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Publication Order of Blood & Ancient Scrolls Books

Blood Ex Libris (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Sine Qua Non (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Ad Infinitum (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Triad (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Adventures in Bodily Autonomy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Together We Stand, Vol. 2(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Raven Belasco is a huge bookworm, history nerd, and all-around geek—as well as the author of the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series. She’s also an old-school goth who used to perform at the infamous ManRay nightclub in Boston. While she still goes out dancing now and then, these days she spends more time walking her beloved terrier on nature trails and figuring out how to do that whole indie publishing thing.

The Blood & Ancient Scrolls series is a new take on the vampire mythos, set in a unique alternate universe, with a distinctive language spoken by the “am’r” (the vampire’s name for themselves). This series loves to play in the sandbox of history (and drops in all kinds of nerdy Easter eggs, for those who want to dive deeper, themselves). The first three books in the series follow the story arc of Anushka “Noosh” Rosetti, a librarian who finds herself swept off her feet and into a violent underworld that few living humans know exist. The series genre-bends across dark fantasy, historical, horror, action-adventure, with generous dashes of sensuality and wry humor. Character development is strong, but it does not get in the way of the sword fighting, hand-to-hand-combat, and other action.

Blood Ex Libris is the first book in the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series, and the introduction of Anushka “Noosh” Rosetti, a bored librarian who is not living up to her potential somewhere in Middle America. That all changes when she meets a vampire who turns out to be Vlad Dracula. Noosh makes some questionable (but fun!) choices, which both tie her to him, and then set her fate to leave the world she has known and join the underground world of the “am’r,” (the vampire’s name for themselves in their own language.) Noosh thinks she’s going to start a new life being an archivist to the am’r, but is kidnapped by Vlad’s oldest enemy as part of a convoluted scheme to bring down Vlad and his allies. Dark fantasy, history, action-adventure, sensuality, and horror all blend in this novel of growth, survival, and love.

Blood Sine Qua Non is the second in the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series. Noosh returns, with many other characters from Blood Ex Libris. The eldest of all the am’r (the vampire’s name for themselves), who has become an important part of Noosh’s life, disappears, and disturbing dreams warn Sandu (otherwise known as Vlad Dracula) and Noosh that he is in danger. To rescue him, they must work with the am’r of South America, and end up in a cave system in Tierra del Fuego, fighting not one but two opposing groups of enemies. Noosh is pushed past every limit she thought she had, not only to survive, but to save those who have become family to her. History, action-adventure, sensuality, and horror all blend in this novel of growth, survival, and love.

Blood Ad Infinitum is the third in the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series. Ongoing protagonist Noosh hasn’t even had time to recover from her last adventures before she finds herself and her loves in England. The excitement of meeting the am’r (the vampire’s name for themselves) of London and doing touristy things at night is ruined by a threatening summons from a mysterious am’r in the north of England. Noosh finds herself dealing with the scariest, most powerful “Big Bad” with no help from her partners or allies, with the loss of everyone she loves and even her own future on the line. Referencing the Cumbrian folktale of “The Vampire of Croglin Grange”, this novel blends history, action-adventure, sensuality, and horror in a dark fantasy story of growth, survival, and love.

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