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Randall H Miller is a thriller and mystery fiction author. The author who has written more than seven titles over the years is a bestselling amazon Top 10 author.

In his early life, he went to the oldest private military college in the United States Norwich University. It was here that he got his criminal justice bachelor’s degree and later on a master’s in diplomacy specializing in International Terrorism.

Miller is also a former officer in the 2nd and 82nd Airborne Divisions and is a trainer and researcher in close-quarter battle tactics and weapons.
He is an expert in military operators and law enforcement. He also had stints in high tech and pharmaceuticals before he decided to start writing fiction.
Randall published “Wrong Town,” his debut novel in 2015. The success of his debut is what made him kick on and decide to write more novels as he wrote the “Mark Landry” series of novels.

He currently makes his home in North Andover, Massachusetts from where he writes his novels and teaches college.

Randall H. Miller’s novel “Wrong Town” introduces Mark Landry, a thirty-nine-year-old veteran who is back home after years of working for a black ops unit run by the American government.

He arrives at the small town in Massachusetts to find that Luci Alvarez the girl he believed is his soul mate has become a policewoman.

She is an extraordinary law enforcement officer in the middle of the community’s struggles with change, as paranoia and fear grip the small community.
He wants to convince her that he has come back home now for good given that he is studying and researching a lifelong mystery. The former black-ops officer is eager to embark on a new life but events are threatening to bring his dark past to light.

If that were to happen it would jeopardize the relationship with the only woman he has ever cared about and send shockwaves across the country.
As targetted mass shootings and terrorist attacks become the norm, two new realities are evident; Landry’s life is increasingly starting to look like what he thought he had left behind and the center of gravity for terrorism is shifting.

Combining small-town drama, special operations, police work, and counterintelligence, it makes for a compelling adventure full of interesting characters.

“Family Matters” by Randall H. Miller is set five years after Mark Landry left the special operations organization. He had gone back home to a small town in Massachusetts to start a new life.

He is now balancing his role as father and husband with a security sector job. Life is good as he is getting a lot of money and action than he ever imagined he would ever get.

But then he has a weird encounter with some Russian mobsters in Boston. This results in the unearthing of a chilling conspiracy that includes NSA cyber experts, Beltway powerbrokers, and some of the deadliest assassins in the American underworld.

With Luci his detective wife, Kenny the cyber guru, and a loyal family of operators to help him, Mark gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance at gaining the influence and power he could never have imagined.

However, all this comes at a heavy price and he will need to harness all his cyber capabilities and manpower and bet everything in what is a huge game of deception.

It is an interesting modern-day thriller with echoes from the Cold war and interesting revelations that will leave readers in a spell.

Randall H. MIller’s novel “Turning Point” continues to chronicle the interesting life and times of Mark Landry. This is a high-tech modern thriller that comes with multiple crises, and family upheaval making for a brilliant story.

When the president and Oleg Borodin the legendary master of disinformation and spymaster that is also the National Security Advisor are taken out, Mark Landry is called in.

Together with his high-powered team, they go on a manhunt across the world in a deadly game of chase.

Back home, Luci Landry, his detective wife is contemplating running for sheriff when she retires from the police but unexpected happenings threaten her future and reputation.

The work combines shocking plot twists with real-life issues to keep readers on the edges of their seats as they cannot wait for what happens next and question all, their initial assumptions.

Picking up from where “Family Matters” and “Wrong Town” left off, it provides an interesting story arc that also includes Luci’s work.

While it is a continuation of the previous two novels. This can be read as a standalone title.

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