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Publication Order of Jack Hunter Books

Rawlin Cash is a thriller writer known for his Jack Hunter series. The series features Jack Hunter as the main character and a professional sniper who, even though he left the CIA job, is summoned any time need arises. Some of the books in the series can be read as standalone’s. Rawlin infuses action in his work to keep the readers engaged.

This is the debut novel in the Jack Hunter series. Jack Hunter already had sworn that he was done with the CIA and would never go back there. However, it seems that they weren’t done with him yet, and the nation was at war. More bodies started pilling on the streets than before since Civil War.

The airports were already closed and borders sealed while the president had already been evacuated. Hunter’s past missions are haunting him, and he regrets the things he was forced to do. His country needs him, but he is not in a position to be someone they want him to be.

But if all it takes to end the war is a single headshot, he thinks there is no other choice. His aim has never left his mind, and it was always his uppermost no matter what happened. The political sections of both countries always hold his goal together. Jack killed so many people and got intimate with many more, and throughout his trips, he switched from murder to party to sex and drugs.

He always thought about right and wrong, and he was the only one to decide whether to listen to his inner plans or not. He then got his man and drove into the sun doing everything he thought was right. he has ethics on any collateral harm to innocents. Most people might not like him after eliminating most bodyguards and other lousy people around his target.

At some point, while in Mexico trying to look for his target, he finds a 7-year-old girl whose mother and grand-mom were murdered when working with him. He takes the young girl from one of her relatives to her mother’s friends as he tries to find her a new home and is searched all over Mexico by other cartel members attempting to kill him.

The cartel attack on the United States is nicely written with fine details. The book has lots of actions to keep the reader hooked to the last page. The story went from one action flick scene to the next, making it a fun read.

Headshot revolves around the FBI, U.S government, and CIA at war with the Sinaloa cartel, and the battle isn’t just on drugs but on all-out assault of Mexican soil. This story is nicely written with enough details and special black ops involvement. This may make a perfect book for readers looking for undercover and great assassin sniper books for readers.

Rawlin Cash infuses twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what will happen next. Headshot stands out from other books because of the excellent character description and development and a good plotline. This is a fast-paced thriller with unique characters that make the story intriguing. Its plot will make you stop and think, and it also tells you to be tough when it comes to abolishing the drug business.

The book is informative, exciting, and has authentic characters. The bold move by the drug cartel to overthrow the U.S government was frightening but realistic. It’s a kind of story that leaves the reader craving for more. It shows how bad people do good things and good people do bad things.

Super Sniper
This is the second installment in the Jack Hunter series, and the story begins with a dead president. An intelligent bullet technology was introduced, and only one person could stop it. The whole nation is under attack and on a full-scale decapitation strike.

It appears there is someone who is slowly taking out the country’s whole political leadership with a single blow. The rival is more powerful than Russia at the climax of the cold war. a CIA drone has been launched to strike on Capitol Hill, and at the same time, the new president has gone into hiding and is frightened to go anyplace near the White house.

Then there is a new breed of super sniper trained with smart bullet technology stolen from the American lab. The sniper has killed a lot of politicians, and he does it in style. Even though Hunter didn’t ask for the job, he’s the only one to call in since he’s an outsider and the only one to be trusted.
One outstanding thing that hunter is learning is that a real soldier not only fights a war but he assures himself he’s capable of becoming a winner. The pace is good, and Rawlin blends facts like weapons and locations to make a wonderful fictional story. Be sure to come across a lot of political scenarios that will keep you on edge.

Hollow Point
Hollow Point is the thrilling third novel in the Jack Hunter series. After a North Korean warship drowns in the Sea of Japan, Hunter is left with only one shot to prevent world war III. When the North Korean leader dies, a scoundrel general seizes power, and the only person to stop it is falling apart.

Jack Hunter is now a shadow of his former self, and he is aware someone is watching and following him, but he seems to care less. He moves from one town to another, and he’s no longer afraid to die. However, when the president is kidnapped, and a bomb explodes off the Hawaii coast, Jack is called back to the CIA.
This operation is what is called Hollow Point, where the mission has a simple rule to rescue the president and kill the general. Be ready to go on a non-stop adrenaline thrill ride. This book can be read as a standalone and is created with the help of present and former national security operations.

The author’s writing style is admirable, with enough details, action scenes to make the reader hooked. Rawlin has created a main character who’s gritty, intense, and unapologetically raw. He would turn to a semi-human weapon the government has trained him into while showing a glimpse of the pain and sorrow he went through. The occasional historical background of event and places were enjoyable.

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