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Randall Wood is a renowned author from America, who is famous for writing mystery, suspense, and thriller novels. He is particularly popular for writing the Jack Randall series. Author Randall is also famous for writing several short stories set in the world of Jack Randall. Prior to becoming a writer, author Randall spent many years in other occupations. The jobs that he was involved in before taking up writing as a full time career include being a soldier, bartender, teacher, and flight medic. The latter is the one in which author Randall spent the bulk of his former years. He used to take out time between the 911 calls and missions to write stories based on his co-workers. Quite often, he used to feature the strange situations and the odd location they were made to visit in case of emergencies. However, author Randall was not able to find his niche. Then, he decided to listen to his inner voice and came up with the idea that he will write mysteries. And when his interest in writing mysteries increased, he took the decision of quitting his job and writing full time. As of today, author Randall resides in Southwest Florida along with his lovely wife named Jessica and three beautiful children. Both Randall and Jessica are fond of pet animals. For this purpose, they have housed a Great Dane and 3 cats. Just like many other writers, he too had not planned to become one. He used to write assignments during his school days. But, there was hardly any fun in it.

The first time author Randall had fun in writing something was when he penned a short story along with his classmates. He had made the boys dense and the girls as plastic in his story, and it brought a good laugh for them. The others liked his work and asked him to do it again. This way, author Randall kept on writing stuffs in his school time. Seeing his popularity in writing stories, the school authorities decided to name him the Class Writer in their yearbook. This could have been the turning point of his life, leading him to a good career choice. But, Randall seemed to have other plans at that time. His priority was to escape from his small hometown and get enrolled in the Army. Besides, he also had plans to travel to different places of the world. As Randall didn’t have good athletic ability, he had made up his mind that he is not going to study further. Joining the Army kept his spirits raised. Even though he learned a great many things there, but he could not make a career out of it. Therefore, he had to part ways. He chose to volunteer for receiving training as a medic. Author Randall believes that it was the best decision of his life. He left the army after obtaining his civilian licensure. His job of being a paramedic was more of a part time job. But, he made his way to a plane, a helicopter, and finally as a classroom instructor. While going through all of these, the stories were always there in author Randall’s head. He knew that they would come out one day. Randall’s habit of penning short stories about his fellow soldiers, classmates, adventures, and students continued even during his working days. Eventually, he succumbed to the frequent calls and ended up writing his first full length book, called Closure. After this, Randall’s writing genes changed to a high gear and helped him complete at least one book every year. However, the one thing Randall finds bad about writing is that his reading time has been cut short.

The Jack Randall series written by author Randall Wood is comprised of a total of 8 novels and 2 novellas, which were released between the years 2009 and 2017. All the books of this series feature the lead character in the role of a Special Agent named Jack Randall, who works for the FBI. The debut novel of this series is entitled ‘Closure’. It was released by the Tension Bookworks publication in the year 2009. This book’s plot takes place in Nevada and New York City. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a prominent lawyer gets shot while standing at a suburban station. Immediately after this incident, a nationwide manhunt is set in motion for finding an elusive murderer. Jack Randall is given the task of tracking down the shooter and stopping him from taking any more lives. The shooter challenges Jack Randall to stop him and he continues his killing spree. As the killer shoots many other people, he makes himself public and calls the press to reveal the criminal nature of the people he killed so far. By doing so, the shooter gains the public support and continues to tame the FBI at each and every turn. Jack Randall and his team follow the dead bodies’ trail from Nevada to New York City and try to get a lead from the haunting messages that the killer leaves behind at each crime scene. The pressure to hunt down the killer mounts very high on Jack, while the assassin’s messages become more sinister and his crimes even bolder. And when crime reaches closer to his home, Jack realizes that he is required to look into his own past in order to get his hands on the shooter.

Another excellent book written by author Randall is called ‘Pestilence’. The Tension Bookworks published this novel in 2012. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the American Embassy in South Africa gets bombed by a notorious terrorist. Following this, Jack Randall is ordered to come out of his doghouse status and go behind the trail of the most wanted terrorist of the world and catch him as soon as possible. While searching in the debris, the investigating team comes across a medication shipment. Later, they learn that the medications are so valuable that they could be killed for. Now, Jack has two missions at his hand, bringing down the terrorist who bombed the embassy and finding out the source of the valuable medications. Both the trails lead Jack Randall through the African deserts, the CDC, and finally to the US Government’s higher offices. Jack’s team uncovers the real purpose and nature of the medications. In the end, Jack Randall comes face to face a ten year old plot full of secret treaties, deadly plagues, and biological warfare. Now, he must make up his mind to deal with the culprits sitting in the higher offices of his own country’s government.

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