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Publication Order of The Ravenels Books

Cold-Hearted Rake (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marrying Winterborne (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil in Spring (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hello Stranger (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Daughter (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Cassandra (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil in Disguise (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Ravenels series is a popular book series of romance, historical fiction, contemporary, and historical romance novels. It is written by an award winning novelist from the United States named Lisa Kleypas. The series is comprised of 5 books in total, 4 of which have been successfully released the fifth one is expected to be published in early 2019. In each of the books of this historical romance series, author Kleypas has described the romantic relationships of a different set of characters. She has done the setting of the stories in the historical period of the late 19th century and has set them in different parts of the United Kingdom. Among the characters described by author Kleypas, the important ones include Devon Ravenel, Helen Ravenel, Kathleen Ravenel, Pandora Ravenel, Rhys Winterborne, Cassandra Ravenel, Weston Ravenel, Lord Gabriel, Garrett Gibson, Ethan Ransom, Phoebe Ravenel, Henry, etc. Each and every novel of the series managed to get the attention of a number of readers from across the world and got numerous praises and appreciations for their excellent storyline, colorful characters, and set ups in romantic locations.

Author Lisa Kleypas expects to receive an equal amount of success, if not more, for her 5th book in this series as well. All of Kleypas’ books are filled with exciting stories of romance and comprise of lively characters with stories set in interesting locations. The genre of historical romance has brought a huge amount of success for her and she hopes to continue receiving much more success with all her future novels. Lisa Kleypas’ tremendous successes as a writer of historical romance novels helped her win the RITA Award. She has penned a total of 21 books in her writing career so far, and has lined up a few more for release in the days to come. Besides the widely successful Ravenels series, author Kleypas has also several other popular book series in her career, such as The Wallflower series, The Hathway series, etc. Her books have been translated and released in as many as 14 foreign languages in different countries of the world. They have been listed as bestsellers in a number of literary journals. As of today, author Kleypas resides in Washington State. She is happily married and lives with her loving husband and 2 beautiful kids. Lisa Kleypas likes to spend her spare time in the company of her family and enjoy some relaxing time away from her writing work.

The debut book written in the Ravenels series by author Lisa Kleypas is entitled ‘Cold-Hearted Rake’. It was released by the Avon publishers in the year 2015. The novel’s story is set in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom; at the time of the year 1875. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Devon Ravenel is a charming rake from London, who has a touch wickedness in his charm. He gets a new rank with power in the society by inheriting an earldom. But, this new power comes with some important responsibilities that Devon Ravenel did not want in the first place. He even comes across several surprises along with the responsibilities.

After some time, Devon Ravenel comes to know that there is a huge debt to his estate, while the house is still occupied by the 3 innocent sisters of the late earl. The others living in the vast estate include Kathleen, who is the Lady Trenear and a young widow. Kathleen possesses an exquisite beauty with determination and a sharp wit. All these qualities of Lady Kathleen make Devon Ravenel think that she is a perfect match him. But, Kathleen sees Devon Ravenel as nothing more than a ruthless scoundrel. She believes that she can never trust the new earl. However, she goes on to share a fiery attraction with Devon Ravenel that both of them find difficult to deny. A time comes when Devon Ravenel gets the chance of holding Lady Kathleen in his arms.

A new sense of attraction and love takes root in Devon’s heart as soon as he touches her beautiful body and it makes him take a vow that he is going to everything in his capacity to make Kathleen his own. Even Kathleen discovers that she is yielding to the skillful and erotic seduction of Devon Ravenel. She feels she has no control over her heart that has already started beating for Devon Ravenel. Kathleen thinks of giving up her stubbornness and accepting Devon as her beloved husband. However, she could not get over one important question that keeps buzzing in her head and that is, whether will be safe for her to surrender to the man, who she sees as the most dangerous she has ever come across?

Another exciting novel of this romance series is called ‘Devil in Spring’. It was also published by Avon in 2017. The central characters of this particular book are shown as Lady Pandora Ravenel and Lord St. Vincent, Gabriel. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Lady Pandora does not dream to find a husband, unlike most debutantes. She seems to have different plans for her future. Pandora’s beauty makes many men fall for her, but the ambitious lady wishes to stay indoors and help build her business of board games. Pandora waits for the London Season in which she hopes to launch her new business idea. But, her plans get shattered after her name is highlighted in a scandal with a handsome and wicked stranger at a society ball. This handsome stranger, Lord Gabriel, has been evading marriage proposals for a long time. But, when he sees the beautiful Lady Pandora, he feels his heart swept away from the rebellious girl. It makes his heart ache to learn that Lady Pandora has no interest in doing or engaging in any relationship with him.

Gabriel continues to see her as an irresistible and high-spirited lady, who would be a perfect wife for him. He decides to change Pandora’s feelings about him and do whatever it takes to do so. After evading him for a considerable amount of time, Pandora finally gives in to the sensuous and the skilled persuasion of Gabriel. She even agrees to marry him. But, she puts the condition that she will continue to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions, to which Gabriel agrees. Everything goes well in their happily married life until Pandora gets involved in a conspiracy related to her business endeavors. It turns out that only Gabriel can help her come out of this dangerous conspiracy. And Gabriel does everything possible to keep his wife safe from any kind of harm coming to her. As he continues to prevent the adversaries from getting their hands on her, Gabriel and Pandora realize that they are made for each other.

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