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Publication Order of Fostering Faust Books

Fostering Faust (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fostering Faust 2 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fostering Faust 3 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Incubus Inc. Books

Incubus Inc. (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incubus Inc. II (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incubus Inc. 3 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Remnant Books

Publication Order of System Overclocked Books

System Overclocked (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
System Overclocked 2 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wild Wastes Books

Randi Darren is a GameLit author who also writes as William D Arand. As William Arand, he writes teen fantasy novels while writing adult fantasy as Darren. He wrote his debut novel “Wild Wastes,” the first novel of the “Wild Wastes” series in 2017. Randi has been known to write novels that tackle issues such as the realities of power, wealth, service, and loyalty, which are often rewarded with joy and interest in the giving. He also writes of justice, fairness which are aspects that he believes make a lasting impact on the world and make it a better place for everyone. His characters are often equal parts anti-hero and hero and they are both humble and proud. While he is a prolific author with many novels and series published, he holds a day job like everyone else. When he is not writing his novels, he may be found enjoying comics, playing video games, and reading books. He also spends a lot of time on Reddit and sites such as Imgur. As Randi, he has written more than nine novels in the “Wild Wastes,” “Fostering Faust,” “Remnant,” and the “Incubus Inc.” series.

Darren’s debut novel “Wild Wastes” is a thrilling novel set just before the end of World War II. Just before the war ended, the world had suffered a major cataclysm. An experiment by one of the sides had failed and turned half of the US from the Mississippi River to the Sierra Nevada into “The Waste.” In The Waste, every fairy tale demon, fantasy creature, and mythological monster is free to roam around. From Harpies, Orcs, Elves, Neriads, Wratihs, Ogres, Beastmen, and Trolls, all make a living while despising mankind. In the ruins of the east and west coasts, governments have arisen to fill the void leftover. Vince is a Ranger who has been employed to take missions from one place to another which often means travel through The Waste. He does everything from escorts, courier services, or simply explores cities and tombs. On one such escort mission, he gets into some situation that is sure to change his life and those of other Americans forever.

“Eastern Expansion” by Randi Darren continues from where the debut left off. Vince had his first victory in Yosemite but now has to take care of his city and the citizens therein. Varric on the east is a potential trading partner but since they are in the wastelands, they need to first ensure that the roads are not infested with enemies. Vince gets Dryads for the Grove and a familiar whose feeding and care are very unusual. But he still has to decide on what to do with the concubine Elves. The babies and mothers bring a whole dimension of emotion into the narrative. The babies are instrumental in increasing the power of the Grove and the Dryads, all of which make Vince more powerful. He was already very powerful but just what will he become once he gets more powers. But there is a foul wind coming in and Vince may be able to bully or negotiate his way into the east though things look bad on the Western Front. While his empire is still fledgling, he knows that expansion is a must if they are to survive.

Randi Darren’s “Southern Storm” is set four years after the events of the second novel of the “Wild Waste’s” series. Vince is swamped with the political responsibilities of running the Yosemite Empire and he is close to burnout. He misses walking the forests watching the animals and environment as he had done as a ranger. Since Vegas and the eastern city of Varric had surrendered, he has had to spend much of his time away from home as he attends all manner of meetings between the different regions and cities. The few times he is home, he spends much of his time serving the Dryad community which never seems to stop expanding. But like in any other war, casualties abound and Vince powerful as he also has to suffer losses and casualties that sometimes turn him emotional. Down in South America, the people have created the Tri-lliance which in short order becomes the major thorn that everyone would love to see destroyed. What makes them so powerful is the fact that they have dragons in their army which makes them almost invincible against any enemy. The Tri-lliance wants it all but no emperor is more cunning than the leader of the Western Empire. There is certain to be an epic battle that would provide a thrilling fantasy story.

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