014(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Visions of the Future(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mech(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ramez is a very good technologist as well as a very good science fiction writer. Ramez is the author of More Than Human: Embracing the promise of biological enhancement.He is also the author of Nexus which has won the Prometheus Award in 2014. He helped to develop the software named Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft.He is a member of the world future society. He also worked as a CEO of Apex nanotechnologies.This company was developing nanotechnology software before Microsoft.Becoming a writer is not a very tough thing but becoming a good seller writer is very rare.Ramez has shown the world with his incompatible writing quality.His fictions are outstanding and awesome in a new era of modern science.The quality of his writings is sky high.Sometimes it seems that those are out of the world.How can a person write this sort of fiction especially about the human genome, DNA.

Ramez was born in Cairo, Egypt.At the of three he came to US.He is a computer scientist and spent about 13 years in Microsoft as a top team worker on web browsing and email.He is now one of the best writers of science fiction.He got the H.G Wells award in 2005 for his non-fiction book More than human: Embracing the promise of biological enhancement.This particular book has a lot of reviews.It is a very interesting non-fiction book.Every reader should read this book.
This book is about the uses of nanotechnologies in human life.We can use nanotechnologies for curing a lot of diseases.For an example, we can use nanotechnologies to bring the sight of a blind man and enhance the vision of people those are having a problem with their eyes.The Author has also shown the use of modern science Such as some drug will enhance human brain.human will be more fit both physically and mentally.This book also shows that the cloned human will be same as a normal there is no use of ban the cloning.Genetic mutation will be a great achievement of the modern world.This book makes a point on DNA manipulation which is indeed very interesting.Scientists are also trying to manipulate human genome.This book has a ton of information about nanotechnologies.

Nexus is a thriller novel of Ramez.It was published in 2012.This novel is about a scientist named Kaden Lane who works on nano drug, nexus.This drug allows the human brain to connect with other human brains and well networked.In this book, some young scientist is trying to improve the use of nano drugs and some want to eradicate it most of all some are trying to exploit that drug.That will threat to the human. Nexus is a future that`s the best compliment for the book.

Crux is a sequel of Nexus.It was published in 2013.After the publish of nexus-5 the world has become a more dangerous place for living.Some children are born with nexus in their brain.It is a threat for the children.In US, the terrorists or the freedom fighters using nexus to turn human into a human bomb.In, Washington DC scientists are using nexus secretly to improve their ability.In Thailand, Vietnam everywhere nexus is only matter of worry.The world will be at war regarding Nexus.

but recently Apex has been published by the author.These three books are really a new start of the nanotechnology.scientist are working hard to improve and make the human race more secure.Except those books, he has written some books which are speechless.He has written many articles every year.among those articles The Renewable Energy Revolution is the best.The world is currently facing the shortage of energy.After some years, there will be no fossil fuel to burn.Then what will be the source of all energy?In that blog, Ramez has written the solution of that burning question about the fuel. From that blog, we will know the use of wind energy.Ramez has spoken on National television on three topics in front of In the world.In Reason TV, Ramez was invited to tell about his book named Infinite resource: the power of ideas in a finite planet.From the name of the book, we can easily predict that the subject will be about the resource.Ramez says that innovation is the key to success.He believes that we are having serious problems and he also believes that we are capable of solving all those problems.No one owns the natural resources of this universe.So we can`t just abuse those resources.He also thinks that technical innovations are key to generating more resources.He has answered a lot of questions about the infinite resource.

all his books are co-related with each other based on nanotechnologies.

Ramez has told a lot about idea sex.Sometimes ideas don`t work out as an effective idea. Idea sex is the combination of two ideas and gives birth to a new idea.New innovation is coming through this idea sex.The combination of ideas are innovative than simple ideas.

the government should emphasise on creating those infinite resources along with many non-govt., agencies.Together we can solve this power issue.Ramez is a very talented writer.He thinks differently about the worlds.His novels are mind blowing and related to each other about nano drug which can be a great potential for the improvement of the human race.A lot of readers are reading his books to have the ideas of creating something innovative for this world.In computer world, he has contributed to improving the web browsing site such as Microsoft Intenet Explorer.In his leisure time, Ramez likes to climb mountains, ride a bicycle.All his works are reviewed by famous journals like The New York Times, The Wall Street journal, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Time.
All his writings and researches are highly innovative.His writings encourage the young generation to appear at new idea sex.

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