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Publication Order of Medieval: Rarities Unlimited Books

Moving Target (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running Scared (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Die in Plain Sight (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Color of Death (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth Lowell was born in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin in the year 1944. Elizabeth Lowell is the pen name for writer Ann Elizabeth Maxwell. In her childhood, she had an attraction for classic literature. She attended the University of California and attained her BA in 1966. She is married to Evan Lowell Maxwell. With the combination of both her middle name and her husband’s, she came up with her pseudonym. At present, she lives in Nevada in the Pacific Northwest together with her husband. Her husband was formerly a reporter for the LA times. His work mainly involved international crime


She began writing in 1975, when still in college her early books were all published under her real name. Since then, she has done well over 70 novel publications. Some of which she has written teaming up with her husband. Most of her work during this period of her writing career was under the science fiction genre. It was until 1983 that she both changed her genre in writing and name as a writer. She moved to romance category. This led her to becoming the innovator of romance suspense genre in the novel writing world.

She has at least 21 of her novels published in foreign languages. Her first audience for her science fictional work was her husband. And after several rejections by publishing houses for her works, she finally settled to look for an agent to help market her works.

She has made several publications some of which are series novels while others are single. Rarities Unlimited is one such example of series of novels that she did. The series made a debut in publications in 2001. It contains four novels moving target, 2001, running scared, 2002, die in plain sight 2003 and color of death 2004. The following are excerpts from her two earliest novels in the series.

1. Moving target novel

Serena begins her journey to find out a deep mystery behind a remorseful message left by her late grandmother. The letter itself started as, ‘by the time you read this I will be dead…’ To the end of it, every letter broke a new light in Serena’s mind craving for more information. Attached to the letter were four pieces of manuscripts which were a century old. Immediately she realizes the mysterious world hidden behind the letters in the documents under her possession. She moves on to seek professional help form a manuscript appraiser. Erik North, the appraiser is a reclusive man with a passion for historical and antique documents. Her husband was formerly a reporter for the LA times. His work mainly involved international crime

They find out scary and mysterious facts that they are left to fight for. They are stuck between raging worlds. A hidden and mysteriously dangerous world and the reality facts they have to live with. Serena’s bequest is part of the mysterious information Erik stumbles upon in the appraisal of the documents. The other mysteries encountered are the possible reasons for the death of Serena’s unconventional grandmother. The killer must have had a reason to kill her in cold blood in a south western desert, the Mojave Desert abandoning her in the heat. Also, due to the quests they betake, they realize an invisible killer hunting them down. Serena and Erik can only trust each other and are left with the option of running. They also have the task to solve the mystery behind the whole scene.

2. Running scared novel

Risa Sheridan works for an obsessed-by- gold old man. The uber-succesful gambling parlor was owned by Mr. Shane Tannahill. She knows almost everything about gold form the allure, mysteries and perils behind it. After her boss receive an offer about a rare piece of gold with the promise of more of the kind to come, she perceives a fear. This is because of the series of murder that have always occurred to anyone association with that particular piece. She is scared for her boss’s life with regard to the primeval Celtic piece on offer. Despite this, her boss’ lust for such rarities does not seem to let him see through the dangers he is exposing his life to.

To her expectations, it happens. Las Vegas suddenly becomes too small for their hiding. An unscrupulous murderer is after the duo. The piece of gold seems to be carrying either a curse or a related mystery that Risa is entangled in. does she make it out alive or does she vanish into the thin air like everyone else?

Other information

She started as a science fiction writer shortly after her marriage to evan. This was led by the series of boredom times she had when her husband was away for work most of the evenings. Having read numerous fictional books, she believed she could write under the genre. Elizabeth enjoys the company of her family when she is not working. She spends most of her free time at her home with her husband of over 40 years. Like every other normal woman, she likes hiking, cooking, salmon fishing and gardening. She also adores spending time in their family boat sometimes alone or with her husband.

Her children Mathew and heather are grown. Heather is also a blooming writer seemingly taking after her parents. She makes her publications with pen name, heather Lowell.


The writer has had several awards since her writing career began.

· Most of the time her works are always listed as best sellers in the Newyork times.

· In 1994, she was awarded as the best historical romance writer. This came from the romantic times career achievement award. This was one of her major achievements as a writer.


Elizabeth Lowell is a writer who understands the readers’ thirsts. So, in every single one of her published books, you can be sure to find enough for your reading thirst. The fact that some of her books are done in many other languages, gives the readers a bigger platform for more readers to engage in her thrilling narrations. Her books are either in paperback, hard back or printed. They can be located anywhere in book stores or in online stores.

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