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Publication Order of Ravenwood Mysteries Books

From the Ashes (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bitter Draught (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Record of Blood (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Conspiracy of Silence (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Teeth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Uncharted Waters (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Cowards Tread (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Pale (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Ravenwood Mysteries” series is a set of novels by bestselling science fiction, mystery and fantasy author Sabrina Flynn. When she is not traveling the squalid streets of the Barbary Coast, she often dabbles in steam punk and fantasy. She has also asserted that she loves throwing herself into gator infested lakes and wild oceans. Flynn says that she lives in perpetual son and fog where she spends time with two crazy devils and a rock troll. As such, she spent much of her younger years looking for the next high that included cruising down waterfalls in barrels, climbing towers and jumping off bridges. After more than one and a half decades battling tigers and giant hounds, she now loves to believe that she travels in the universe through portals.

As for how Sabrina got started, she has said that writing is something that she has been doing for the longest time. She got hooked into storytelling when she read the likes of Tad Williams’ “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” and JRR Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” She loved the strong heroines and heroes in the magical setting and thought she could also write some stories herself. As a teenager, she spent years filling notebooks with all manner of ramblings. Sabrina never had difficulties disappearing into the fantasy worlds and she still remembers disappearing into a dissociative fog that made her numb to her surroundings. She would spend several years drifting as she looked to find an escape. When she began to write it was to get out of the imagination from which she had sought an escape all those years ago. While she does not remember the exact time she began writing, “A Thread in the Tangle” her debut novel in the “Legends of Hyrsta” series was first published in 2013. She has never looked back since and has gone on to write more than a dozen novels over the years.

The “Ravenwood Mysteries” are classic film noir novels that follow the adventures of Atticus Riot a former gunfighter. He is a tortured detective trying to get away from a troubled past but is plagued with amnesia. Alongside him is a beautiful and spirited heiress named Isobel Kingston that had gone missing. The most interesting thing about the lead is that he lives with colorful characters in a boarding house. As for Isobel Kingston, she is an unconventional woman that is very tough even though not so tough as to make her unbelievable. The smart and sassy character is not perfect and despite being very smart she does make a mistake here and there. The novel is set in San Francisco and the Barbary Coast during Victorian times. Reading like an episode of “The Wild, Wild West,” these are fascinating novels that delve back into history and combine this with some romance.

“From the Ashes” the debut novel of the “Ravenwood Mysteries” is set in San Francisco and the Barbary Coast during at the turn of the 20th century. It introduces ex gambler turned detective Atticus Riot who is back in the US after spending three years abroad. He had been involved in a disastrous case in which his mentor and partner had been shot and killed and he is now trying to recover from the emotional and physical wounds. But despite his protestations, Atticus is convinced to take one more case before he retires from active investigations. It is a missing person’s investigation in which it is believed the daughter of a prominent man in town had been kidnapped. The missing woman had also recently married one of the most influential movers and shakers in San Francisco. Atticus believes there is something very strange about the case and it is not long before he is dealing with red herrings, double dealings and violence. It is a great debut novel in the series that sets the stage for even more interesting stories in subsequent novels.

“A Bitter Draught” the second novel of the series is set a month following the events of the first novel of the series. Bel just learned that there has been a mysterious death and she inserts herself into the investigation. The first half of the novel tells the story from the perspective of Bel as she navigates the hospitals, beaches, boarding houses and cable cars. She is looking for information about a woman that allegedly committed suicide and then scrawled her suicide note in the sand. As she looks into the life of the woman that had led a very colorful life, she runs out of cash and has to find a job with the local paper. It turns out that the job is good for her investigation as she builds a network of informers that could provide her information including telephone records. In the meantime, Riot gets a call from a bereaved man that lost his wife who wants him to look into the suspicious death of his wife that had been declared a suicide. Riot and Bell come together to try to learn the truth about the two deaths and while at it they find a very interesting link along the Barbary Coast.

Ravenwood Mysteries’ third novel “Record of Blood” sees Isobel Kingston lured into an investigation by a missing body and a confesses murderer. What she finds out in the night is more than she bargained for as she is rendered unconscious following an ambush. She wakes up to find herself captured by brutal men she knows will not hesitate to cause harm even to a woman. Desperate to get out of a bad situation she threatens them with Atticus Riot her trump card. She never expected it but the name causes much terror among the men who had taken her captive that she starts wondering if at all she knows the man she deems her mentor and friend. Meanwhile, Atticus Riot is searching for Isobel even as he is haunted by the voice of Zephaniah Ravenwood. The past hounds his step and he is forced to take another look at what he thought were long buried facts that he had done his best to forget. The trail ultimately leads him to the lair of an old enemy where he has to face up to nightmares and learns that he may not be the man he believed he was.

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